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Prologue: Melait and Planet CheslaEdit

Planet Chesla was a beautiful place to live. The sky was a bright orange, the sun was white, its water was blue and its land was a darker orange, compared to the sky. Its civilization was one of the greatest in the galaxy, and peace was almost always stabilized, thanks to its incredible peace force. The inhabitants generally wore suits akin to a jester, without the crazy hats and flamboyant shoes. They looked very similar to humans, except their skin was entirely white. Due to the fact that there was always peace on Chesla, there weren't many fighters, and even less martial arts teachers, especially since fighting was frowned upon in society. Not only that, but due to Chesilians ban of foreign influence, fighters couldn't even leave the society and were instead, reshaped to fit expectations (especially since none were strong enough to become the planet's defender in case foreign powers attacked).

It wasn't until Age 742 when a real fighter was born. He was born from an average fighter and a brilliant scientist, who decided, upon consent from his mom, that he would become a fighter. He was named Melait, and born as the sole elite in his world. He was first trained by his mother when he was three, who knew some martial arts skills, which she learned during her free time, but surpassed her in a mere six months. This rate of growth wasn't seen before at such a young age, so knowing that he would be the planet's protector, he was sent to train under the only great fighter on Chesla, Yaougan. He learned how to fly and use ki under him, and although he was meant to train under him for the rest of his life, he also surpassed him when he was four. However, it was in Age 746, Melait's life changed forever.

Chapter 1: A New Threat! Invasion of Chesla!Edit

It was an early morning and the white sun barely peaked over the horizon, shining a light on a dojo on top of a plateau. Inside was a young child named Melait, who was sleeping on floating mattress, hovering with the planet's technology.

Outside, next to a small flowing stream heading downwards, was a man with gray skin. His hair was a dark purple and the strands fell to cover his face. He was five feet tall and had a thin body. He wore Chesla's native clothing, but it was tattered, and on the back was his kanji, an L with two dashes passing through it with a curved line on the bottom of the L.

The man, who was named Yaougan, was never interested in Chesla's peaceful lifestyle, though his parents tried to enforce it. Yaougan became so fed up with their persistence that he went out at least once a week on the top of his home and trained. This was very unheard of for Chesilans and they needed the CPF (Chesla Peace Force) to try to stop him. The first time, Yaougan denied to stop training and trained even harder than ever before. The CPF had never had a denial before, and after quite a long period of time, they eventually came up with an offer. After all, he seemed like a dangerous person to all of Chesla and couldn't be left running free! They proposed that he could keep training up in an old warehouse they had, and wouldn't be bothered. Yaougan agreed to this, but with one condition. This condition was when there was another hard working fighter on Chesla, he needed to be their master. With that, Yaougan was brought to the warehouse, and soon after, he made it his new home. And after Melait's potential was realized...the rest was history.

Yaougan was standing on a tall pillar of sorts, looking down at his old city.

"That kid did it," Yaougan said with a faint sound of jealousy in his voice. "He surpassed not only my expectations but my power as well!"

He sat on top of the pillar and looked at his dojo.

"Although he passed me in strength, he has not yet beaten me" he said with a sigh. "He is too young to understand advanced battle tactics, yet he keeps on going, hoping to get stronger and stronger!"

Yaougan jumped onto the room where Melait was sleeping and put his hand on the ceiling to sense Melait, and put his hand up when he finished.

"Still tuckered out. Might as well let him sleep for a little longer" he said as he started to lie down on the roof, looking up at the sky.

This made him so relaxed that he almost fell asleep until just when his eyes were closing, he just barely saw a ship heading towards the city. With that, he quickly opened his eyes, flew down from the roof and ran to wake Melait up.

"Melait! There's finally some foreigners we can fight!" Yaougan screamed.

Melait woke up, looking rather tired. "Don't mess with me, master, there's no way any fighters would come HERE of all places?" Melait said while rubbing his eyes.

"I'm serious! I sensed a strong power on a spaceship, heading right towards the city!" Yaougan said while shaking him. "We can spar with someone as strong as us!"

With that Melait ran to get his clothes, which were a smaller version of Yaougan's clothes.

"Let's go!" Melait spoke with anticipation once he got his gi on.

Yaougan nodded and they ran outside and saw the city being covered in the ship's shadow, making its landing spot in one of the streets.

The master soon had a serious expression on his face. Before, when he sensed the ship's inhabitants, he thought it was just one strong fighter. However, this time he was sensing ten high powers, almost as strong as him separately.

"Melait, we need to be careful about these guys. They're much more dangerous than I thought" Yaougan whispered.

"Come on, master, how strong can they be? If they think that Chesla, out of all the planets, has strong fighters, then they surely can't be too strong," Melait spoke with smugness in his voice. "Let's go!"

Melait and Yaougan flew towards the city, and they saw the city was almost completely destroyed.

Hi! Melait here! Who are these guys? They seem extremely strong! Who is this Lord guy they're talking about? Wait, Master! Watch out!

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Chapter 2: Chesla's Warriors! Melait Steps Up! Edit

"These guys aren't passive, that's for sure!" Yaougan said while flying on top of the roof of one of the few intact buildings. Melait soon followed him, and fired a ki blast up in the air.

"This is no time for games, kid!" Yaougan screamed.

"Its a lure, master" Melait replied

After that, Melait blew off his master and kept firing in the air. Just as Yaougan was about to slap his student out of impatience, the invaders appeared above them.

They wore very strange armor, unlike any the two had seen before. On the top left portion of it was a small insignia with a V in the middle of a circle. One of them,a green man with dark red spots on him who was about seven feet tall, flew down to them. Yaougan looked at him closer and saw a green device on his left eye and that he had no hair. This man was also clad with a red cape, displaying his important status.

The green man walked up to Yaougan and looked down at him, but Yaougan stood with determination.

"Who are you?" Yaougan spoke calmly while the other nine warriors flew down, who had almost the same clothing, except they had a cord connected to their devices onto a weapon of sorts.

