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Majin Sesami
魔人まじん•セサミ, Majin Sesami
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Insatiable

From Magic to Monsters

The Naptime Championships

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization:

Appetent Justice

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Species: Majin
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Planet Majin
Birthdate: 18,477, 521 Before Age
Maximum Power Level: A+ Tier
Personal Pronouns: あたし
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 209.4 lbs
Eye Color: Purple
Rank: True Majin
Organizations: Majin Marauders 14,221,506 Before Age - 11,036,620 Before Age)
Zalama's Triumvirate (Age 778 - present)
Favorite Food: Salt water taffy
Hobbies: Sleeping, hunting mortals
Family: Audacci (ally)
The Benefactor (ally)

Majin Sesami (魔人まじん•セサミ, Majin Sesami) is a Majin. As of the Dragon Ball Era, she is the oldest living Majin in Universe 7. She is the protagonist of Insatiable and Appetent Justice. She is featured as a major villain in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon as a member of Audacci's triumvirate.



Sesami is a tall, purple-skinned Majin. Her head tentacle is long and it curls around her forehead, drooping down to the left. She wears the standard puffy white Majin pants and black boots. Elsewise, all she wears is a black bra with orange bordering. Her aura is indigo.


Like all Majins, Sesami is driven by a need to consume. She takes great pleasure in wiping out civilizations and planets. She has no mercy for mortals, especially robots and androids who do not have life-forces. Sesami will kill just for the fun of it, though she is less reckless than other Majins in how she goes about it. That may be due to her being less prideful than her peers. It's all about turning mortals into candy and eating them for her. Despite that, Sesami has reflected on occasion that her base desires tire her. She does not enjoy the fact that she must be a murderous, destructive force at all times.

By her fourth cycle of existence, she has been able to speak in complete sentences. Sesami never liked the other Majins, aside from Majin Walu, for they were, all of them, greedy, narcissistic, and base. She preferred to hunt on her own, or with Walu. Even so, Majin Elhim saw in her great promise, so she was added to his multiversal hunting party. Being at that time one of the weaker Majins, she did what he asked of her, though that's not to say that Sesami enjoyed her time on the team. She is a light sleeper and also does not enjoy hibernating around her kind, though after all the Majins but her, Majin Hocus, and Majin Buu were killed off, she began sleeping closer to them. That may have also been due to her being the eldest of the trio, however, for it became incumbent upon her, following Walu's death at the hands of Lord Beerus, to watch over the young ones, lest their wanton destruction rouse a reaction in the gods.



In the first scene of this story, Majin Sesami recollected that she had spent her first two cycles of existence wandering through space, butchering any planets she came across, before returning to sleep for hundreds of thousands of years. In her third cycle, however, she was approached by Majin Elhim and his crew. They offered her a place on their multiversal-ravaging team. Sesami accepted. She recalled the glowing red eyes of elder Majins and her battle with Majin Forash in her second cycle, but other than that, Sesami did not remember interacting with any other Majins before Elhim approached her.

Then, she was introduced to the other members: Majin Shemash, Majin Hamash, Majin Simbari, Majin Simbara, Majin Walu, Majin Salubi, Majin Maanutar, and Majin Hocus (who was younger than her). Her first job on the team was to watch over young Hocus. Majin Walu was ordered to watch over Sesami. Afterwards, Elhim showed the group his new Dimension Scream technique and used it to a rip a hole in the multiverse, allowing them to travel to any universe they wished. Elhim led them into the fourth portal, reminding them of the Life-Eater's command (rampage and rest) before they left.

When they arrived in Universe 4, the team split up into various groups and began rampaging from planet to planet. Hocus and Walu remained with Sesami. Over the next several months, the trio tore a swath through dozens of planets. Eventually, Elhim contacted the group telepathically, informing them that Simbari had been murdered. He ordered the Majins to regroup with the rest of the team, which they did several days later.

Simbara explained that he and his brother had been exploring a ruined world when they had been drawn to a golden power source deep in a swamp. When Simbari had approached it, it had lashed out with waves of energy that vaporized him. Elhim declared that they would go to that planet and avenge Simbari. The group left at once, Simbara leading the way.

