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Mansucro (マンスクロー Mansukurō) is a Konatsian witch and a member of Konats' Resistance. Her name is a pun on Sucrose which coconuts contained.


Mansucro is roughly 5 feet tall, has light skin, very long bright red hair, and wears similar outfit to Tapion with a different colouration that was also quite damaged just like her husbands.


As a result of her history - she is bitter and wary of others.



Ragluco and his wife were enslaved by Narak's Dark Namekian Clan following their birth and used to help cultivate Chocolay's Dark Senzu Beans, Life Fruits, and other magical fruits. However, they soon joined Konats' Resistance along with their children. However, Week and a few other Dark Namekians were able to find him and the Resistance - destroying it with Ragluco and Mansucro survive while their children do not.


Mansucro is a capable fighter and witch. She was able to defeat many Dark Namekians including Week, however, by the defeat of all but Gamelan of the Dark Namekians; Chronoa used Face to make Mansucro and Ragluco Universe 1's most powerful and proficient sorcerer as well as strongest and fastest fighter.


  • Flight - The ability to fly with ki.
  • Ki Blast - The basic form of ki.
  • Magic - Mansucro has the ability to utilise magic.
    • Heat Magic - Mansucro is a strong user of Heat Magic.
      • Heat Vortex - Mansucro can create a giant tornado of hot air to use against her opponent.
      • Superheat Vortex Combustion - Mansucro uses her magic to cause an emerge to explode which turns into a superheated vortex that burns her target.
    • Rapid Healing - Mansucro can the power of Rapid Healing thanks to the wish made to Face.
    • Magic Materialisation - Mansucro was able to materialise a wide variety of objects, weapons, and clothes.
    • Ice Magic - Thanks to wish made to Face; she was able to use Ice Magic similar to Putine.
    • Sealing Magic - Mansucro was able to use a spell seal Gamelan's God Fireball into the hilt of Future Trunks' Hi-Frequency sword.
  • Liberation Shot - A double handed finger Beam in which she extended her arms out holding fingers like the finger gun gesture and fires a blue and green energy wave.
    • Liberation Wide Shot - Mansucro widens the space between her fingers and fires a large finger beam at her opponent.
    • Liberation Rapid Shot - Mansucro uses a rapid-fire version of Liberation Shot.
  • Undetectable Ki - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Mansucro and Ragluco have undetectable ki.
  • Spirit Control - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Mansucro was able to use Spirit Control.
    • Instant Transmission - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Mansucro was able to use instant transmission.
  • Gravity Manipulation - Thanks to the wish made to Face; Mansucro was able to gain the ability to manipulate gravity.


Unlock Potential[]

By wishing to Face to become the strongest and fastest warrior as well as most powerful and proficient sorcerer; Chronoa was able grant power that Mansucro could have possibly accumulated over many lifetimes without the cost of her lifespan unlike Granolah, Gas, and Tapion. Aside from gaining dark marks around eyes - her appearance remains relatively unchanged.