The green man started to laugh and looked at Melait, who was staring at the other nine fighters.

"YOU'RE this planet's defenders? Hehehehe, you seem pretty strong compared to your race at least! Able to fire blasts without even being tuckered out!" he said nonchalantly.

"Who are you?" Yaougan asked again, sounding angrier.

The green man took a step back, but quickly regained his position and said while bowing,

"Sorry about that, old man. My name is Puizie, and my soldiers are here with me, by the order of Lord Frieza, to take this planet. It would sell for a very high price!".

"Why do you have to kill all of these people? Is that part of the job?", Yaougan spoke still calmly to him.

Puizie smirked and replied, "You really don't have any care for your race, do you?".

The alien looked behind him at one of the soldiers and said, " Tell me their power levels!".

The soldier clicked the green device and looked at both Yaougan and Melait, and said when he saw them, "The old man's...338...the child's...250! Sir, these guys would be helpful to the Frieza Force! Maybe they can even help us take over, seeing how the old one already hates..."

"Who's the leader here? I decide who lives and who dies!" Puizie suddenly shouted

Yaougan was surprised by this and asked while pointing at the device, "What is that?".

Puizie regained his calm attitude, smirked and spoke while moving his right arm upwards, "Ask your race about the next world!"

One of the soldiers shot at Yaougan, making a puff of smoke, while Puizie turned to his men and asked, "Now, where'd that kid go?"

That same soldier stumbled back while pointing forward and said, "S-Sir! B-Behind you!"

The major turned back and saw that Melait had caught the shot and smiled while throwing it back at the soldier and said "I think this is yours! Have it back!"

The blast hit the soldier dead on and he fell to the ground with a small blaze on his clothing. The other soldiers stepped back in fear while Puizie looked at the soldier's body, shocked.

"A 250 couldn't block that shot, let alone catch it, with such blinding speed! Tell me their power levels again, it must have malfunctioned!" Puizie screamed to another soldier.

After he stumbled to hit a button on his device, the soldier clicked it and said, "5-500 for the boy and the old man jumped to 450!"

"500?! The data showed that the average power level was a mere 1!" Puizie screamed. How did they get so strong?! Them having powers in the 200s is already a huge anomaly. No, this is fine. Such a miscalculation won't be enough to stop me,' he thought and regained his smug smirk. "Fine, I'll play your game. Make this fun."  

Yaougan looked at Puizie and whispered to Melait, "I'll take the leader. You get the rest, alright?"

Melait looked Yaougan and pouted, "But I wanna fight the tough guy!"

Yaougan glared at Melait, and Melait walked towards the remaining eight soldiers, while Yaougan walked up to Puizie and looked up at him.

"Don't worry, we're the only elites on this planet, your data was correct. You just didn't expect someone such as I. Let's just say that your Lord won't take this planet with me alive." Yaougan spoke with confidence.

"Then you haven't met me," Puizie said while moving his left leg forward, with his left hand, while pulling back his right leg and hand, "or Lord Frieza." 

Hi! Melait here! Master is about to fight that powerful guy! Alright, I can finally fight now! Whoa, these eight are stronger than I thought! Gonna have to bring out the big guns! Wait, what's happening to master? Don't give up, master!

Next time on Melait: Darkness Unleashed, "Raging Power of the Frieza Force! Puizie vs Yaougan!"

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Chapter 3: Raging Power of the Frieza Force! Puizie vs Yaougan!Edit

Melait stood in front of the eight remaining soldiers, who were pointing their arm cannons at his face. One of them tried to shoot him, but Melait dodged it and punched him in the gut. While that soldier fell to the ground out of pain, the others shot at Melait, so Melait flew up in the air to avoid them. Although he was able to dodge a majority of the blasts for quite a while, even being able to negate some of the blasts with his own, once the soldier that got hit stood up and fired at him, the blasts became more numerous and started to hit him.

"Ugh....I'm not losing yet!" Melait said while spinning downwards to the ground away from the building.

One of the soldiers clicked the power reading device and pointed down in an alleyway between the building and another. Three of them quickly jumped down and looked around for Melait. Their footsteps went back and forth, making splashes from stepping in puddles of water. One of them walked in front of a bunch of crates, still stacked up neatly and unharmed by the destruction. He kicked the bottom crates, crashing all of them onto the ground. Unexpectedly, Melait was behind these boxes, charging up a white ball of energy in his hands, covering his eyes. He smirked as the soldier staggered back "Bye." Before any of the three could realize what was happening, Melait fired an energy blast from his eye, sending the blast flying forwards at high speeds, and killing two of the three soldiers. The last one survived, albeit heavily damaged, due to his comrades lowering the energy from the blast 

While all this was going on, Puizie was firing ki blasts at Yaougan, who was able to dodge most of the shots, until the leader stopped when he felt that Yaougan was comfortable in dodging the blasts and rushed the old timer, uppercutting him in the jaw and catching him off guard. The master got flown back towards one of the remaining soldiers, who tried to shoot his back, but he ducked down, wiped his feet so that the soldier fell and dashed back towards Puizie. Puizie flew up in the air and Yaougan quickly followed, along with throwing a punch at Puizie's face, which hit him head on. Yaougan started throwing a barrage of punches, with Puizie being unable to dodge them until he was able to duck under a punch and kicked Yaougan farther into the sky.

The last five soldiers that could still fight shot down into the alleyway to try to hit Melait, who was vulnerable after firing the blast, which left him open for shots. Melait got hit in the leg and the head and kept getting hit until he hid in one of the buildings, whose door was destroyed. Melait laid against a wall holding his leg and peeked out the doorway to see two soldiers hopping down and looking around the alley. Melait limped up some semi-destroyed stairs and climbed all the way up to the roof, where three soldiers were looking down at the alleyway. The boy hopped across the five-foot gap between the buildings by firing a ki blast behind him to send him flying towards the group, unable to jump with his injured leg. He punched one of the soldiers in the face quickly, knocking him out. The other two shot, but Melait rolled out of the way, leading to the soldier to be disintegrated. The child then fired two energy waves at the remaining soldiers on the roof, killing them as well.

