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Majin Sesami
魔人まじん•セサミ, Majin Sesami
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Insatiable

From Magic to Monsters

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization:

Appetent Justice

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Species: Majin
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Planet Majin
Birthdate: 18,477, 521 Before Age
Maximum Power Level: A+ Tier
Personal Pronouns: あたし
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 209.4 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Rank: True Majin
Organizations: Elhim's hunting party 13,840,861 Before Age - 7,375,854 Before Age)
Zalama's Triumvirate (Age 778 - present)
Favorite Food: Salt water taffy
Hobbies: Sleeping, hunting mortals
Family: Audacci (ally)
The Benefactor (ally)

Majin Sesami (魔人まじん•セサミ, Majin Sesami) is a Majin. As of the Dragon Ball Era, she is the oldest living Majin in Universe 7. She is the protagonist of Insatiable and Appetent Justice. She is featured as a major villain in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon as a member of Audacci's triumvirate.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Sesami is a tall, purple-skinned Majin. Her head tentacle is long and it curls around her forehead, drooping down to the left. She wears the standard puffy white Majin pants and black boots. Elsewise, all she wears is a black bra with orange bordering. Her aura is indigo.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Like all Majins, Sesami is driven by a need to consume. She takes great pleasure in wiping out civilizations and planets. She has no mercy for mortals, especially robots and androids who do not have life-forces. Sesami will kill just for the fun of it, though she is less reckless than other Majins in how she goes about it. That may be due to her being less prideful than her peers. It's all about turning mortals into candy and eating them for her. Despite that, Sesami has reflected on occasion that her base desires tire her. She does not enjoy the fact that she must be a murderous, destructive force at all times.

By her fourth cycle of existence, she has been able to speak in complete sentences. Sesami never liked the other Majins, aside from Majin Walu, for they were, all of them, greedy, narcissistic, and base. She preferred to hunt on her own, or with Walu. Even so, Majin Elhim saw in her great promise, so she was added to his multiversal hunting party. Being at that time one of the weaker Majins, she did what he asked of her, though that's not to say that Sesami enjoyed her time on the team. She is a light sleeper and also does not enjoy hibernating around her kind, though after all the Majins but her, Majin Hocus, and Majin Buu were killed off, she began sleeping closer to them. That may have also been due to her being the eldest of the trio, however, for became incumbent upon her, following Walu's death at the hands of Lord Beerus, to watch over the young ones, lest their wanton destruction rouse a reaction in the gods.

History[edit | edit source]

Insatiable[edit | edit source]

From Magic to Monsters[edit | edit source]

At the start of chapter 1, Amoon told Bibidi that the Majins were not an extinct race. They merely went through long periods of hibernation that made them disappear from history for millions of years. Bibidi's plan to summon them was to use artificially created Majins to rampage through the universe to induce the true Majins into waking up.

At the end of chapter 6, it was revealed that the true Majins had felt Majin Bii's power as he had fought The Faceless Warriors. While his power had not been enough to wake them, they began to stir.

In chapter 9, the true Majins felt Majin Voilar's power as she fought the Faceless Warriors and Priests of Amoon. The three true Majins stirred impatiently as they felt her energy; they were almost ready to wake up.

In chapter 10, the Priests of Amoon used Bibidi's artificial Majin, Majin Nikto, to rampage through the universe to awaken the true Majins. This almost worked, as the true Majins felt Nikto's power. Their blood began to warm and their power levels began to rise. The Priests of Amoon thought they pinpointed the true Majins' location from reading power levels across the galaxy, but they mistakenly fell into I'Khar's trap when they went to a planet they thought the true Majins were on. In truth, the Priests of Amoon were too far away from the true Majins' planet to read their power levels.

In chapter 11, Majin Jaduu's power when he fought on alien worlds and killed the members of Bibidi's race (save for Bibidi and Babidi) was enough to rouse the true Majins. Bibidi was able to get readings on the true Majins' power spikes from Jaduu waking them.

In chapter 13, Bibidi made Majin Presto to wake the true Majins. When Presto used her full power in the Obliteration Nation gladiator matches, Bibidi felt the true Majins' power spikes and was able to locate them. He then brought Majin Presto, Babidi, Majin Manto, and Majin Janto with him to the true Majins' planet. Bibidi saw the three true Majins eyes glowing in their cocoons as he entered their lair. There, Bibidi used a blood sacrifice on Presto to try to wake the true Majins. Presto grew angry at this and self-destructed, destroying the true Majins' lair. Presto's self-destruct attack released enough energy to wake the true Majins however, and their cocoons broke open and they stepped out into the world as this chapter ended.

At the start of chapter 14, it was mentioned that after Majin Presto sacrificed herself, the true Majins were awakened and met with Bibidi. Bibidi tried to take control of them with his dark magic. This failed, however. Bibidi then tried to tell them about his plan to kill the Supreme Kais and take over the universe. Majin Hocus, one of the true Majins, wanted to join Bibidi, for traveling the universe would allow him to kill many aliens. Majin Sesami, another true Majin, didn't want to join Bibidi and become his slave, and this led to a conflict with Hocus.

The two fought, and only when Majin Buu joined in with Hocus was Sesami defeated and forced to flee. Bibidi later used Buu and Hocus to find Sesami, Jaduu, and Baranduu. Buu didn't find any of them, though Hocus found and killed Baranduu. Instead of further pursuing Sesami and Jaduu, Hocus and Buu were ordered by Bibidi to attack the Supreme Kais.

After escaping from Bibidi, Sesami ravaged the universe for some time. She killed trillions of aliens, destroyed thousands of planets, eradicated a feudal galactic empire, and attacked a galactic martial arts tournament. At the tournament, Sesami killed an envoy of lesser Kais and then destroyed all of the martial artists participating in the tournament. She inadvertently helped Bibidi take over the universe by killing so many powerful warriors.

Soon after Bibidi's death at the hands of the Eastern Supreme Kai, Sesami went into hibernation. She chose a remote planet to hibernate in so that no one would find her. Later, Babidi tried to continue his father's goal of conquering the universe and looked for Sesami, but he did not find her, since she was hibernating at the time. It was speculated at the end of this chapter that Sesami and Jaduu might have met one another and formed a bond, though there was no evidence for that.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[edit | edit source]

Volume III[edit | edit source]

Appetent Justice[edit | edit source]

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[edit | edit source]

Techniques[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Sesami's name is pun on the magical phrase "open sesame".
  • Sesami's favorite candy is salt water taffy, so that is usually what she transforms helpless mortals into with her Transfiguration Beam.
  • Sesami is the first being in the history of the multiverse to possess three of Zalama's Artifacts.

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