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Dragonball Xz: Episode 75 by The dark TRUNKS

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This article, Lord Chill Saga, is the property of dark TRUNKS.

The Lord Chill Saga is the second Saga of the 4th Dragonball series, Dragonball Xz. It takes place immediately after the Red Star Dragonballs mini Saga, it focuses on the main villan, Lord Chill, hence the name of the Saga. It also focuses on his right-hand man, Polaris, and his 3 Lord Chill's Elites. It is followed by Dragonball Xz: A Super Assault Across Time.

This ark has 4 other Villans, Arctic, the assassin emperror of the Yardrat Sector. Zero, one of two em,perors of the Metamor Sector. Iceberg, the other emperor of the Metamor Sector and Iced, the ancient ancestor of Frieza and ruler of the Sadala Sector, the Saiyan race's old home.

Each of them are controlled by dark TRUNKS and were ressurected to be enslaved by him.



Episode List[]

The Lord Chill Saga is ??? episodes long, going from episode 47 through ???. It contains 3 Arcs; the Galactic Emperor Arc, Changeling Universal Army Arc, & Lord Chill Arc:

Galactic Emperor Arc[]

The Galactic Emperor Arc is the 1st Arc in the Lord Chill Saga. It's 41 episodes long, going from episode 47 through 88:

Ep# Title Card Episode Name
047 Xz Episode 047.png Goku Awoken, A Familiar Face Appears?