He then looked at the building he jumped across. One of the last soldiers came out and grimaced at the fact that his allies were killed. "Y-You stupid child! Just die! Die already!" he shouted out, aggressively shooting at the boy. Melait was unable to jump out of the way with his injured leg and it hit him in the stomach, which didn't pierce through him but left his clothing there destroyed and made his chest dark red. Melait fell and the soldier jumped on his stomach, which made Melait scream out in pain.

Meanwhile, Puizie and Yaougan were fighting in the clouds, with Yaougan hiding in the clouds and punching the major while he was searching for him. After ten of these blows, Puizie clicked the device and when Yaougan went for a punch, Puizie grabbed it and wiped some blood off his own cheek while doing it.

"I have to give you credit, old man! You're pretty smart, for an off-worlder!" Puizie said while grabbing his other arm. He then flipped behind his opponent, pulling his arms behind his back. The master screeched out in pain while Puizie laughed. "but you'll join your race soon enough!"

Puizie let go of both the arms and tried to hit Yaougan with a sledgehammer attack, but Yaougan quickly teleported behind him and kicked him down to the ground while hearing Melait's scream.

"I'm coming, kid!" Yaougan shouted while quickly flying down.

Puizie broke through the building, throwing the soldier off, who had his arm cannon pointed at Melait's head, while it was crumbling. On the building opposite from the crumbling one, were the other two remaining soldiers, with the injured one being carried over the healthy one's arm. As the building collapsed, Yaougan grabbed Melait and started to fly back to the dojo. The soldier who fell off balance jumped to the other building and watched as the building crumbled. As the soldiers jumped down to the destroyed battlefield, Puizie rose up from the rubble and realized that his device was broken.

"This stupid planet, wasting good scouters! One of you should still have one right?!" Puizie screamed at the last three warriors.

The soldier carrying the injured one detached the scouter from his left ear and gave it to Puizie, who quickly put it on his ear, clicked it, looked at the direction of the dojo and smiled.

As Yaougan flew to the dojo, he said to Melait, "Are you ok?" and Melait gave a small thumbs up. "I-I can't believe that even with all of our training...we still couldn't beat them all!"

The boy tilted his head up a little. "That's why we're running away, right? Because I failed?" He was about to answer, but he then saw a group of people knocking on the dojo's door and flew down.

"Yaougan! Yaougan! Come on, we have no time!" they screamed, almost ready to just kick the door down before they saw the bloodied master and student landed.

"We already know," Yaougan said, walking up to the group. Upon closer inspection, he realized that they were part of the CPF, due to their recognizable white, blue and orange X's on their diamond shape emblems.

"Don't scare us like that! Wait, hold on. Since you came from the sky that came from the city? That would explain why you're bloody..." one of them asked. Yaougan nodded. 

"That means you already fought them! We're saved!" another one of them said while the others started cheering.

"Four of them are still alive. We had to retreat. They were too strong for either of us," Yaougan spoke seriously while they stopped cheering.

"T-Then what do we do?! We need to keep Chesla under control or else..." the same member stammered while looking at the destroyed city.

Yaougan was about to try to explain a makeshift plan, but quickly flinched. He put Melait on the ground, and looked behind him, while clenching his fists. The CPF members looked at the path to the dojo and saw two people walking up the path, with the green one smirking at Yaougan.

Hi! Melait here! That leader guy can't just give up! Help us fight them, you cowards! Master! This isn't happening! I'll stop you, once and for all!

Next time on Melait: Darkness Unleashed, "Protect the Peace! The Fate of Planet Chesla!" 

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Chapter 4: Protect the Peace! The Fate of Planet Chesla!Edit

Puizie walked right in front of Yaougan, with the soldier by his side, and he looked at the CPF, clicked his scouter and laughed and looked at the defender.

"I guess the data was right after all, huh? Only 3's? Hah! I was worried for a second there that you had a whole squad waiting for me!" Puizie said while still laughing.

"Where are your other two soldiers?" Yaougan asked while putting his arms out to shield Melait and the CPF.

"If you must know, at our ship. One of them was heavily injured, so I sent another with him to heal. It should take, say, twenty minutes at least, an hour at most." Puizie said.

An hour? Melait wouldn't hold back against an invader to keep them alive. He's made that abundantly clear with how he killed the other soldiers. Perhaps this Frieza Clan can heal faster than us. Either that or they have even more advanced technology than ours. If so... Yaougan thought.

Yaougan looked at the other soldier warily and quickly ducked down to his student. He then sent ki into Melait's chest, "Wake up!"

Melait woke up and looked groggily at Yaougan.

"428....and two are just about equal now! Those soldiers were more incompetent then I thought to not have that child be at least critically injured by now! Grah...I do hope you won't repeat the same mistake, private" Puizie said while clicking his scouter, and turning his head towards the remaining soldier, who nodded while shaking in his boots. "Take care of the others. I'll handle the old man and the kid. Should be easy now that they're weakened," Puizie said, and right when he said that, the soldier shot one of the CPF members, blowing him up, while the other members watched in horror.

As Melait got adjusted to waking up, he looked at Puizie, and then looked at Yaougan, who knelled down to him and whispered, "Once again, you get the soldier. I can handle Puizie by myself. He lost to me before we retreated. I still should be able to beat him in this condition if I can overpower him quickly."

" We left because of me, right?" Melait pouted again.

Yaougan glared at Melait and whispered in a serious tone, "There's no time for crying now, boy! Everything is on the line in this battle! This isn't a mere sparring match, it's being the protectors of our planet, and not mere bystanders watching the slaughter! Even though society neglects us, and we don't care for them, we still need to protect them! It's our duty and our promise! Now you do as I say, understand?"

