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Maltoroa is a character in the Dragon Ball SZ shows. She has spent time in SZ what if hill until she saw Goku and the six searching for Launch in the video game. She is kind and she is always polite. She died 10 times.

Race: Human, Saiyan

Aliases: Maltoroa Njae

Debut Manga: Dragon Ball Z: Meteor Frieza (Late episode of Dragon Ball Z)

Appears In: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball SZ, Dragon Ball HJ

Date of birth: 735 Age

Date of death: 740 Age (Revived)

765 Age (Revived)

774 Age (Revived)

792 Age (Revived)

798 Age (Revived)

807 Age (Revived)

817 Age (Revived)

828 Age (Revived)

834 Age (Revived)

850 Age


Goku (Friend)

Krillin (Best Friend)

Goten (Nephew)

Bulma (Best Friend)

Vegeta (Grandfather)

Videl (niece)

Tien Shinhan (boyfriend)

Mak (Husband)

Mary (Mother)

Coloa (Sister)

Former Mentors:





Supreme Kai

Old Kai

Mr Brief


Maltoroa was born in 735 Age, she is later killed By Chi-Chi in 740 age, and is later revived. She later dies in 765 age, the reason is Vegeta killed her. She dies in 774 age when Kid Buu blows down the earth and is later revived. She is later killed by Majuub in 792 age, and is revived by Krillin. She is killed by Chi-Chi in 798 age, and is revived by Tien. In 807 age, she is killed by Frieza, and is revived by Goku. Majin Buu kills her in 817 age, and is revived by Krillin. She is killed by Chi-Chi in 28 age, and Tien revives her. She is killed by Android 17, and is revived by Hercule. She is later killed by Chi-Chi and Android 17 in 850 age, and he is no longer revived.


She is a girl with blue hair, yellow eyes, red pants and purple shirt. She is in love with Tien Shinhan, who is Maltoroa's boyfriend.


  • Maltoroa is the girl who gets killed 10 times, she is mostly killed By Chi-Chi, the wife of Goku.