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Comission Mercury
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Earth
Dragon Ball Galaxy
Nicknames: Merc (Jac, Harris, Miller)
One with the Thick hair (Lee'sa)
My Love (Lee'sa)
Pops (Naomi, Jay, Virginia)
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Earth
Birthdate: Age 723
Birth Power Level: 1 (Tier 0)
Maximum Power Level: 110,000,000,000,000 (Tier 10)
Height: 6'2"
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Rank: General
  • Earth Defense Fighters
  • Star Team
  • Z-Fighters
  • Hobbies: Cooking
    Family: Lee'sa (Wife)
    Jac (Cousin)
    Bluu (Adopted Sister)
    Jay (Son)
    Virginia (Daughter)
    Sarah (Foster Daughter)
    Master Mutaito (Mentor)

    "Humans may be weak, but if you push us far enough. You will awaken a monster. "
    — Mercury

    Mercury is male earthling and the main protagonist in the Dragon Ball Galaxy fan-fiction story series.



    Mercury is a 6’2” Dark skinned man with solid black pupils and black small afro. He usually wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt and a dark grey military combat pants and boots. He casually wears a colorful Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans with snickers. His normal facial expression looks as if he has a chip on his shoulder, but his personality show who he really is.

    Personality (Dragon Ball Earth)Edit

    In Mercury's younger years, he was shy, naïve, and unsure of himself. During the final of World Martial Arts Tournament against Jac and years of training with Master Mutaito, he rose above himself and became more confident in himself.

    Personality (Dragon Ball Galaxy)Edit

    As an adult, Mercury tends to keeps things to himself most of the time. He's quiet, and very observant. He is also approachable, despite his normal facial expression. He has a strong sense of justice and an impressive determination to help those in need. He is also loyal husband and loving father and will not hesitate to put his life on the line to protect his family.


    Mercury loves to cook food, he is professional level chef, even though he never attended school for it. He is quite fond of the unknown and loves to try new things out. He also is Tech savvy. When it comes to technology, he will do everything to get his hands on it.


    Since the Tuffle Resurgence, Mercury has somewhat developed a mild fear of the Super Saiyan 4 form. He also hates it when Lee'sa scares him when she is in the that form.


    • 23rd World Martial Arts Champion
    • Star Team Commander
    • Human-Saiyan War Hero
    • Leader of the Z-Fighters


    Like all Earthlings, Mercury was born with low power level, but has he grew and was training, the power level increased dramatically. He will also get power booster, for example: In the Human-Saiyan war, he ate up to 5 Tree of might fruits on planet Parniss and was able to hold his own against a Super Saiyan, of course using Kaioken. He also became 100 times stronger after drink a type of tea from Rishi. He also endured training with Her as well. Then his limit was broken by a Supreme Kai and grant him to grow more in strength.


    • Ki manipulation and Sensory
    • Flight
    • Vital Output Wave (V-O) - Powerful energy blast that intensify the higher the number, example; V-O-4, or V-O-5.
    • Knee deep - A heavy knee attack to the stomach, chest, or face.
    • Kaioken
    • Ultimate Kaioken - Perfected Kaioken that make the user 1000 times stronger. But backlash is devastating if the user’s body is not condition for it.
    • Kaioken Vital Output Wave
    • Kaioken Spirit Bomb
    • Sprit Bomb Absorption
    • Instant Transmission
    • Lighting Chain: Stun technique used for large groups.
    • Around-the-world strike.
    • Lunar Counter


    • Ultra Human - Can be achieved once potential has been unleashed by Elder Kai. Ultra Human can easily overpower a full powered Super Saiyan 4, but are equal to full powered Super Saiyan 5. The user is enveloped in a light sliver aura that gives off electricity.
    • Ultra Instinct - Mercury's Limit breaker that lasted for 10 minutes. He accidentally unlocked this transformation due to the extreme distress he was in when Lee'sa died in his arm and for losing Sarah again for good.