Melait slowly nodded and looked at the major who was looking at the terrified CPF members and snickered, "They're like helpless children! Well then..." Puizie put up his hand and said while smiling, "Maybe they should just go to bed!"

Puizie fired a ki blast at them, but Yaougan slapped it away and screamed while running towards him, "You're fighting me! We need to finish our battl,e remember?"

Yaougan put both his hands out as soon as he reached the conqueror, and started blasting him point blank with ki blasts. Melait turned to the CPF.

"If you want to have your peace so bad, why don't you help, instead of standing there?" Melait shouted to them.

Melait got sledgehammered from behind by the soldier, knocking him on the ground, and was about to shoot his cannon until Melait got up by putting his hands on the ground and firing a ki pulse forward, making him crash into the soldier's chest and dealing significant damage to him. The soldier's armor cracked as he stumbled back, but fired a shot as he was falling. Melait wasn't ready to hit it, so instead he blocked it, negating most of the damage. He quickly ran to the soldier soon after and jumped on him.

"How do you like it, huh? Being beaten to the ground?"; Melait jumped on him again and again, crushing the soldier, but he didn't seem to care; he was eager for revenge on him for causing him pain.

The master quickly stopped firing the blasts at Puizie and slapped Melait, making him fall to the ground. "Don't you see, Melait? He's dead! You can stop now!"

Yaougan quickly coughed up blood soon after and turned his head behind him to see Puizie. The major's left half of his armor was destroyed and his right arm thrust out, with his left hand holding onto it.

"Heh...what was that about finishing our battle? You don't seem to take your advice to heart!" Puizie spoke calmly to Yaougan, who fell to the ground.

Melait knelled down at Yaougan, who was coughing up blood on the ground.

"Master! Y-you can survive this right? One of those soldiers survived my blast, and you're stronger than him and me! You can't die! You can't!" Melait shouted while crying.

Puizie was about to blast him again until one of the CPF members punched Puizie, but it did nothing, and he got shot instead. The others followed suit and tried to fight him while Yaougan was talking. Yaougan turned over to lay on his back and stared at Melait.

"He just barely did, I would think" Yaougan said while coughing, "Plus, you're the strong one here. A true prodigy of our race. I had little left to teach you anyways, so, I guess my duty is done." Yaougan pointed at Melait and said quietly from his pain, "I thought I was the sole protector, the gifted one, but you were all along. Make up for your mistake, kid, and avenge..."

Yaougan dropped his hand down and closed his eyes. Melait started crying even more and shouted, "Master? MASTER!" Melait looked at Puizie.

As the last CPF member got killed, Puizie smiled at him and said with his hands behind his neck, "End it with a cliffhanger, eh? Stubborn old man, can't even finish a sentence right! I guess I'll fill in the blank! I see he knew it was your fault for killing him!"

Melait screamed at Puizie, "My master would never say that! That's not what he meant! It's all your fault, not mine!" 

"Are you sure about that? You destroyed his concentration. Surely, if he kept hitting me with those attacks, I may have actually died, especially with the two of you combined. I guess I should thank you for helping me take him out," Puizie retorted while holding his hand out at Melait

"I didn't kill him!" and he flew up to Puizie and did a strong jab to his left eye.

"AUGH! You brat!" Puizie cried out as he held it with his left hand, and quickly tried to blast Melait, but Melait, in a fit of rage, started to punch Puizie as hard as he could, and slowly backing him up.

"You won't get away with this! I'll avenge all of them!" Melait said while shouting at him.

Puizie was unable to counter any of the hits, until Puizie thought, "His rage....although it made him much stronger, now he little control over himself! He can't hit me if I focus on dodging!"

Puizie started dodging Melait's hits, but just barely, as the child started to get even angrier. Puizie was able to dodge the hits much easier and kept doing this until he was backed up against the dojo's outer wall, and as Melait tried to hit him, the major ducked. Melait broke down the part of the wall and Puizue jabbed Melait in the stomach and kept doing it to the vulnerable Melait. The lone defender was helpless against the hits and after five of these hits to the stomach, Puizie grabbed his arm and threw him into a pillar, making it crumble, and when it fell into the dojo, it was almost completely destroyed.

Puizie here. That stupid child isn't following orders! Cheoh, you take care of him! What do you mean you don't know how?! Argh, do I have to do everything around here?!

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Chapter 5: Puizie's Mercy! The Life of the Helpless Soldier!Edit

When the pillar stopped falling, Puizie walked up to the destroyed pillar, and grabbed Melait's arm and pulled him out of the rubble. The alien put his hand up and formed a ki blast in front of the child, and since Melait fainted, he was completely helpless to the murderer's wishes.

Just as Puizie was about to throw it down onto Melait, he stopped, and thought to himself, Lord Frieza would be furious if I lost multiple men to this pathetic planet! Perhaps, this kid could get me out of that! I'll say that he killed all the others, while I was busy tending to conquer the other side of the planet, then I came back to find my soldiers dead and the child knocked out! I'll say that he'll make up for it by joining! Even if he disagrees, the worst scenario is that the kid gets killed! After all, I still did indeed take out all defenses the planet had, which means this planet's reasources are ripe for the taking. That and the fact that I have this child on my side, Lord Frieza is sure to forgive me. Heh, maybe I'll actually get off with a better group of soldiers! Well, anything would be better than the group of rookies I brought.

Puizie threw the ki blast at the dojo, and as he flew away while holding Melait over his shoulder, the smoke the blast made was cleared and showed that only pieces of the dojo remained.

When he got back to his ship, which was not even thirty feet tall and in the middle of one of many deserted streets in the city, the non-injured soldier opened a hatch and Puizie flew in.

The soldier quickly saluted and questioned, "I assume that you killed them, right, major? I mean, even if your armor is almost destroyed..."

Puizie tossed Melait on the ground, and the soldier stepped back in surprise, while the superior answered, "The old man is dead, Mack. We're keeping the child though."

