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Gure, a Metamorian

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The Metamorians are a race of aliens that live on Planet Metamor and are the inventors of the Fusion Dance. They are marshmallow-type aliens that have oblong face and small bodies. Metamorians are a peaceful race of aliens that are partners in the Planet Trade Organization with the Oleans

Customs and Traditions[]

The Metamorians have strict customs. They are trained at the age of three and taught the Fusion Dance at the age of seven. As a child, they are given robe-like apparel with a long, knotted scarf and a sword at some point in their childhood. When they become teenagers they are given thee traditional Metamorian garb, seen on fusions. When they become sixteen they are throw in an ocean and if they can make it back to land they are ambushed by other Metamorians. This is the "right of passage" into adulthood for Metamorians. However, the astronaut crew, such as Gure, are given a simple suit with a belt and gloves that come in purple, pink, blue and green.

Planet Trade Organization Position[]

The Metamorians have profited very well from the vending of the Fusion Dance technique and the Metamorian garb. Their estimated profit is 100 billion zeni. This rivals the worth of the Ice-jins and, at one time, the Saiyans. This will be expanded upon in DBS.