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Majin-Vampires are a subspecies of the Majin species of creatures. They're made when a Vampire bites a Majin or when a Majin eats or absorbs a Vampire.

The first Majin-Vampire was created in Universe 6, when their Majin Buu absorbed an unknown Vampire. Their height usually runs anywhere from four feet (4ft) to eight feet (8ft) tall, most of them can manipulate ki naturally and feed off of the Ki from their defeated enemies or opponents.

They appear just like a normal Majin but purple skin, and white hair instead of their head their tentical is formed as a tail over an antenna. Most Majin-Vampires have black Ki, and can go only go out at night. However, they can withstand sunlight for up to three hours before it begins to do damage to them, they do drain blood from victims, but only victims who have been defeated and made blood slaves by the Majin-Vampire, this is a species exclusive to Universe 6, Universe 1, and Universe 8 though.

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