Mack spoke while sounding scared and walking with Puizie to the ship's prison chamber with Melait, "B-but why, major? What's the purpose of bringing the child with us? We have no reason to ransom him, we don't need any knowledge out of him to take the planet, and he'll surely kill us the first chance he gets! Why do we need him?"

Puizie stopped and looked at Mack, and shouted with anger in his voice and his eyes, "Because you mere soldiers aren't capable of taking a couple of punches and kicks! We need him to replace the incompetent soldiers that were assigned to me! I'd much rather have you all dead and hearing a child instead of listening and dealing with privates such as yourself! In fact...!" Puizie grabbed Mack by his neck to the hatch and snapped it, dropping the corpse and kicking it out into the street. Puizie clicked a button next to the doorway and clicked it to close the door shut.

The general walked back to the prison chamber with Melait, threw him inside and clicked a button to make an electric grid on the doorway. Puizie soon walked to the wall across from the chamber and clicked a button on it, revealing a row of armor, with green scouters on one shelf higher and leggings one below. Puizie grabbed one of the scouters, placed it on his ear, but realized that since his eye was swollen shut thanks to Melait, he couldn't even see the scouter. In frustration, he crushed the scouter and threw the pieces to the ground.

"Stupid child!" Puizie thought to himself, Now I have to heal to even see if you can even survive the trip! Wait, no, if I do that, he might wake up, break through the door and kill me while I'm healing. It's not like he has anywhere to go, though, his dojo's destroyed. Maybe I shouldn't have killed Mack...Aha! Yes, Cheoh! Just need to take him out of the healing chamber to guard the boy and check up on his power! Surely at least one of these privates will be of substantial use!

Puizie walked to a door a couple of feet away and clicked a button, opening it. Inside were six chambers, each with a green liquid inside of it and tubes coming out of them. The third one had a soldier inside, with the liquid having a slight tint of red from his blood.

Puizie went to a control pad, and after clicking a few buttons, the third pod's liquid was drained, and the glass receded into the top of the pod. Cheoh quickly started to fall, disconnecting the cords, but the leader grabbed his chin, and looked at Cheoh's eyes. He was still unconscious, so Inasp slapped him back into the pod, waking him up instantly; Cheoh stood up just as fast and saluted Puizie.

"M-major! I take it that you t-took them out!" Cheoh said to Puizie, who was already typing on the control panel to open up the first pod.

Puizie walked towards the pod and spoke calmly to him, "I don't want to hear what I heard from Mack again. Let's say I took care of the major problem. Anyways, you heal me by clicking the furthest red button and blue button after that, get the ship off this planet, set it to Planet 300, get a scouter and scout our new soldier in the prison. If he is lower than 25 or nearing that level, then put him in the second pod for no longer than fifteen minutes. Do you understand, private?"

Cheoh got out of the pod and asked, not even questioning where Mack even was, "Who's the soldier, though?"

Puizie winced, turned to him and glared and him with his red eyes and said, "If you don't question me again and follow the orders I just gave you, I will make sure that you at least become a sergeant. Once again, do you understand?"

Cheoh slowly nodded, and Puizie walked into the pod and put on the cords to make sure he could breathe. Maybe then I'd get any and all bigotry from my soldiers out of my way... , the major thought to himself. Cheoh clicked the red button on the control pad, closing the pod door, and then the blue one to fill it up with the liquid.When the liquid completely filled up, Cheoh started to cheer.

"I thought the Major was hard on me before, but I'm gunna be a sergeant! I'm gunna be a sergeant!" Cheoh cheered. Cheoh stopped cheering and put his hand on his chin. "Hold on though...I have to do everything he said. Let's see, healing him, that should take about, um." Cheoh said while grabbing a book on ship technology and flipping through the pages. "'Shield Control'...'Listening to Higher Up's...Aha! 'Pod Technology'! 'If your higher up is injured, put them in the pod immediately. If they can still talk and move, then it should take around ten minutes to thirty minutes for them to heal! Healing time may vary based on the circumstances.' Glad I got that sorted out!" Cheoh said while closing the book. "Next...yeah, ship control." Cheoh ran to the control room and flipped through the book again, "Now...push that button there and another one there..." Cheoh said while clicking the buttons. Soon enough, the ship got off the ground, and after setting it to autopilot, Cheoh sat a chair in the corner of the room. "Now I can just relax for an hour and become a sergeant! Oh, I'll have my own soldiers! I can barely wait!", Cheoh said to himself while closing his eyes.

Soon after, Cheoh quickly opened them and thought, "Wait a minute....the prisoner!" Cheoh quickly ran to the wall opposite from the chamber, grabbed a scouter, put it in his head and looked at the room. No reading appeared. He started to panic "Ah! It's not showing up! He must be dead! Oh no, oh no! The Major is gunna be furious!" Cheoh shouted to himself, but then stopped for a moment and clicked the scouter, and on the screen appeared a 50. "Good thing I remembered how to turn it on!" Cheoh said while wiping the sweat off his forehead.   

There was a groan in the cell and Cheoh walked up to the cell, looked in through the electric bars, and saw Melait. "I-It's that kid! Why did he bring that guy on board?" Cheoh said while walking backward and reaching for an arm cannon attachment for the scouter, but stopped and thought, "N-no. I have to follow Major's orders exactly." He heard another groan in the cell and quickly ran to see what the prisoner was doing.  Melait started to get up, but fell down before he could. Cheoh gulped and shouted with confidence, "Don't try it, kid!"

Melait was able to get up on the second time trying it and looked at the door with squinted eyes. "W-where am I? Who are you?" Melait said while struggling to stay standing up.

Cheoh flinched and said, "You're in the vessel of Major Puizie, and I am his....greatest warrior, Cheoh!"

