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Master Koda is Martial Arts master who trained Tatsu with other students. He's also father figure of Tatsu after he find him as toddler.

After Tatsu was send on Earth of Universe 8, Koda find him as toddler and took him as apprentice. After that he start to teach him Martial Arts and good manners. He was sure that boy might be stronger than anybody on the Earth.


Master Koda is very strict in his training and his way of training is hard work. But he also cares a lot his students and he wants make sure they don't became too proud of their fighting skills. He has also showing his fatherly sides when he taught manners for little Tatsu and advises him when he don't know what to do when he have a problem.

Koda loves nature and his favorite hobbies are "play" with bears and helping with forestry work with his students as part of their training. Koda likes roasted fish and fries and he likes to fishing a lot.


Master Koda is one of the strongest persons on the Earth and he was once World Champion of Martial Arts. Koda is strong enough to move huge stones with bare hands and he's also very fast and agile.


  • Ki Blast: Most basic energy wave attack.
  • Ki Sense: The ability to sense the energy of other beings.
  • Kumahameha: Koda's version of Kamehameha, but it's colored red.
  • Bear Kick: Powerful drop kick, one of Koda's bear techniques.
  • Kuma Combat: Koda's Rush Attack with powerful punches and kicks.
  • Lightning Shock: The user shoots a lightning blast towards the target using both hands, and paralyzed the opponent while doing damage.