048 Xz Episode 048.png Frieza's Original Ancestor, Iced the Emperor of Sadala

049 Xz Episode 049.png Iced VS Super Saiyan Vegeta & Goku, Still in First Form

050 Xz Episode 050.png Three More Frieza's Join Iced, Not Even the Elite?!

051 Xz Episode 051.png Four Saiyans VS Four...Changelings?

052 Xz Episode 052.png Too Tired to Super Saiyan 4, the Leader Arrives

053 Xz Episode 053.png God-Emperor of the Universe, Changeling Overlord 'Lord Chill'

054 Xz Episode 054.png Lord Chill Empire's Universal Army, En Route: Earth

055 Xz Episode 055.png The Four Galactic Emperor's of Lord Chill

056 Xz Episode 056.png Two Brothers Together - Goten & Gohan VS Two Galactic Emperors

057 Xz Episode 057.png Twin Emperors of the Metamor Sector - Zero & Iceberg

058 Xz Episode 058.png Goku VS a Teleporting Emperor?

059 Xz Episode 059.png Isolated Emperor of the Yardrat Sector - Arctic

060 Xz Episode 060.png Prince of All Saiyans, Vegeta VS the Ancestor of His Nemesis

061 Xz Episode 061.png Birthright Emperor of the Sadala Sector - Iced

062 Xz Episode 062.png Spy Infiltrating Earth - Trunks on Patrol

063 Xz Episode 063.png Enemy Changeling Found - Lord Chill's Elite, Frozen

064 Xz Episode 064.png Frozen Transforms, Titanic Frozen Assault

065 Xz Episode 065.png Trunks Counters, Super Light Saiyan Grade 3

066 Xz Episode 066.png Further Transformations of the Changeling Elite, Terrifying Frozen Monstrosity

067 Xz Episode 067.png Super Light Saiyan 2 Trunks? Something Seems Off

068 Xz Episode 068.png Unaware Frozen Pushes to Final Form, Trained Assassin Goes For the Kill

069 Xz Episode 069.png Trunks Reveals His Counterattack...Base Form Trunks?!

070 Xz Episode 070.png Final Form Frozen Escapes, Earth's Intel Secured

071 Xz Episode 071.png Protocol-4 Confirmed: Code 'WHITE' - Galactic Emperors Transform

072 Xz Episode 072.png Energy Recovered, Super Saiyans 2 Come Forth

073 Xz Episode 073.png Vegeta Loses Control - Iced Forced to Go 100% Full Power

074 Xz Episode 074.png Twin Emperors Pushed to Their Limits - Beyond Fourth Form

075 Xz Episode 075.png Super Saimekian 2 Trunks VS Fifth Form Frost - No More Holding Back

076 Xz Episode 076.png First Elite Defeated - Hope That the Changeling Universal Empire Can Be Stopped?

077 Xz Episode 077.png Desperation Move - Double Super Saiyan 4s Without Energy

078 Xz Episode 078.png Legacy of the Iced Clan - Pride in His Children in His Last Moments

079 Xz Episode 079.png Arctic's Disgust - Reveling in Golden Perfection

080 Xz Episode 080.png Losing Gold to Fight Gold - Super Saiyan 5 Goku

081 Xz Episode 081.png Super Saiyan 5 Brothers Pushing Beyond Twin Emperors

082 Xz Episode 082.png Form 5 Golden Zero?! Is Iceberg About to Too?

083 Xz Episode 083.png Golden Arctic's Secret Revealed - Yardrat's Instant Transmission

084 Xz Episode 084.png An Earthling With Yardrat Secrets?! Golden Arctic Dethroned

085 Xz Episode 085.png Final Forces: Iceberg & Golden Zero - Metamor's Hidden Arts

086 Xz Episode 086.png The Fused Emperor of the Metamor Sector - Fifth Form Golden Zeroberg

087 Xz Episode 087.png Super Saiyan 5 Gohanten VS Golden Zeroberg

088 Xz Episode 088.png Lord Chill Arrives

Changeling Universal Army Arc[]

The Changeling Universal Army Arc is the 2nd Arc in the Lord Chill Saga. It's 14 episodes long, going from episode 89 through 103:

Lord Chill Arc[]

The Lord Chill Arc is the 3rd Arc in the Lord Chill Saga. It's ??? episodes long, going from episode 104 through ...:

Ep# Title Card Episode Name
104 Xz Episode 104.png The Unknown Polaris - Right Hand of the God-Emperor

105 Xz Episode 105.png The God-Emperor

106 Xz Episode 106.png Transformations Locked!?! Divine Blade of the God-Emperor Attacks!!

107 Xz Episode 107.png Gogeta VS Polaris

108 Xz Episode 108.png Regression Undone - 2nd Regression

109 Xz Episode 109.png Super Saiyans Unleashed!!!

110 Xz Episode 110.png The Heavy Death Slasher Evolves Yet Again!!!

111 Xz Episode 111.png Primal Fury Unleashed!! Polaris VS Super Saiyan 4

112 Xz Episode 112.png Righteous Fury of the Heavens - The God-Emperor Finally Fights

113 Xz Episode 113.png Avatar Shed - God-Emperor's Divine Fury

114 Xz Episode 114.png The God-Emperor's Wrath! Divine Judgement of the Heavens

115 Xz Episode 115.png Polaris's True Form - But Is It Too Late?

116 Xz Episode 116.png Restrained No Longer! The Ultimate Saiyan Warrior VS The Ultimate Changeling Warrior!!

117 Xz Episode 117.png The God-Emperor Bleeds!! Lord Chill's Eldritch Wrath Embodied!

118 Xz Episode 118.png Monsterous Size VS Monsterous Power!! Clash of the Titans!!

119 Xz Episode 119.png Earth and Vegeta - Two Planets' Saiyans Together As One

120 Xz Episode 120.png The Divine Blades of the God-Emperor

121 Xz Episode 121.png Forced Progression - Destructive Power Enhanced Beyond End

122 Xz Episode 122.png Super Saiyan 5 Kaioken

123 Xz Episode 123.png The Supreme Namekian Unleashed

124 Xz Episode 124.png The God-Emperor's True Form! The Most Fiercesome Foe is HFIL Incarnate!!!

to be continued


Characters introduced will be in intalics. Characters entirely new to the series will be bolded.

Good Guys[]

Bad Guys[]

Minor Characters[]

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