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A highly evolved version of the Mamyuu. Unlike its counterparts living in the Gourmet World, the Matyuu were personally raised by Ganchoku, who fed them with the best meat and sustenance, helping their pack grow. Since then, the Matyuu has entered a constant state of evolution, evolving rows of sharper teeth, increased speed, and strength. The pressure of each Matyuu’s bite is akin to the force of 1 billion tons per square inch, which s incredibly deadly. The Matyuu are also noticeably larger compared to the Mamyuu, being as tall as 6 meters.


These Matyuu are something to behold, with an advanced biological structure without a nervous system, instead replaced by a highly efficient Gourmet Cell system, eliminating whatever chance of Knocking being used on them.

The Matyuu are also extremely durable, capable of surviving the Derous Dragon’s crushing bite without so much of a scratch, making them almost impossible to battle with their horrendously huge numbers.

The Matyuu also have an incredible affinity to electricity, boasting an incredible amplifying circuit within their bodies, enhancing their speed, durability and strength. When supercharged, their biting pressure multiplies several thousand times, making them one of the most formidable opponents one can ever face.

Lastly, they are also incredibly intelligent, astute and agile, for they are capable of dissecting the potential strength of the technique, and counter accordingly. The Matyuu also possess a strong sense of community and intimate understanding of teamwork, making the Matyuu one of the most deadly hordes of creatures one could ever meet.

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