It took them three days to reach the boggy world. Simbara led them deep into a swamp. There, they found a hovering dot of golden energy surrounded by a ring of black pillars inscribed with the scribbles of some unknown language. Elhim demanded that Simbara show him how the golden energy attacked, but the Majin was unwilling to enter the testing grounds' perimeter. Elhim beat him into submission and once more ordered him to approach the energy ball. Simbara did so. As soon as entered the testing grounds, he lost the ability to fly. A wave of golden energy shot out from the ball and hit him, sending the Majin flying out of the area. At once, the second wave of energy, which had been right behind the first, immediately dissolved.

Elhim told Simbara to return to the area and test out his other techniques. Simbara was unwilling, as his brother had only been able to survive three waves of energy. Elhim did not change his mind, so once more, Simbara entered the testing grounds. Pulses of energy surged towards him. He tried to fire a ki blast, but couldn't. The first wave washed over him, cooking him alive. He tried to conjure up an energy barrier, but couldn't. The second wave hit him just as hard. Simbara tried to flee, stretching out his body, but the mud hampered his ability to move, and the third wave overtook him before he could escape. Like Simbari, Simbara was vaporized by the mysterious golden energy.

Unmoved, Elhim descended to the ground, muttering to himself that even if he couldn't use ki, he knew of a way to reach the glowing object. He entered the testing grounds. Like Simbara, he was slowed by the mud, though he pressed on with more vigor than the other Majin had. Two waves of energy hit him, though they did not damage him too badly. Then, he punched his arm towards the device in the middle of the grounds, stretching it, and grabbed whatever had been in that glowing ball of energy. Immediately, the third wave of energy dissolved.

Elhim returned to the group and showed them what he was holding - a small metal, pill-shaped object. When he held it up to his face, it shot into his mouth and down his throat. A golden aura flared up around him as he fell from the sky, shivering in delight as he felt immense power flowing through him. Walu asked him if he was okay. He replied that he felt invincible from the power that device had given him. Sesami watched him with much jealousy. Then, Elhim tore a hole in the multiverse, and the eight of them returned to Universe 7.

In the second scene, Majin Walu awoke Majin Sesami from hibernation. Thus, her fourth cycle of existence began. The Majin Marauders convened by a statue of the World-Eater, burning ki as an offering before setting off for Universe 1. There, they split up into groups and once more began to pillage and rampage from planet to planet. Sesami, Hocus, and Walu remained together. They cleared out a few planets before Elhim contacted them telepathically, revealing that he had sensed a power similar to the one they had found in Universe 4 that had resulted in Simbari and Simbara's deaths. Elhim and the others soon reached the trio. Sesami was shocked by how much faster Elhim was compared to before. He grabbed ahold of them and then flew towards the power source at incredible speed.

A few hours later, the eight Majins arrived on Sovam. They complained that there was nothing on the planet (save for a tower). Elhim was surprised that no one else could sense the huge power coming from the top of the tower. Impatiently, they flew up there, shattering a window with their auras and landing inside. There, they met a short creature (known as the Keeper). Elhim demanded he hand over the artifact. It was hovering, surrounded by a golden bubble of ki, in the center of the room. The Keeper explained that the device he was guarding was called the Heart of the Dragon. They could only take it if they killed him first.

He asked them how they knew the artifact was on that planet. Elhim, Hamash, and Shemash just laughed at the alien. Hocus asked the Keeper if every universe had an artifact. The Keeper said yes. Zalama, the creator of the artifacts, had placed at least one in every universe. Walu asked what the artifacts did, for she could not sense any power coming from the one in the room with them. The Keeper said that each artifact granted the possessor divine energy, as well as certain other boosts, but he was not allowed to say what those were. He also told them that if one acquired both parts of an artifact (such as the ones in Universes 1 and 12) and combined them, they would receive additional abilities.

Elhim boasted that he was in possession of the artifact from Universe 4. The Keeper was impressed and noted that once Elhim died (if the artifact was not passed to someone else), it was up to the the God of Destruction (Quitela) of the universe the artifact came from to retrieve it and return it to its temple. The Keeper noted that since Elhim seemed to be able to travel between universes, it would be quite the headache for Quitela to track him down.

