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Madoras, formerly known as The Creature is the restored 100% form of the latter. Madoras was tranformed into the being known as the creature after having the true extent of his powers sealed away by the Garudian Council, and was cursed with an inferior body and power.


Madoras appears as an exceedingly tall man standing on par with the likes of broly while the latter is in his legendary transformation. His long, flowing and open clothing hides the true extent of his tremendous musculature. Madoras bares semblance to a knight to some extent, wearing royal clothing and sporting a sword and knightly mask which hides his facial appearance and expression. This is the true appearance of Madoras, which he refers to as "The old me" before he was cursed by the Garudian council for his crimes.


Madoras as a nightmarishly psychotic person hellbent on ruling the universe whether it means taking it over or having to destroy it. He is a frighteningly calm and melancholic person, incapable of displaying the slightest emotion no matter how intense the situation is before him. He is noted to be strangely eloquent in his words, movements, and personality, displaying a strange elegance in his mannerisms which chill the blood of his foes and enemies.

Powers & Abilities[]

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"I shall rule the entire universe with an iron fist... or grind its ashes beneath my heel"