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Minza about to train.


Minza struggling against Cell jr.

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Minza is a thirteen year old z-fighter.His father is also a legend z- fighter. Minza's brother Leon is sixteen and has masteredthe super saiyan at age fifteen. Even though Minza mastered it at twelve, Leon has ma


Utan in saiyan armor.

stered the supersaiyan two at age sixteen.


Minza finally reaching the super saiyan.

Family brother:Leon.Father:Utan Rival Edrik.
attacks bing bang attack,final flash,spirit bomb,wild senses, and galik gun.


Before becoming a super saiyan, Minza trained with Master Roshi. Just like Goku and Krillin he to had to carry milk cartons constantly. While traing he later met an another z fighter named Edrik and sadly loss. Luckily in that match he became a super saiyan.



After the macth with Edrik(who is on dragonball fanon also) Minza began training with his father again. While training with his father Utan, he and his father became a super saiyan. The difference was that Minza was in super saiyan two and his father wasn't at the time.

Teen Goten SSJ DB UC by JJJawor

Minza at super saiyan two.

Later a scientist created clones of Cells and they attacked Minza's family. Together they manage to hold them off, but it was to much for Minza. With the help of of Utan's teaching Minza and Leon managed to complete a fusion. Together they managed to defeat Cell and the Cell jr's. Together they managed to make Leza. Leza managed to defeat Cell, by using a Big Bang attack, while Utan used Final Flash. After defeating Cell they then detroyed the scientist.

After about two years Minza became a teen and entered the Teens Tournament. Edrik and Leon were also. Through out the matches Minza blew every last challenger away including Edrik and Leon.


Fusion between Leon and Minza.