Elhim was done talking to the alien. He challenged the Keeper to a fight. The Agent of Destruction gladly accepted, noting that the Majins were the strongest foes he had gone up against in a long time. He praised them once more for getting the Universe 4 artifact, but noted that he would be a more difficult challenge. He offered to fight all of them at once, and they accepted.

Elhim began by shooting a Transfiguration Beam at the Keeper in an attempt to turn him into bubblegum. The other Majins fired their own Transfiguration Beams, but the Keeper effortlessly dodged the attacks. Then, he attacked with three waves of cobalt energy. The final hit sent Hocus flying out of the window and broke the rest of their guards, allowing the alien to focus on Elhim. The two rose towards the ceiling as they traded punches and kicks. Elhim was barely able to keep up with the Keeper, which concerned Sesami greatly, for he was by far the strongest and fastest Majin.

The others flew up to help their leader, but the Keeper released an explosive wave that stunned them. The Keeper declared that the Majins would soon be dead. Enraged, Maanutar teleported behind the Keeper and pressed a ball of energy to his cheek. It exploded violently, but when the smoke cleared, the Keeper was standing in the same place, completely undamaged. He grabbed Maanutar by the neck, his hand coursing with energy, and squeezed. The Majin's head exploded. The Keeper told the others that the battle would be over shortly and thanked Elhim for returning the Universe 4 artifact to him. He promised to contact Lord Iwan so that he could tell the God of Destruction in Universe 4 where the device had ended up.

Just then, Maanutar rose to his feet, a new head forming. The Keeper was taken aback by that, allowing the seven warriors to attack him all at once. They were not able to do much damage, even though they landed several blows. The Keeper's stamina was slowly being sapped by having to fight them at once, and they began hitting him with more ki, which restored Sesami's hope that this was a battle they could win. Elhim, with his speed, was able to distract the alien, allowing the others to hit their foe.

The Keeper seemed to realize their strategy, for he suddenly shifted his focus from Elhim to Salubi. He fired a ball of Energy of Destruction at the Majin. Salubi dissolved before their eyes. The Majins were stunned. Furious, Elhim threw a ki blast at the Keeper and attacked him. When the Keeper prepared another ball of purple energy, the Majin dodged it just in time, though the attack hit the ceiling and vaporized it. With the burning sun on them now, the Majins began expending their stamina at a much faster rate. Shemash tried to punch the Keeper, but he caught his fist. Purple energy glowed on his fingertips, and a moment later, the Majin had been vaporized. The Keeper kicked Walu and Hamash out of his way and went for Maanutar. The Majin screamed and tried to fly away, but he didn't reach where the ceiling had been before the energy hit him and he vanished forever.

The four remaining Majins regrouped. Since Sesami was the youngest and weakest, Elhim commanded her to attack the Keeper first, to provide a distraction for the others. She charged the Keeper with an energy beam growing in each hand. He jumped towards her, grabbing her by the head tentacle. The man threw her into a wall, ripping off her head tentacle at the same time. Her energy beams released prematurely. The Keeper had no trouble dodging them. She sat up against a wall, her energy spent. Hamash, Walu, and Elhim were charging the Keeper from behind, but she knew they wouldn't reach him in time. The alien fired a blast of Energy of Destruction into her chest, and Sesami dissolved away.

The Keeper focused on the other three Majins. Purple energy glowed on his fists, so they couldn't get near him. It took all of Elhim's strength to dodge the first punch. Hamash barely got out of the way too. Walu shot ki blasts at the alien, doing all she could to help. Hamash feinted to the right, then came in from the left with both feet. The Keeper did not block the hit to his face. Instead, unflinching, he punched Hamash in the stomach, and the poor fellow dissolved to nothing.

Elhim and Walu kept their distance, hitting the Keeper with ki. The three were exhausted, no longer able to fight at great speed. However, the Keeper didn't try to dodge or block the attacks. They did not seem to be doing much to him. He charged them down. Elhim was able to teleport-dodge the first punch, but that left Walu one-on-one with the Keeper. Her ki blasts were doing no damage.

At that moment, Sesami's head tentacle flew through the air, expanding into a web of goo, and landed on the Keeper. He dropped his energy in surprise and tried to tear the goo off of him, but it was no use. A few seconds later, Sesami re-formed. Her body had become shorter, slightly more rotund, her head tentacle elongating somewhat more, and her face had rounded out. She wore the Keeper’s armored silvery-black shirt, though her pants remained the same. Walu was most impressed with Sesami.

