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Meteor Impact
Alternate names Ryūsei Eikyō
Debut Shosai Saga
Inventor Retatsu
Users Endai
Class Physical
Color       &       (Energy Wave)
Similar techniques Meteor Attacks

The Meteor Impact (流星影響, Ryūsei Eikyō) is a rush technique used by Serada. First she draws herself in a stance, with her legs close apart and her arms placed in front of her, crossing over each other to form an X. Focusing her energy into her hands she creates a blue aura of energy around both her hands and feet. Once done, Serada charges her opponent at great speed, impacting into them with a powerful punch to the stomach which is followed up by a series of rapid-fire punches and kicks that increase in speed with each hit to the point of becoming nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Serada finishes off this powerful combo with a light palm strike to knock her opponent back before feigning injury, such as a strained muscle, in order to invite an attack. The moment her opponent attempts to retaliate, Serada makes use of Wild Sense to appear behind her target and blasts them in the back with a Full Power Energy Wave.

While its most known user was Serada, her father Retatsu was the creator of the technique, and passed it down to his first born child Endai before Serada. Alongside the Aurora Blast, it was considered a signature technique of the Retatsu family.