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Majin Buu is a character featured in Dragonball KC. He is a super mega fusion of most of the villains of Dragon Ball and he's a pretty serious villain too. Majin Buu is featured in three chapters of the story.


Dragonball KCEdit

In Dragonball KC, as the plot was happening, Majin Buu (Gohan Absorbed) suddenly appeared. He quickly fused with Broly, then with all of the other villains in hell except for Raditz (because Raditz is extremely powerful). His fusion was fearsome, causing Goku and the others to run away in extreme cowardice. When he was Buu Broly, he was stronger than everyone save for the mighty Gogeta. Gokiu, a new fearsome character, is able to beat up Buu Broly, but he still "looses" (allegedly).

Mr. Satan was so scared of Buu Broly that he joined the demon's side. They swapped senzu beans and bodily fluids. Goku couldn't take it. He stood up and gave a speech about how Buu Broly was a terrible one. This cheered up the Z Fighters. Then Goku charged Buu, punched him one time, and killed that piss-poor Buu pretender. It was incredible, and no one knew how Goku was able to pull off such a feat. He didn't tell them, lest he give away the plot.

Later in the story, Master Roshi wanted to see all of the villains break loose from hell for some unknown and ungodly reason. Perhaps he was delirious from not getting any sweet, sweet puntang. Miraculously, the others agreed, and Baba let all the villains free. Kid Buu, Super Buu, and Majin Buu all escaped from hell. This was quite extraordinary, since Super Buu and Kid Buu were the same individual. It is unknown how they separated. Additionally, Fat Buu turned good at the end of Dragon Ball Z, so he should not have been in hell. Maybe he raped some ice cream cones to get locked up there, but who knows.


  • This version of Majin Buu is the most amazing thing ever created.
  • Buu Broly was a fusion in this story. He was rad as he was powerful.
  • In this story, Majin Buu was able to make Goku very 'furis'.
  • Buu decided to absorb King Piccolo, but not Raditz, because Raditz was too weak. This is extraordinary, since Raditz is around 10x stronger than King Piccolo.
  • Majin Buu is so intelligent that he is fearsome in this story.
  • Dragonball KC's Majin Buu is strong.
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