Elhim had walked over to the Heart of the Dragon. Seeing that, Sesami became enraged and raced over to him, noting that she was now much faster than before. She claimed the artifact for herself. Elhim would not listen, so they settled it with a fight. The weary old Majin was no match for Sesami with the Keeper absorbed. It only took her thirty seconds to win. Then, she swallowed the artifact. Soon, she began to perceive her new strength. The power felt good. She understood just how strong Elhim was, too, and knew that she was now the strongest Majin. Afterwards, the trio collected Hocus and returned to Universe 7, exhausted and ready to sleep.

In the third scene, the Majin Marauders returned to their homeworld. They sensed no other Majins there. Elhim explained that all of the other Majins had warred themselves to death. He noted that Majin breeding was strictly controlled because the multiverse could not sustain very many of their kind. Those Majins who had not been part of Elhim's group had warred themselves to death while the team had explored Universes 1 and 4. He blamed it on the fact that the Majin elders had been dead for several cycles, and so there had been no one overseeing their species.

Elhim swore that after they visited Universe 2 during their next cycle, he would lead the re-population efforts himself, and it would be done under his terms. Sesami didn't believe it, but Elhim told her it was true - there were no other Majins left, in the entire multiverse, save for the four of them. When he had woken in the current cycle, Elhim had discovered the infighting and had executed the few survivors, as they could not be trusted. By the time Sesami had awoken in her fourth cycle, only Elhim's team had remained. She was shocked to learn that.

Elhim offered to mate with both Walu and Sesami, but the girls refused. He was confident they would change their minds after another cycle of sleep. Walu said she would self-destruct before mating with Elhim. Their leader didn't care. He would make a mate from his own flesh if he had to. Walu said that would be for the best. Sesami concurred. She noted that a Majin pair could sire a thousand offspring in a day if they wished, so their species was not at risk of extinction. Elhim rebuked her for such thinking, as unchecked breeding in the past was the reason for their species decline.

Sesami asked him why they needed to continue collecting Zalama's artifacts instead of focusing on the restoration of their species. He knew she was trolling him. He remarked that the power they conferred felt good and had more value than candy. She agreed. He told them that they would collect every artifact and rule the multiverse. He ordered them to get some sleep. Sesami asked Elhim if he would be joining them, but he said that the older he got, the less sleep he needed, and so he would not need to hibernate as long as them. In any case, there were things he needed to do before he joined them.

Sesami picked up the sleeping Hocus and walked off. Walu, as well, retreated to her favorite hibernating spot, which was fairly close to Sesami's. Sesami put Hocus a bit farther away, leaving him above ground to sleep. When she returned to her hibernating spot, Sesami looked at her reflection in an underground stream and grew dissatisfied. She spit the Keeper out, and kneeling, wrapped her head tentacle around him, choking the life out of him. Afterwards, relieved, the girl hibernated, though she was somewhat concerned that what she had done had made Elhim the most powerful Majin again.

In the fourth scene, Majins Elhim, Walu, and Sesami visited Universe 2. As soon as they arrived, Sesami could sense the artifact. The girl noted that Universe 7 did not have an artifact, and Elhim speculated that long ago, a Majin had taken it to another universe and died there. He firmly believed they would find that artifact at some point. Then, he took Walu and Sesami to the artifact's world.

The artifact was located near the southern pole, on a snowy mountain peak. It was encircled by metal pillars of the same design as those they had found in Universe 4. Some of the pillars had fallen into the snow, or had been damaged by what may have been energy attacks.

Walu was tasked with entering the proving grounds, as she was the only one without an artifact. When she stepped into the perimeter, a bolt of lightning shot out of the artifact and into the ground. When the smoke cleared, a mirror of Majin Walu stood in the crater. It attacked Walu unprovoked. The two engaged in an intense battle, each landing several good attacks. They each took the offensive several times, but neither was able to break through. Eventually, Walu ran out of energy, and the mirror began to batter her, so she had no choice but to retreat out of the proving grounds.