    Dragon Ball EarthEdit

    Dragon Ball GalaxyEdit

    Human-Saiyan WarEdit
    • With Jac vs. Raditz and Kakarot - Won
    • Vs. Bardock, Gine, Fasha, Tora, Shugesh, Borgos - Won
    • Vs. Lee'sa (Earth) - Won
    • Vs. SSJ Lee'sa (Parniss) - Tie
    • Vs. LSSJ Hanasia - Lost
    Tuffle ResurgenceEdit
    • Vs. SSJ4 Tuffle-Lee'sa - Lost
    • Vs. Lord Jingles - Won
    • Vs. SSJ5 Tuffle-Lee'sa - Won
    • Vs. Cruze/L'Tema - Won
    Miller ArcEdit
    • Vs. Cyborg Miller - Undetermined
    • Vs. Android 21 - Forfeits
    • Vs. Gete Star Miller - Won
    Future ArcEdit

    Memorable QuotesEdit

    Dragon Ball EarthEdit

    Dragon Ball GalaxyEdit

    Human-Saiyan War ArcEdit

    "What, 11,000!? There's is no way a human can get that strong!"
    "I did, after all was train in the Art of Kaioken."
    — Mercury response to Shugesh after his power level was scanned.

    "I'm Captain Mercury of the Star Team."
    "Greeting Mercury, I am General Lee'sa of the Saiyan Invasion Force.
    Mercury and Lee'sa, face to face for the first time

    "The EDF alone does not stand a chance, but together as a unified global front against the saiyans. We may have a chance..."
    Mercury to Raily

    "You fought well Mercury, I will remember you as an honorable warrior."
    "I ain't going anywhere, KAIOKEN SPIRIT BOMB!''"
    Mercury's surprise attack on Lee'sa

    "Humans may be weak, but if you push us far enough. You will awaken a monster. "
    Mercury confronting Frieza

    "So Tuba, How are you adjusting to your new life?
    "I will manage. You humans are very strange."
    "Look whose talking, you only need water to survive
    Mercury and Tuba

    "Well, I hope that the fall of this organization will show the saiyans that we want peace."
    "Maybe, in the meantime I can see you need all the help you can get. I like to go with you. My people can take it from here, I want to repay you."
    "Thanks man, welcome to the Star Team!
    Mercury and Cappa, Battle of Arcos

    "This is not a peace negotiation. All I hear is Saiyan arrogance and so called superiority. I Challenge that superiority to a 5v5 battle to decide the fate of this war. five of Earth's strongest against 5 of your strongest Saiyans..."
    Mercury to Queen Hanasia

    "Super Saiyan? So, this is your full power? Incredible! Now that you are at full power. Let me show you my full power... KAIOKEN TIMES 21!"
    — Kaioken amped Mercury to Super Saiyan Lee'sa

    "We are here united to stop a threat of the whole galaxy and that threat is you! We will fight to our last breath than to let a monster like you destroy everything! KAIOKEN TIMES 30!!!"
    Mercury to Legendary Super Saiyan Hanasia

    ": You know, I feel the same way about you. You truly are a powerful warrior with pride. I love you too. Will you marry me?"
    Mercury confesses his love to Lee'sa

    Tuffle ArcEdit

    "Hello, I know this is all new to you, but don’t be alarm or scared. We are all friends. We found you adrift in space, so we saved you. I am Mercury, it is nice to meet you."
    Mercury to Bluu, before being absorbed

    "Classic Minions, You have so much confidence in your master that you talk too much."
    Mercury to the Spice Boys

    "Lee'sa…. I know you’re still there…. You have to fight it"
    Mercury to Super Saiyan 4 Tuffle-Lee'sa

    "How am I supposed to become a Ultra Human!? Humans can’t even transform like Saiyans do!"
    Mercury to Jingles the Destroyer

    "I don't want lose them, but I can’t do anything. I’m not strong enough. I don’t think you understand what love is. How could you, beings like you don’t have families."
    Mercury to Rishi

    "This is incredible! I feel the power surging through me! I truly have become the Ultra Human!"
    Mercury, after transforming

    "Is that all? Your moving way too slow. I thought Tuffles were superior. Yet, you can't even touch this "weak" Human.
    "Shut your mouth Worm!"
    "Make me.
    Mercury taunting Super Saiyan 4 Tuffle-Lee'sa

    "You don’t know Lee'sa...Not only is she a loving mother...She is also a proud Saiyan warrior...She is willing to die than let some parasite hurt those she love and I will fulfill her wish!"
    Mercury to Tuffle-Lee'sa, before revealing the Ultimate Kaioken

    "...You may be a Tuffle, but you choose to be a saiyan and for that, you are a saiyan, and I am proud to be your Human husband. You know I will always love you."
    Mercury to Lee'sa, recovering in the hospital

    Machine ArcEdit

    "Time travel? Incredible!"
    — Mercury to Future Naomi, Jay, and Virginia

    "Oh! I was not expecting that... How is that possible?"
    "Maybe it's my dominating Saiyan genes
    — Mercury and Lee'sa seeing Mer'sa for the first time.

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