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Giant Slug (Budokai Tenkaichi 3)
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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Namek
Species: Namek
Gender: Male
Date of Death: November, 762 A.D
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

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Lord Slug was a powerful Super Namek who was banished from Planet Namek thanks to the DragonBalls. He later arrived on Earth where he was killed by Goku and continued to train in hell.


Early Life[]

Slug, his father Silan and many other Super Nameks were banished from their planets thanks to the Namekian Dragon Porunga. After that Slug arrived on an unamed planet which he took over and named Planet Slug. He gathered the most powerful and skilled beings on the planet: Angira, Medamatcha, Zeeun, Doradobo, Gyoshu and Kakuja. He then took over many planets but stayed out of Frieza's territory knowing he would be killed instantly.

Arrival on Earth[]

Slug then arrived on Earth when his spaceship ran out of fuel. After learning that there were Dragonballs on the planet he gathered them and wished for eternal youth. He then battled against Goku and overpowered the Saiyan until Goku transformed into a False Super Saiyan. However, the transformation weared off after Slug transformed into a Super Namek. Goku then gathered energy for the Spirit Bomb and was easily able to destroy Slug. His father Silan then attempted to get revenge later on but met the same fate as his son

Training in Hell[]

After being defeated by Goku, Slug trained in Hell with the saiyan Turles for many years. They then managed to escape when Janemba's son Jamnenka opened a gateway between both worlds. They tried to gather the DragonBalls but were still defeated.