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Mila is very smart Saiyan girl. adopted by Pilaf ordered to kill Goku. Well she was evil at first, but then she turned into a hero and killed Pilaf. When she was 32 she had a baby with her husband Kobe, but she is totally crazy. One of her powers are laser eyes she was born


teen Mila

that way some how, but Mila never really had a family. She appeared in dragonball z fng a.k.a fighter's next generation.


Mila wandered to pilaf's castle with a dragon ball in her possession. Goku was in the woods when a little girl attacked him, though he defeated her.


Lightning shock

Laser Eyes

Anti Spirit Bomb

Fire Blaze

appears in[]

Dragonball Z FNG

Goku and the furious dragon

dragonball Saiyans quest