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This article, Makai Sword, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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"The Hero of Apocalypse cometh "
— Makai sword in posession of a host body

Makai, also known as the Ultimate Demon Weapon, is a demon sword. It is a dark weapon of unimaginable ancient power.


The Makai sword was created by a lone makaoishin in the Demon Realm of the 7th universe. The demon lord planned to use the sword's power to usurp the cosmic hierarchy and plunge all of existence into eternal darkness.

However, the sheer power of the weapon he created was too much for him and his body was obliterated. The resulting surge of power caused a rip in the fabric of reality and the sword was lost between worlds. The sword eventually gained a mind and will of it's own and escaped it's confinement between dimensions.


The sword itself was created to tap into the power of all 12 Makai Realms. As such, the sword is nearly indestructible.

  • Possession - the sword can take control of a person's body. This also turns the host body into that of a demon. It can also control all but the most powerful demons.
  • Energy blast - the sword can release blasts of demonic energy that can overpower normal ki attacks
  • Portal Creation - the sword has the power to cut into the fabric of reality to create portals. these portal can be used to travel almost anywhere in the universe.