When she returned to the others, Majin Walu fell to a knee and remarked that she thought it had been impossible to win that duel. Elhim disagreed. He stepped forth to challenge the mirror. When he entered the proving grounds, the mirror shapeshifted into a reflection of him. Elhim boasted that he was in possession of an artifact. He tried to make the mirror give up and let him take the device in the golden bubble, but that didn't work.

The two began their fight. Sesami noticed that the mirror now matched Elhim's power and speed. She was unable to follow them when they moved at full speed. The two were fairly evenly matched until Elhim used a Mystic Ball Attack, which devastated his opponent. After ripping several holes in the mirror, Elhim landed, a pink energy beam in each hand. Immediately after he fired the attacks, the mirror regenerated, blocked the ki, and flung the beams back at Elhim. The old Majin barely dodged the attacks. He assaulted the mirror again, but it defended his every attack, forcing the Majin to burn through his stamina.

As she watched, Sesami realized how she could beat the mirror. Not long after, Elhim retreated out of the area, conceding defeat. Sesami offered to go next. He didn't want her to, for he thought she would die, but in his weakened, tired state, the Majin did not stop her. She spat up a blob of purple biomatter as she entered the perimeter and tossed it to the ground.

The mirror changed into her form. Sesami attacked it first, putting it on the defensive, but soon, the mirror retreated and began bombarding her with ki, forcing Sesami to dodge. That allowed the mirror to close in on her and attack with a flurry of punches. Sesami waited patiently, blocking and parrying the attacks, remaining focused, for even one slip up could result in her defeat. They managed to hit each other a few times, doing moderate damage. Sesami slipped up a few times, allowing the mirror to get good hits in on her, but overall, she burned through less stamina than her foe, as she only had to defend for the most part.

Finally, Sesami hit the mirror with a kiai and retreated to the edge of the proving grounds. There, she returned the glob of biomatter to her body. As it had contained one half of the Heart of the Dragon, she received a massive power and stamina boost from re-ingesting it. Sesami flew over to the mirror and performed a Meatcleaver attack. Her opponent vaporized instantly.

She landed next to the Soul of the Dragon and grasped onto it. Before she could raise it to her mouth, Elhim flew over to her, grabbed her wrist, and demanded she hand over the artifact. She refused. He said that since he was in charge, it was his decision. Sesami rebuked him, slapped his hand away, and ingested the artifact nonetheless. Enraged, he once more demanded that she hand over the artifact. If not, he swore he would kill her. She told him he could try, but he would fail. Sesami could sense that her power level was much higher than his.

Majin Elhim attacked her. She dodged for thirty seconds, and that was all it took for her boss to expend what remained of his stamina. He was defenseless against her punches, her grappling, her energy attacks. Swearing, Elhim released an explosive wave that did moderate damage to the girl. In response, she released a wave of her own, amplified many times over. Elhim was vaporized by the attack, and Sesami's body was ripped to pieces by it.

As chunks of indigo flesh hovered in midair, Walu approached. Sesami began to re-form. Walu picked up the Wings of the Dragon from the ground, but as she did so, Sesami completely re-formed and commanded her to drop it. Walu swore she didn't care about the artifact. She gave it to Sesami. The girl took the artifact and swallowed it. A golden pillar of energy rose up from her, and she felt good.

Then, she commanded Walu to take her hand. Walu was surprised, for she thought they had been stranded in this universe following Elhim's death. Sesami revealed that she had been watching Elhim and thus knew how to do the Dimension Scream. Walu cautioned her that it would hurt to use the technique, but Sesami didn't care.

In the fifth scene, Majins Walu and Sesami returned to their homeworld. There, they were greeted by Elhim's wife. She was holding Majin Hocus, who was dozing. She asked the girls where Elhim was and told them that his son, Majin Buu, had been born. She noted that Elhim would have to train Buu before hibernating. Walu told her that Elhim was dead. Screaming in horror, she dropped Hocus and faced the warriors. Casually, Sesami shot her with an energy beam, and the weakling was reduced to a pile of ash.

