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Date Of Birth:
Date of Death:
N/A (immortal)
  • Dragon Ball Yamcha the magnificent desert bandit
  • Family:
  • Bulma (wife)
  • Boxer (son)
  • ??? (mother)
  • ??? (father)
  • Puar (partner in crime)
  • Evil Turles (mentor)
  • Appears in:
  • Dragon Ball Yamcha the magnificent desert bandit
  • Dragon Ball Z Power rangers mystic menace
  • Dragon Ball BH game 3
  • "D*mmit! How I can beat this brat?"
    — Yamcha after his first fight with Goku

    "Who said that?"
    — Yamcha hearing a voice

    "Who are you bast*rd?!"
    — Yamcha upon seeing Evil Turles

    "Hahaha kiss my *ss brat!"
    — Yamcha after beating Goku

    "Oh, does the princeSS of the saiyans had enough?"
    — Yamcha to prince Vegeta after beating him

    "Yeah, laugh at yourself fool! You got owned!"
    — Cocky Yamcha

    "What is this?"
    — Yamcha upon seeing super saiyan for the first time

    Lord Yamcha is Yamcha the desert bandit that manages to kill Goku in their second round using the "training" with Evil Turles

    The story[edit | edit source]

    After his first battle with Goku, Yamcha was pissed but he later met a mysterious man looking like Goku! He told him that his brother wants him to be evil and promised to help him, Yamcha agreed and Evil Turles said to Yamcha to attack him, he won't attack, after the "battle", Yamcha was powerful with a power level of 750.000. Later the next day he challenged Goku to a duel and he brutally killed him, reducing him to bones, he later kissed Bulma and married her. Years later a strange alien comes looking for "Kakarot", Yamcha easily owned him but spared his life, he tells him of Freeza and with his power he can take him on, a year later Vegeta and Nappa came, Vegeta also loved Bulma, but Yamcha was stronger. Finally Freeza came and Yamcha easily owned him while in his 1st form. He later was granted eternal youth by Prince Bartek. The screams of his victims are heard in the desert

    As power ranger[edit | edit source]

    Lord Yamcha first appeared as a mysterious green ranger using his move, Wolf fang fist on Mystic Gohan. It wasn't until Future Gohan and Princess Pan started to suspect that this warrior was Yamcha! Until he takes off his helmet, it was confirmed it was Yamcha. He traveled from alternative universe to stop Gohan's menace

    In BH game 3[edit | edit source]

    Yamcha fights Prince Vegeta, pissed at him because he molested Bulma and made him his prison b****, he easily owned base Vegeta mocking him, but lost to Super Saiyan Vegeta

    DBZ Power Rangers mystic menace
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