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マルチオン, Maruchion
Detailed Information:
Appearances: KidVegeta's Theogony: From Silence to the Greater Kais
Gender: Male
God of: Time
Preferred Plane: Mytos
Percentage of Universe's Energy Owned: 6%
Rank in the 12 Divines: 2nd
Personal Pronouns: 麿 (まろ)
Rank: Original Divine
Family: Thibbe (daughter)
Baccia (daughter)
Phemys (daughter)
Gersia (daughter)
Bemeita (daughter)
Weyvn (son)

Maltrion was one of the original Twelve Divines. He was primarily a god of time, and was considered to be one of the most powerful gods to ever exist. He does not shapeshift as radically as many of his brothers and sisters; instead, he prefers to keep the form of a hulking behemoth.


Maltrion was the firstborn of the Twelve Divines. He lorded over time especially and after Mytos was created, he brought about time itself. In Mytos, Maltrion created Elder Time, a type of time that did not allow anything to wither or die. Thus the landscape of his home remained ever lush and green.

Maltrion prophesied Heisis' eventual domination of everything and wrote the prophecy in gold letters over the entrance of Mytos. He was widely respected amongst his brothers and sisters and was considered to be one of the wisest out of all of them. He intervened when Icaeus and Sethys tricked their brother Iantos into creating life. Along with Thessia, he protected Iantos from being tricked again. Maltrion later attended the council meeting to discuss what to do about Icaeus creating the Keishin. During the Shima-Keishin rebellion, Maltrion was successful in fighting off the Keishin and helped banish them to the Underworld. He later fathered numerous children with several of his sisters. All but one of his children were daughters, though his youngest child, a son named Weyvn, became one of the most regarded of the second-generation gods. Thus, Maltrion's legacy was continued through his male bloodline.

Out of all of the Twelve Divines, he spent the least amount of time in the four lower planes.


  • Noble Maltrion
  • Ancient time-keeper
  • First of many
  • With hands of bronze
  • Who will never die
  • Lord of prophecy

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