Walu was somewhat displeased that Sesami had done that, given that there were now only four of their species left. Sesami was unconcerned. With the boy and the baby, they could repopulate their species in no time. Walu questioned if that would be possible. The risk of them dying in other universes seemed fairly high. She didn't know if going for the artifacts was worth it. Sesami disagreed. She said that their power was everything, and she hoped that Walu would win the next artifact for herself so she would know.

Walu asked her what the plan was. She said that they would check on Majin Buu and then hibernate. When they awoke for their next cycle of destruction, they would go after another artifact. Sesami asked her friend which universe she wanted to go to next. Majin Walu chose Universe 5.

From Magic to Monsters[]

At the start of chapter 1, Amoon told Bibidi that the Majins were not an extinct race. They merely went through long periods of hibernation that made them disappear from history for millions of years. Bibidi's plan to summon them was to use artificially created Majins to rampage through the universe to induce the true Majins into waking up.

At the end of chapter 6, it was revealed that the true Majins had felt Majin Bii's power as he had fought The Faceless Warriors. While his power had not been enough to wake them, they began to stir.

In chapter 9, the true Majins felt Majin Voilar's power as she fought the Faceless Warriors and Priests of Amoon. The three true Majins stirred impatiently as they felt her energy; they were almost ready to wake up.

In chapter 10, the Priests of Amoon used Bibidi's artificial Majin, Majin Nikto, to rampage through the universe to awaken the true Majins. This almost worked, as the true Majins felt Nikto's power. Their blood began to warm and their power levels began to rise. The Priests of Amoon thought they pinpointed the true Majins' location from reading power levels across the galaxy, but they mistakenly fell into I'Khar's trap when they went to a planet they thought the true Majins were on. In truth, the Priests of Amoon were too far away from the true Majins' planet to read their power levels.

In chapter 11, Majin Jaduu's power when he fought on alien worlds and killed the members of Bibidi's race (save for Bibidi and Babidi) was enough to rouse the true Majins. Bibidi was able to get readings on the true Majins' power spikes from Jaduu waking them.

In chapter 13, Bibidi made Majin Presto to wake the true Majins. When Presto used her full power in the Obliteration Nation gladiator matches, Bibidi felt the true Majins' power spikes and was able to locate them. He then brought Majin Presto, Babidi, Majin Manto, and Majin Janto with him to the true Majins' planet. Bibidi saw the three true Majins eyes glowing in their cocoons as he entered their lair. There, Bibidi used a blood sacrifice on Presto to try to wake the true Majins. Presto grew angry at this and self-destructed, destroying the true Majins' lair. Presto's self-destruct attack released enough energy to wake the true Majins however, and their cocoons broke open and they stepped out into the world as this chapter ended.

At the start of chapter 14, it was mentioned that after Majin Presto sacrificed herself, the true Majins were awakened and met with Bibidi. Bibidi tried to take control of them with his dark magic. This failed, however. Bibidi then tried to tell them about his plan to kill the Supreme Kais and take over the universe. Majin Hocus, one of the true Majins, wanted to join Bibidi, for traveling the universe would allow him to kill many aliens. Majin Sesami, another true Majin, didn't want to join Bibidi and become his slave, and this led to a conflict with Hocus.

The two fought, and only when Majin Buu joined in with Hocus was Sesami defeated and forced to flee. Bibidi later used Buu and Hocus to find Sesami, Jaduu, and Baranduu. Buu didn't find any of them, though Hocus found and killed Baranduu. Instead of further pursuing Sesami and Jaduu, Hocus and Buu were ordered by Bibidi to attack the Supreme Kais.

After escaping from Bibidi, Sesami ravaged the universe for some time. She killed trillions of aliens, destroyed thousands of planets, eradicated a feudal galactic empire, and attacked a galactic martial arts tournament. At the tournament, Sesami killed an envoy of lesser Kais and then destroyed all of the martial artists participating in the tournament. She inadvertently helped Bibidi take over the universe by killing so many powerful warriors.

Soon after Bibidi's death at the hands of the Eastern Supreme Kai, Sesami went into hibernation. She chose a remote planet to hibernate in so that no one would find her. Later, Babidi tried to continue his father's goal of conquering the universe and looked for Sesami, but he did not find her, since she was hibernating at the time. It was speculated at the end of this chapter that Sesami and Jaduu might have met one another and formed a bond, though there was no evidence for that.

