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"Maka! it's time to show this Human our True Power."
— Mako to Maka

Mako is a member of Icer's Squadron, he's also the brother of Maka. Maka and him battled Tobi and were both killed.


Nothing is known about Mako's past or Maka's, when Shoran and his friends destroyed Icer's army Icer sent the Squadron to kill Shoran. Okumo battled Ray and was killed and Mako and his brother were chosen to fight Tobi, suprisingly Tobi was able to hold his own against both of them but Mako and Maka decided to use their true power and they overwhelmed Tobi. Tobi then mocked Mako saying he could never win without Maka and Mako took the bait, he charged Tobi to prove him wrong but Tobi suprised him with his Power Strike attack and Killed Mako.


Mako is large and overweight, he has blue skin, a horn on the top of his head and he wore white and brown armour over a blue jumpsuit, white gloves, white boots that are brown at the end and he wore a purple scouter.


Mako doesn't show much personality but he seems to get on very well with his brother Maka but he appears to have anger issues this is shown when Tobi mocked him and he charged at him without thought.


Double Combo- This attack is perfomed When Mako grabs his opponent by the leg and throws them towards Maka who knocks them to the ground then they both charge downwards and slam into their downed opponent. He first this attack against Tobi.

Duel Energy Wave- This attack is performed when Mako and Maka both fire yellow energy beams at the same time then their energy beams fuse into one huge powerful Energy Wave.

Power Wheel- This attack is performed when Mako grabs Maka's feet and Maka grabs Mako's feet then they spin around until they form a spiral then they charge their opponents dealing alot of damage on Impact.

Double Kill- This move is performed When Maka puts their opponent in a Full Nelson then Mako delivers a barrage of punches then Maka throws the opponent at the ground then they both fire a volley of energy waves.