Melait started freaking out."P-Puizie's ship? No, no I couldn't have lost! I-I need to get back out there! I need to defend my planet!" Curious, however, he walked up to the bars slowly and asked questioningly, "Wait, greatest warrior? Are you though? I think I recognize from when I fired that blast and you almost died! You were the one that survived, weren't you? How did you recover? Tell me, tell me! Then use that to heal me so I can get out of here!"

Cheoh flinched again and said while clicking his scouter again, "28. Alright, kid, I'll show you how I did it! Give me a second here..."

Cheoh looked in the book again, flipped through the pages and finally clicked a button next to the electric grid, turning it off. Cheoh grabbed Melait, and lifted him over his shoulder and started walking towards the healing pods. The two were silent during the entire walk. The kid didn't put up a fight as he was eager to heal before Puizie would surely kill him. Though he didn't know why he was left alive in the first place, he wouldn't let this opportunity go to waste. 

Swiftly, Melait was thrown on the ground when they got there and took out his book again to figure out how to open another pod door, but before he could, Melait said, in between heavy breaths, "Why are you doing this anyway? I know you said something about that 'Lord' guy, but why work under him? Why kill all those people for him? Including my master! Why?!"

Cheoh placed the book on the control pad while still looking at it, "Lord Frieza. He's the second most powerful being in the entire universe. The only one who surpasses him is his father, or so I've heard from rumors. By all means, his father could have died long beforehand and just taken over as ruler of the universe and is indeed the strongest in the universe! It wouldn't surprise me in the least!"; he looked at Melait. "Anyways, that's why I work for him, that's why I carry out the orders! I joined not long ago, you know why? It was to protect my planet! Who wouldn't want the strongest being to protect your planet? I voluntarily joined to protect my entire race from evils! As much as I hate to say it, conquering ensures that. Maybe that's why the Major let you protect your own planet."

Melait looked up at him and said, "I guess that makes sense...yeah, that does make sense. Were master and I doing the wrong thing in risking so many races to die? No, no, we're protecting our species too..."

The private sighed. "I don't know myself, kid. In my eyes, at least, I'd rather protect hundreds of races across the universe for a long time, rather than the planets to eventually be ravaged by evil. Because you do know eventually that an evil would have come no matter what you tried to do to prevent it. You should be lucky that you ended up in good hands."

The second pod door opened soon after. He grabbed Melait again, put him in the pod and started hooking up the cords to him, which made him unable to speak. After hooking all of the cords in, Cheoh went back to the control pad and opened his book again. "Let's that button to close it...and that one to fill it up with the healing liquid..." Cheoh said while clicking a green and gray button to do their corresponding jobs. As the liquid started to rise in the pod, Cheoh walked to the ship's control room, sit down in the pilot chair and looked into the void of space through the rounded mirror, and soon after, made him fall asleep.   


The private was forcefully shoved to the ground. Cheoh quickly looked up and saw Puizie, covered in the healing liquid.

"You failed in following my orders!" Puizie screamed while stomping on Cheoh's chest.

He was helpless and cried out in pain, while he struggled to say, " didn't let you out, sir"

Puizie stomped harder onto Cheoh, which cracked his armor.

"That's not what I'm mad about, you fool! You couldn't follow simple orders! How long did I say the child needed to stay in for?!" Puizie screamed at Cheoh.

"F-fifteen minutes..." Cheoh said meekly. Puizie kicked him out the doorway and pointed at an unconscious Melait on the ground.

"What a surprise when I woke up and saw that he was still in the pod next to me! You're lucky that I healed quickly or else he could have killed both of us by blowing a hole in the ship or something of the sort!" Puizie screamed again, while picking up Melait and walking towards the prison chamber.

"Sir, I'm sorry, just...don't kill me, please!" Cheoh pleaded on his knees.

He turned and saw Cheoh's eyes, who were filled with regret and tears. He threw Melait in the prison chamber, clicked the button to close it and stood over Cheoh. Puizie looked down upon him, put out his hand and said bluntly, "The Frieza Force has no need for weaklings. Especially not ones in my squad," Cheoh had a hole blasted through his stomach.

As Puizie walked to the control bay, Cheoh cried out, "P-please!!!" but Puizie didn't even look behind to see Cheoh's bleeding body on the ground.

Cheoh then knew his pleas were worthless and contemplated what happened to Mack and the other soldier his major brought with him. They were dead. All of his allies he formed a bond with were killed, and now the one person he had left in the force killed him. His family would never even know that he was dead and think that he was doing his job as a great and powerful soldier. With one last shred of hope left in the boy who was to replace him and his friends, he instead turned his head towards the control bay and whispered, "Y-you're the left...who f-feel about Frieza. N-never forget me...never...please..."

Hi! Melait here! I finally get to meet the leader of this force! I can fight him at last! Who are those two guys standing behind him? No, Puizie!

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Chapter 6: The Leader of the Frieza Force Himself! The Power of Lord Frieza! Edit

Inside of the prison chamber, the boy finally started to wake up. He slowly got up and looked at the electric grid in the chamber and screamed, "Let me out!". After three of these calls, Melait had stopped and saw Puizie in front of the grid, and was surprised when Puizie did just as he had asked and had the grid turn off. Quickly, he ran as fast as he could to the doorway, but Puizie slapped him on the cheek, sending him back in the prison. Melait rubbed his cheek and Puizie said, "I didn't mean that you could escape! I'm bringing you to Lord Frieza."

Melait was about to strike again, but Puizie turned on the grid, so he stopped mid-punch. "Listen, boy. I can kill you at any time now that I'm healed and you aren't at 100%. Unlike most, you're lucky enough to have a choice.You can either stay here rotting in this prison cell, or join us. Think about it, you have no where else to go!", Puizie offered.

The prisoner looked at Puizie and, confused, asked "...Y-you don't want to save Chesla?"

A laugh resonated through the ship, as Puizie said, "Is that what you thought? Really? No, your race will be destroyed and your planet will be sold for a huge profit!"

