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Fragments is a term used to describe events that take place in different universes within DBZ Chronicles. Several of the Fragments include certain what-ifs while others detail other events in these universes. Seiliez and his friends are the main protagonists in several of them. They are mainly differentiated by numbers. Fragment chapters are much shorter, tending to be at least 12 chapters but no more than 20 or so chapters. Several of them also lead to what are considered "good" or "bad" endings. Most of these Fragments are written by Kenta Yamato, one of the creator's close friends.

Fragment 1- Conspiracy

Seiliez's dormant powers awaken as he engages in battle with the assassins, leaving him victorious and saving both lives of Althea and himself. However as time passes he realizes that the assassins were sent by people he was already familiar with...

Fragment 2- Second Life

Following the Annadite Incident, Seiliez and his friends are taken by Valtor to the future in another world, landing them on planet Earth in the year 764 AD. The children are able to adapt to the planet and disguise themselves to pass off as regular humans. They eventually befriend Gohan and later the Z fighters.

Fragment 3- Trapped

This arc features the Z fighters trapped in the Altered World on Earth and making them think that the actual Earth had been destroyed and left in ruins. As they explore the twisted reflection of their planet they keep spotting the ghostly apparition of a young teen covered in blood who keeps attacking the group and fleeing, leading the protagonists to believe that he was the one responsible.

Fragment 4- Different Outcome

This is the story of the Rebels in another world where they were never transported to Earth during the demon invasion on Planet Atlintias. This also reveals the past of Mirai Raven and why she's blind.

Fragment 5

Fragment 6- Siblings

This arc takes place in a different universe where Seiliez had two older brothers named Samos and Saigon.

Fragment 7- Confession

Seiliez/Thanatos reveals his identity to Valtor and his friends shortly after the gods and the Loyalists were trapped in the Altered World.

Fragment 8

Fragment 9

Fragment 10