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クオノ, Kuono
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Across the Universe

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Species: Quglith
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Suultar, Ctaedi
Birthdate: February 26, Age 674
Birth Power Level: 1894
Maximum Power Level: A Tier
Personal Pronouns: わたし
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 181.5 lbs
Hair Color: n/a
Eye Color: Golden
Rank: Master of teleportation
Organizations: Venyi Academy (Age 710 - present)
Favorite Food: Space shrimp
Hobbies: Meditating, training, exploring distant planets

Master Qono (クオノ, Kuono) is a Quglith. He is one of the seven masters of the Venyi Academy, specializing in teleportation techniques. He appears in Across the Universe and is featured as a secondary character in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



Master Qono is a Quglith. He is tall for his species. He has a squid-like face with mandibles and bright golden eyes. His skin is the same color as stones, muddy and spotty and always coated in a thin sheen of water. He is bald and his ears and nose are just slits dug into his oily skin. Like all Venyi instructors, he wears naught but plain black robes. Qono's aura is maroon.


Qono is one of the more strict masters in the Venyi Academy. He makes his students bow before every lesson and his teaching style is described as being rigorous and unforgiving. He does not tolerate slouching or laziness, though he is not stuck up. If a student impresses him, he will let them know. With that said, Qono exercises a more formal relationship with his students than some of the other instructors. He always wants to be called "Master Qono" and does not like to spend his off-time with his acolytes. He emphasizes having a clear mind in his lessons, so meditation is a key part of learning Instant Transmission under him. Qono is not likely to forgive cheaters, and those who give up easily do not remain in his school for long.


Across the Universe[]

In the first scene of chapter 3, Rakae told Soba that he thought instinct was more important than intuition, though he cautioned the Yardrat that all of the masters thought intuition was more important.

In the second scene, Audacci told Soba that she had come to the Venyi Academy to learn Master Jabo's technique. Jabo was the leader of the Venyi Academy. One could only study under him after mastering the teachings of the other six instructors.

In the fifth scene, Rakae told Soba that he had mastered Levion's school, but he was still not content. Soba tried to reassure him, as mastering any school was no small feat. Rakae dismissed his words, for Levion's school was the easiest to master in the whole academy. It did not begin to compare to Master Qono's in difficulty. He complained that he had been training under Qono to learn Instant Transmission for six months and had yet to get anywhere in his training. Soba was surprised that Rakae was having such a difficult time with that technique. The Konatsian shook his head. Yardrats could master that technique far easier than any other species. He asked Rakae if his ability to use Instant Transmission meant he had already mastered the teachings of Qono's school. Rakae didn't believe so.

He took Soba to Master Qono's training grounds (Soba had never been there before). As they descended in through a door towards an underground chamber, Soba sensed Qono's energy coming from ahead. He grabbed Rakae's arm and teleported them over to the master, startling the Konatsian bad. Nevertheless, Rakae bowed when he spotted Qono standing on the far side of the room. They greeted one another. Qono noticed that Soba was a Yardrat. Soba didn't know if he had mastered Instant Transmission to the level Qono had, so he asked the master to test his abilities. Rakae whined that he had wanted to continue his training. Qono ordered him to meditate instead.

Then, he asked Soba to follow him for as long as he could. Soba followed him across the universe, from Typhon to Viziri to Thekar to Atjoh. Once they reached the final planet, Qono asked Soba if he could sense every living being across the sprawling world. Soba believed he could. Qono asked him to demonstrate that ability. Soba did so, teleporting in quick succession to various people across the world Qono followed him. After he made several jumps, the master confirmed that Soba was gifted with Instant Transmission and that he had mastered the arts of his first school.

In the sixth scene, Audacci remembered that after learning of Soba's mastering of Qono's school, she had raised a petition to dismiss that certification, but the seven masters had rejected her concerns. She had been training with Master Caktir when she had heard of it, but switched over to Qono, for she believed that anything Soba could master, she could too. She trained under Qono for four years (two years longer than Rakae had put up with the man) before mastering Instant Transmission.

In the seventh scene, Soba told Anso that Audacci had killed Rakae. He implored her to tell the masters and avoid confronting Audacci if she wanted to live.

In the second scene of chapter 4, as Soba was dodging Udon's attacks, he thought back to Master Qono and the others, thinking of how ashamed he felt at not completing any of the masters' schools sans Qono's.

In the third scene, Soba remembered a lecture Qono had given him on the three layers of space. The first layer was space itself, while the second layer was the Teleportation Zone, where everything was compressed. The third layer was a zone where everything was spread out quite far apart. He was researching a way to explore that layer without needing to move at great speeds to cover small distances. He told Soba that he was developing a technique to send an opponent to that zone, in essence freezing them in that vast area. He asked the Yardrat if he wanted to learn it.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


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