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The Macrosuit is a highly advanced set of armor used by members of Earth's Special Forces. Users of the armor are known as Macros, both in private to themselves, and as a derogative by the press. Following the Zanzibar incident, only 2 Macros remain.


The suit appears to be made of black pentagons, loosely linked together with blue energy connectors. There is a silver line around each pentagon. The head appears almost squarish, with a purple visor visible. There are also pure silver soldier pads and kneecaps, as well as a silver respirator attached to the mouth area.


The pentagons are incredibly intuitive, pulling tightly together when under fire or when about to take high impact damage of any kind. They pull apart even looser when commanded to, either for gliding down, or to mask noise for stealth purposes. The suit also has a "stealth" function, were all noise is muffled and the pentagons become semitransparent, hiding the user. The suit establishes a neural link with any weapon the user is holding, allowing weapon information to be beamed right into the HUD. The HUD also shows current health and energy reserves.