The grid opened up again. As Puizie started walking away, he stopped, turned his head, looked at Melait and said, "Or your last choice is you can die right now and get it over with."

Melait slowly started to walk forward,with his head down in defeat, as Puizie opened the pod door

As the spaceship door opened, two soldiers came in. One of them said, "Major! You captured' Chesla, correct?", while the other asked, "Who's the boy next to you?"

"I'd rather discuss this with Lord Frieza, soldiers. When is his next meeting?" Puizie answered

The two soldiers stood, slightly shocked, but one of them clicked their scouter and went into one of the other rooms, leaving the other three behind. Breaking the silence, Melait suddenly asked, "Where'd that 'Cheoh' guy go?"

The major stayed silent, looking towards the room where the henchman went until the remaining soldier asked, "Now that I think about it, you did have some of the privates on board, didn't you? Did you actually fa...?"

He was quickly interrupted by Puizie, who said, "It's not of concern to either of you. I said that I would like to discuss this with Lord Frieza." 

The other soldier came out of the other room and said, "You're in luck, major. Frieza is completely free for a hour. You can see him now if you hurry"

Puzie nodded and replied, "Thank you, soldier. Now come on, boy. We have business to attend to."

Melait walked out with Puizie and saw more than a hundred tall buildings going up into the sky, with strange round orbs flying to and from the place where they were. He turned and saw medium sized cushions in the ground. As he wondered what they were, three of the orbs flew down directly onto the cushions, which seemingly negated all of the force of the landing. Puizie slapped Melait's head, motioning him to keep moving. As he left the area, he saw some people rush forwards, and salute to a man who came out of the orb. A man with tall, pointy, black hair.

After walking for a while, and passing by a few more people, they arrived at a location similar to where they landed before. "You, Scientist.", Puizie said to one of the men passing by

"Yes, Major?" the scientist replied

"Get the quick pod transport ready. Set the coordinates to 37, 43, 92." Puize ordered to him

"Ah, to Lord Frieza? Of course, sir. Just give us a few minutes to set them up for you...wait, who's the child?" the scientist said while looking at Melait

"Just prepare a pod for him too. Same coordinates." Puizie answered angerly.

The scientist nodded and went to two of the orbs, and with two other scientists, they started connecting wires to them. Puizie sat down with Melait on a seat nearby. They were silent for a little bit until Melait said again, "I want to know where that Cheoh guy is!"

Bluntly Puizie responded, "He's dead." Melait was about to ask him why, but before he could, Puizie continued by saying, "You'll be a good replacement for all of the soldiers anyways. I'm sure Lord Frieza would be pleased with you." Puizie put his arms behind his head and said, "You are a very lucky child, being able to survive and all. If you don't make a good impression for Frieza, you can lose that luck in an instant." Puizie snapped, causing Melait to flinch.

"Major, the pods are ready to go!" the scientist said. Puizie stood up and motioned his head to the pod. Melait, getting the message, went into one of the pods. Puizie went into the other one, arms crossed, and both of the pod doors closed. "Lift off in" a speaker resonated through Melait's pod. Suddenly, it rocketed forwards and upwards. Melait felt his whole body jolt; he had never felt that kind of speed before. Just as suddenly, the pod started to fall. Melait couldn't take it and started pushing buttons. As Melait clicked one of them, the pod door opened and sucked Melait out of it. He started to fall to the ground, but regained balance quickly and stopped his descent. He looked down and saw that Puizie's pod hadn't hit the cushion. Seeing an opportunity, Melait started to fly up.

A few seconds later, Puizie flew up to Melait, grabbed his head and screamed, "You can't take a pod trip for ten seconds or follow me? You have got to be the most annoying child I've ever met!" Melait had started to cry; Puizie flinched and thought, "I can't present a whining boy to Lord Frieza! I can't knock him out either to shut him up..." He started to fly down with the crying boy, landed next to his pod and asked, "Would your master tolerate this disobedience?"

"You don't know my master!" Melait answered

"Correction, boy, I didn't know him. Your old master is dead and you have to accept that. Either you move forward and have a much stronger master or you live in the past for the rest of your life; whining about your home." Puizie responded while walking to an open doorway. Melait readied his fists, but then stopped, sighed once again in defeat, and walked into the doorway with Puizie.

The two eventually reached two doors, each closed and red. Puizie turned and looked down at Melait. "You can't do anything reckless like you've been doing now. Do you understand?" Puizie asked. Melait slowly nodded with his arms crossed. Puizie smirked and pushed the two doors forwards, and the two walked in.

Inside, Melait saw a bright lights coming down from the ceiling, which was fully illuminating the room. There wasn't any furniture in the room, other than a long, thin row of a red carpet, separating the light gray floor into two. On closer inspection, he saw that the carpet had led to a medium sized throne, plated in silver. A short man, with horns coming out the sides of his head, was sitting in it, with his head leaning onto his hand. He had a red scouter over his eye, two pink streaks coming down the sides of his face, pink legs and arms with black lines throughout, along with one white guard on each of them. At his sides were two others, much taller than him. The one on his left was an almost completely pink, muscular man with long pointy ears. The pink on his arms and head were offset by small spikes coming off of them. He wore black pants and had a green scouter over his eye. On his right was a turquoise man with long, braided, green hair. He had two yellow earrings and another one hanging off of a thin headband of sorts. He had a long, blue cape connected to his armor, along with two short pink coverings on his arms and dark blue leggings

"State your name and business," the one on the throne ordered as the two were walking closer to the throne. Puizie suddenly stopped and knelled. "Major Puizie of the Second Stellar Region, Lord Frieza. I'm here to report on Planet Chesla", Puizie said. Melait, with wide eyes whispered to Puizie and asked, "Is that the Lord guy you keep talking about?". Puizie flinched and angerly directed his eyes to the man in the middle and then motioned his head down. Melait got the message and also knelled for Frieza.

