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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Planet Gorg
Species: Gorgain
Gender: male
Birthdate: 665 BNG
Date of Death: 582 BNG
Height: 5'6"
Hair Color: white (black when younger)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

History: We don't know anything about his child, except whats on the timeline: which states he was born 665 BNG and died 582 BNG, making him 83 years old.

Mastery of Swords

Hui was a master of swords, he learned under an unnamed master. It took him 22 years to learn how to fully understand the sword. Than he was apointed Elder, but the year is unknown. But it's possibly the year 632 or 631 that he became Elder. Still it's not confrimed. Though its not on the timeline becuase I didn't want to cause confusion.

Elder Years During his time as Elder, he took Dyon as a student and taught him the ways of the sword. Dyon only took a few months to learn the sword, and Hui was killed by Neo.