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The Grand Marshal of the Saiyan race of the once powerful Planet Pyre. She is the daughter of King Kobra, and the sister of Viper.


She was born on an indeterminate date on Planet Pyre. At the age of four, she would master all the martial arts abilities of her family and her own techniques as well. She always uses these abilities to protect her twin siter Viper and her father King Kobra from such invaders as Frieza, Cooler, and even the Vegetan Saiyan King Vegeta. At this point, she learns of other Saiyans living in the universe. She and hersiter set out with 2 million Saiyan troops to find the two Saiyans she heard were on Earth, setting in motion the events of Dragon Ball PPW.


Guileful and jealous, her fights usually bring out her anger. She often uses her beauty and charms to lure her foes close, and then blasts them when their gaurd is down. As this is a fact, she never fights fairly and will use any means necessary to beat her opponent. Throughout the PPW series, she shows almost no mercy to her enemies, only showing any mercy to Goten, who she later marries. Her relationship to Goten, however, never fully heals due to Mamba killing Goku out of rage. But, after a year of persuasion, she convinces Goten to marry her.

Powers and Abilities[]

She has the following attacks:

  • Flower Flash
  • Blue Kamehameha
  • Shining Flare Blast
  • Buster Blast
  • Galick Gun
  • Masenko
  • Planet Incinerator


  • Super Saiyan
  • Super Saiyan 2
  • Super Saiyan 3
  • Angel Super Saiyan


She is staggeringly beautiful.

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 143 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Orange