"There's no need to waste my time with a mere report of your conquering on a planet", Frieza replied, ignoring Melait's behavior, and even Melait himself. "The reason why you have 'arranged a meeting' with me must be something more important. I assume that it must do with that child beside you. A Chesilan informant, perhaps?" he continued.

Puizie looked up at Frieza and said, "You're very wise, Lord! However..." He hesitated and started shaking, while Melait watched in awe how just today, this leader was the most powerful person he meant. 

"Just spit it out already!" the pink man shouted.

"T-the thing is, sir...all of the soldiers were killed...and we failed to conquer the planet..." Puizie finally said.

There were a few seconds of silence until Puizie tried to make his case. "However, I have returned with the child who killed all of them! He has an amazing amount of skill and power for a boy!"

Frieza looked at the turquoise man and ordered, "Zarbon, tell me his power level." Zarbon clicked his scouter and responded, uninterested, "Around 150".

Frieza took his hand off of his face and began to stand up. "You dare to face me after failing your mission and wasting resources with such confidence? The planet should have taken no less than one day to conquer, even with your shoddy crew!"

"P-Please forgive me, Lord!" Puizie said while bowing.

Frieza started walking up to Puizie until Melait shouted, "So you're doing the same thing all of those people would have done? Go on kill him! He deserves to die for all he's done!"

"Lord Frieza, the boy's power rose to 300!" Zarbon said surprised.

Frieza smiled at Melait and looked at Puizie while asking, "Can this boy manipulate his power level at will?"

The major stood up and answered, "Y-Yes, Lord Frieza! If we can train him, he could very easily become a very helpful assassin!"

Melait took note to this and asked, "W-what's an assassin?"

The tyrant looked down on the boy and after a second, Frieza responded. "Ah, yes. You lived on a planet with little to no conflict with others, correct?"

He slowly nodded, and expecting his answer, Frieza immediately went on to say, "They are meant to stealthily kill their master's enemies, which are horrible and disgusting people, if you also didn't know. In this case, you will be the killer."

The captive stood shocked. "W-wait, I'm part of your force? A-and you're sure that those guys are bad?"

Frieza chuckled and said back, "I can ensure you that your soon to be victims have done many horrible things. Much worse than your assailant here has done."

Frieza pointed at Puizie who nodded while shaking and commented, "A wise decision, Lord Frieza!"

Silent for a second, Melait was skeptical, and asked, "B-But one of those soldier guys said that you were bad..."

The major hesitated and slowly looked at Frieza who sighed and said back, "I can assure you that you are making the right decision in joining me. We are trying to unite all in the universe, to ensure a peaceful era for all! Besides, what would a foot soldier know that I don't?" He paused and looked at Puizie, "Aside from Mr. Puizie here, who specifically told me that all of his men had perished on the planet."

The major froze as he gulped while thinking, "Stupid Cheoh! His mistakes come back to haunt me now, of all times!" Puizie quickly responded, "Y-yes, I wasn't lying about the child killing all of them! After healing him a little to...make sure he didn't die, he woke up and tried to counterattack! I was able to contain him, but at the loss of my last soldier. He must have spoken with him while taking him to healing. Apologies...for leaving that out"

Frieza, not interested in pursuing the true reason, went to sit back in his throne. As Melait was about to disprove Puizie, the major put his hand over a child's mouth and quickly said, "A note to you. I saw your eyes closed when you killed him. Perhaps you were sleeping when you did the deed." Disproven himself, Melait went back to being silent.

Dodoria was confused at this sight. "What're you doin'?"

The major, like a child, just said, "Nothing!" and the question was soon dropped

As Frieza sat back in his throne, he said, "I commend you for your work, Mr. Puizie. You have brought back a truly rare breed of alien which will be very helpful to our cause." He sat down and clicked his scouter and said, "Arrange a dorm. Soldier class." He paused and responded with, "I don't care if you take someone else's dorm. As I said, arrange a dorm". Frieza clicked his scouter again and looked at Melait. "I am truly surprised on how gifted you are! There is only one other member of the Frieza Force who can conceal their power to that degree, after all"

Puizie quickly grabbed Melait's arm. "Now that we have brought the child into the force, I'll take him to his room. Where is he staying?"

"Are you assuming that we are done here? Oh no, even with the knowledge that you have brought a valuable being to the force, I cannot tolerate soldiers who don't follow orders"

Puizie let go of Melait's arm and started to back away from Frieza, while Melait smiled and cheered, "Yeah! Get him!"

"Don't be alarmed, major. You should be grateful! It's not every day you can personally say that you had Dodoria waste his time with foot soldiers like you", Frieza said while smiling.

In an instant, Dodoria was right in front of Puizie. Puizie tried to jab Dodoria's stomach with his left arm, but he merely grabbed it with his right and said, "Thanks for making it easy for me!" Dodorida raised his left arm up and brought it down right onto Puizie's shoulder. In an instant, his arm teared through Puizie's flesh and sliced his arm clean off. Puizie screamed out in pain and fell to the ground, while Dodoria held on to the torn off arm.

"Aw, if you really want it back so bad, then here you go!" Dodoria said as he tossed it in front of Puizie

"Maybe you can use it as your walking stick when you get older? Then again, it might break before then. Well, break again, at least. Ahahaha!" Frieza responded 

Melait ran up to Puizie and shouted, "I thought you would just hurt him a little bit, not do that!"

The tyrant merely laughed and said, "If there's one thing you must know about me is that I utterly despise other's jokes. Anyways, Mr. Puizie, I believe your work here is done. Escort the child to Sector Y, Building 15, Quarters 66."

"And pick your arm up on the way out. It's embarrassing." Zarbon added

As Melait grabbed Puizie's torn off arm and the two walked out of the room, Melait heard Frieza's sickening laugh once more just as the doors slammed shut

Hi! Melait here! So I guess I'm an assassin now? What?! A mission already? With this fat green guy?

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Chapter 7: Joining the Frieza Force! The Birth of the Greatest Assassin!Edit


To be continued...