The Naptime Championships[]

Note: Beerus' dream has many inaccuracies, so this scene did not actually take place. The real scene took place in Universe 5, not 8, in similar circumstances, and with Arak, not Liquiir, accompanying Beerus.

In the third scene of this story, Beerus was dreaming of times of old (though the dream was distorted with some false memories and absurdities). Majins Walu and Sesami appeared and destroyed the mining station belonging to IM Baetta and Pissboy. Pissboy tried to woo the Majins, but Walu killed him, causing him to land on the last chinpou. Infuriated, Beerus killed Walu with Energy of Destruction. Sesami screamed in fear and fled through a portal after using a Vice Shout. The move caused IM Baetta's head to explode. He let her go, as he remembered Whis telling him to not allow the Majins to go extinct.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume III[]

Appetent Justice[]

In the first scene of this story, Majin Sesami awoke from hibernation, noting that she had been woken up too early. She was reminded of when Bibidi had done that to her, Majin Hocus, and Majin Buu man years prior, and she cursed the other Majins for betraying her. Sesami visited a planet and killed all life there.

She reflected on something Majin Walu had told her long ago: Majins were meant to consume, destroy, and slumber. Their hunger was not a personality flaw, it was how they operated. She recalled that Beerus had destroyed Majin Walu long ago due to Walu's obscene destructive tendencies. She had sworn never to rouse the Destroyer's fury, so she never rampaged as much as Walu had.

Tired though she was, Sesami could not sleep until she ate enough to sustain her for another cycle of hibernation. She performed a Vice Shout, ripping a hole in the multiverse, and flew through the portal to Universe 11.

In the second scene, Sesami visited an asteroid bar. There were many pirates and unsavory folk in there playing games, drinking, and brawling. A pair named Corban and Jenko approached her. They offered to buy her a drink and take her on a ride in their ship. She refused to join them. Another pirate, crystalline and short, said, upon hearing Corban's name, that the man was wanted by the Pride Troopers. He was concerned that Corban's presence would jeopardize the rest of them. Jenko brushed him off, saying that half the people in the bar were wanted.

The other guy wouldn't let it go, so Corban kicked him across the room. The creature jumped up and attacked him, latching onto Corban's neck with his teeth. He ripped open a wound, killing the man, then retreated to his floating mount. The pair slowly drifted out of the bar. Corban's companions ran after them, but as they got close, the mount released a pulse of pink energy that vaporized them to ash. Intrigued, Sesami pursued the aliens into space.

In the third scene, Sesami pursued the pirate to a forested world. She blew a hole through the planet's moon as she approached the atmosphere. She sensed a power level near the rainforest around the northern pole, and so went there first. Sesami found a derelict outpost that had been built into the trees. The power level she had sensed was not the pirate, however, but a giant bug. Sensing that the pirate was approaching her location, she hid from view. As she waited, she remembered the Planet Trade Organization soldiers and the strange golden-haired boy who had woken her up. Sesami was tired, due to having been woken before she had been ready.

The pirate arrived and confronted the bug. The two talked for a while. The crystalline pirate brought out a black bag that was dripping sparks. Seeing that the two were exchanging money for drugs and not going to fight, she flew over to them and vaporized them both. Sesami realized that the crystalline pirate had been a robot, and she hated him for not giving her any sustenance. The pirate's mount fled into the air, but she hit it with a ball of orange ki, and it exploded.

Suddenly, another being appeared. For a second, she thought it was the Destroyer, but then realized it was not. The warrior was the strongest she had sensed in many years. He folded his arms and frowned at her.

In the fourth scene, the man revealed himself to be Dyspo of the Pride Troopers. He had been hunting the crystalline pirate and had planned on arresting him. Dyspo was outraged that she had killed him. Sesami did not care. Dyspo continued to whine, so she attacked him. The Majin was surprised that he could match her speed.

A fast-paced battle ensued. Dyspo and Sesami landed numerous hits, though neither one was able to dominate the other. Finally, Sesami's body melted into goop which threw itself over the Pride Trooper. She began to absorb him. Just then, Toppo appeared, hitting Sesami with a Justice Flash, saving Dyspo just in time. He thanked Toppo and remarked that Sesami was incredibly dangerous.

