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Little Sister[]

Mini Prolouge[]

"Little sister!!" Raditz called angrily, "Where are you?!" "Right here..." Tadashi said, coming out of the kitchen. "Bout time." he growled. "What do you mean...?" she asked. Raditz grabbed her by her long, blond hair. "Me n' Turles have been waiting on you for 10 minutes!!" he snarled. "Sowwy..." she sighed, "I didn't know..." "We were calling for you the whole time!!" he protested. "Mom 'n Dad was telling me somethin...'sides, he needs to talk to you now." "Huh...?" Raditz asked. Bardock came out of the kitchen and motioned for him. "Come on." Bardock said patiently. "Go tell Turles I'll be there in a minute. He's outside." Raditz said to Tadashi. "Right!" she nodded and ran out.

"====To Be Continued in Chapter 1====

Chapter 1[]

"WHAT?!" Raditz exclaimed, "Mom's--"
"Yes. She is." Bardock said.
"So we're going to have another sibling?!" Raditz asked.
Bardock nodded.
"Wow...that's...a big shock!"
"Tell me about it, kid..." Bardock sighed.

Meanwhile, outside...

"Big Brother's gonna be a minute." Tadashi said to Turles.
"Why?" Turles asked.
"He'll tell ya later." she explained.

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