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These are all of the power levels for all of the characters in Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Tharos as they progress throughout the story. But before I list them, here are some notes to remember. Also, I will fill out the power levels as they are observed in the story


  • Power Levels listed are not always the character in their fully powered form, if it is, it will be noted in the description
  • It is assumed that the Oozaru transformation multiplies a Saiyan's power level by 10x. Super Saiyan is 50x, Ascended Super Saiyan is 65x, Ultra Super Saiyan is 85x, Super Saiyan 2 is 100x, and Super Saiyan 3 is 400x whatever the user's base strength is.
  • A Saiyan's power level has a 33% increase per Zenkai they overcome. Critical injuries may result in a slightly higher power raise while minor injuries may not result in full Zenkais.
  • The Average Saiyan has a power level of 2300. Warriors may have higher powers while others will have lower powers.

Power Level ChartEdit

Saga Character Description of Event Power Level
Daikon Saga
Dictator KyalioStated by Basil after the alien was scanned by Basil's scouter478
BasilStart of Daikon Saga8736
Basil's EliteStart of the Prince Daikon Saga; Each has Power Level lower than Basil's5000-7000 each
Prince DaikonStart of Daikon Saga; Stated by King Onio; Estimate732
TharosStart of Daikon Saga; Stated by Basil; Estimate615
King OnioStart of Daikon Saga; Stated by himself; Said to be his max11000
Basil"A Royal Promise"9759
Tharos"A Royal Promise"; Age 4; Full Power; Mission on Planet Azakio w/ Basil's Elite1450


Basil"A Royal Promise"; Great Ape; Mission on Planet Azakio97590


Bochok"A Royal Promise"; Base/ Great Ape; Mission on Planet Azakio7235/72350


Parsna"A Royal Promise"; Base/ Great Ape; Mission on Planet Azakio6752/67520


Lutus"A Royal Promise"; Base/ Great Ape; Mission on Planet Azakio6067/60670



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