Enraged, the Majin threw herself at Toppo. He kept up with her just as easily, and the hits he landed left lingering pain. Sesami thought that he was the strongest opponent she had ever faced. He was even stronger than Majin Forash. As she dodged his energy attacks, Sesami realized that she would need to flee or die. Toppo asked her who she was and why she had come to the planet. She told him that she had not come to fight Dyspo or himself, but the pirate. Toppo was mad that he had not been able to enact justice upon that pirate. He angrily assumed a justice pose. Sesami retorted that the pirate had been her prey, and since she had been faster, she had gotten to him first.

Toppo commanded Dyspo to once more attack Sesami, as he deemed the purple speedster powerful enough to beat her. Once more, the two fought, and once more, it was an even bout. Dyspo had an advantage with his speed, but Sesami was able to pressure him with a sharper fighting form. Eventually, the two took to the skies, trading blows and energy attacks. The Majin remarked that Dyspo was the strongest foe she had fought in five million years. He was shocked to learn she was so old. She said that she had existed since the first cycle, when the Life-Eater had walked amongst the Majins (though this was a boastful lie).

She asked Dyspo how he had gotten so strong so quickly, and he replied that discipline was his strong suit. He asked her to give up, since she had no chance of beating them. Sesami scoffed, calling him dumb and ugly. That pissed Dyspo off. Toppo asked her to give up as well, but she continued to insult them.

The fight resumed. Sesami was growing weary, and as she slowed down, Dyspo only seemed to get faster. He battered her around the outpost, but every time he blasted a hole in her, she regenerated at once. She used an Explosive Stinger attack on him to regain the advantage. Damaged severely, Dyspo was put on the defensive as she rushed him with a Burning Claws attack. As he dodged the ki daggers, she released another explosive wave, which completely enveloped the Pride Trooper.

As the two fought deeper inside the outpost, Sesami noticed in plump tanks full of yellow bubbling liquid, twenty or thirty massive beasts lay dormant, each hooked up to breathing cables that ran over their snouts. They were all of them grotesquely tall–twelve to fifteen feet roughly–with six hands, webbed tails, and round, flattened faces. Their ears were pulled back, and three or four of them had opened their eyes to watch.

Dyspo transformed into his Super Maximum Light Speed Mode and attacked her. Sesami could not so much as see where the attacks were coming from. He battered severely, and she knew the battle was lost. Toppo ordered Dyspo to take the weary Majin into custody, but Dyspo thought she was too dangerous.

In delirium, Sesami's memories returned to her. She remembered Amoon ordering the Majins to rampage and rest. When one had mocked him, Amoon had vaporized the bastard. She remembered her fight with Majin Forash. Forash had just woken from a cycle of slumber and had been appalled at the state of her species, which had been warring itself to death. Sesami had been offended by Forash, stating that each Majin was only responsible for their own actions. It had resulted in a fight between them, which Sesami had won.

She remembered that the very next cycle, she had joined Majin Elhim's team, which had led to her learning the Vice Shout technique. She recalled that of that team, only her, Walu, and Majin Hocus had survived (Buu had been born to Elhim's mate shortly after the disbanding of the team). And then Walu had died shortly after, and Bibidi had taken Hocus and Buu. Her memories were bitter, and she knew she could not trust any of her kind. Luckily, they were all dead.

With that, Sesami performed another Vice Shout. The attack cracked the tanks of all the beasts, and they spilled out to attack Dyspo and Toppo. The Pride Troopers were momentarily distracted as Sesami flung herself into the rip in space-time.

In the fifth scene, Sesami returned to Universe 7. The planet before her, Ctaedi, was under attack by space pirates. She watched some of the fight, but when a few ships attacked her, she sped down to the planet. She found an abandoned Nil field on the ocean floor and made that her sleeping spot. As she drifted off, her thoughts turned to Majin Forash, her fury, and its cost. She swore to herself that when she woke, she would hunt down the Pride Troopers.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


  • Sesami's name is pun on the magical phrase "open sesame".
  • Sesami's favorite candy is salt water taffy, so that is usually what she transforms helpless mortals into with her Transfiguration Beam.
  • Sesami is the first being in the history of the multiverse to possess three of Zalama's Artifacts.

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