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Mage Transformation (Būtsu Taimu; But's Grimoire) is a transformation that only Human can achieve after reading But's Grimoire.



In Yamcha's case; His hair grows as long to his waist resembling a Super Saiyan 3, and gains some extra muscles. Gains the ability to use magic, and is extremely powerful. He also gains a dark purple cape, a dark purple sash, and his equipped with a new Azure Dragon Sword.


In a similar fashion to the pre-revamp story - the user's appearance alters along with their clothes and even gain a melee weapon. However, unlike the pre-revamp story; the user gains dark purple irides, a purple aura, and their hair grows. Their muscle mass also increases in a similar fashion to the muscle mass gain from Super Saiyan 3. Any form they were including a "Masked" form will "peel" away.


In this form; the uses is capable of preform feats that they normally couldn't do under normal circumstances. Such as; match Super Shun Haru in battle, and produce powerful version of their attacks. The user's basic power increases by a multiplier of x120, and by further training they can increase the multiplier if higher.

Improvements and Advanced Levels[]

The Mage Transformation can be improved by vigorous training, and meditation. By improving Mage Transformation they are able to unlock an advanced referred to as the Supernatural State.


  • Form was once referred to as Meniu (メニウ) by Whis, and is reference to Nimue - an Arthurian Legend figure.