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This article, List of Power Levels in the Matrixverse, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball Timeline.

A list of power levels in Matrixpretty's DB Fanon Universe.

Saga's/Fanons Characters Event Description Powerlevel
Dragon Ball: Saiyan Reunion Goku Fighting Raditz 3,600
Raditz Fighting Goku 3,650
Bardock Fighting Raditz and Goku 4,000
Goku Firing a ki blast at Raditz 457
Raditz Deflecting Goku's blast 500
Gohan Firing a ki blast at Raditz 250
Raditz Deflecting Gohan's blast 500
Piccolo Training 5,000
Gohan Training 1,600
Bardock Training 6,500
Goku Training 5,000
Raditz Training 5,000
Vegeta In the spacepod 5,500
Nappa In the spacepod 5,200
Dodoria In the village 4,800
Zarbon In the village 4,750
Frieza In the village 452,000
Bardock Fighting Dodoria 6,160
Dodoria Fighting Bardock 5,000
Gohan Fighting Zarbon 7,000
Zarbon Fighting Gohan 4,800
Goku Vegeta's scouter observes his power level 9,600
Piccolo Vegeta observes his power 8,000
Raditz Vegeta observes his power 8,500
Zarbon Post-Transformation 6,800
Vegeta Killing Zarbon 7,000
Frieza Facing Nail 40,00
Nail Facing Frieza 6,925
Gohan Hidden Potential 12,000
Piccolo Fighting Guldo 18,000
Guldo Fighting Piccolo 11,780
Raditz Fighting Burter 70,000
Burter Fighting Raditz 68,000
Nappa Fighting Recome 71,000
Reecome Fighting Nappa 71,010
Vegeta Fighting Jeice 72,000
Jeice Fighting Vegeta 64,500
Goku Fighting Ginyu 130,000
Ginyu Fighting Goku 125,000
Ginyu Damaging his body 30,000
Ginyu Changing bodies with Goku 130,000
Goku In Ginyu's body 30,000
Piccolo Fusing with Nail 140,000
Raditz Fighting Ginyu 140,500
Piccolo Fighting Ginyu 144,000
Nappa Fighting Ginyu 147,000
Gohan Fighting Ginyu 125,000
Ginyu Fighting the Saiyans 40,000 and dropping
Vegeta Fighting Frieza 250,000
Nappa Fighting Frieza 200,000
Frieza Fighting Nappa and Vegeta 500,000
Frieza Second Transformation 1,000,000
Gohan Fighting Frieza 200,000
Gohan Beating Vegeta up 201,000
Vegeta Getting beat up 1,000
Vegeta Healed by Dende 440,000
Raditz and Piccolo Fighting Frieza 300,000 each
Frieza Third Form 1,550,000
Bardock Raditz, noticing his father's power 500,000
Gohan Fighting Frieza 1,250,000
Goku After being healed (Resting) 1,000,000
Frieza Final Form 60,000,000
Goku Super Saiyan and charging Spirit Bomb 150,000,000
Raditz Super Saiyan 145,000,000
Vegeta Super Saiyan 125,030,000
Bardock Super Saiyan 157,505,000
Nappa Super Saiyan 120,031,500
Dragon Ball United Saiyans Goku Fighting Trunks as a Super Saiyan 50,000,000
Trunks Fighting Goku as a Super Saiyan 50,000,000
Goku and Raditz Fighting Bardock and Gohan

159,000,000 each

Gohan and Bardock Fighting Raditz and Goku

140,000,000(Bardock) and 9,999,000 (Gohan)

Nappa Traning with Vegeta 150,000,000
Vegeta Training with Nappa 149,600,000
Turles Firing a large energy blast 20,000,000
Bardock Fighting Turles as a Super Saiyan 159,750,000
Nappa Power dropping 600,000
Trunks Trying to destroy Android 16 149,000,000
Android 17 Defeating Bardock 178,000,000
Bardock Power level dropping 1,000
Android 18 Defeating Nappa, Vegeta and Raditz 178,000,000
Piccolo Fusing with Kami 178,800,000
Cell Fighting Piccolo 190,000,000
Turles Fighting 17 180,000,000
Android 17 Fighting Turles 179,000,000
Cell Absorbing Android 17 369,000,000
Android 16 Fighting Cell 368,000,000
Turles Fighting Cell 210,000,000
Vegeta Super Vegeta 400,000,000
Cell Perfect Form 547,000,000
Gohan Super Saiyan 499,950,000
Goku Super Goku 450,000,000
Goku Ultra Goku 550,000,000
Vegeta Power level dropping 1,000,000
Trunks Ultra Trunks 549,000,000
Hercule Failing to fight Cell 8
Goku Fighting Cell as a Super Saiyan 570,000,000
Cell Fighting Goku 571,500,000
Gohan Showing Cell his power 580,000,000
Cell Jr. Beating up the Saiyans 600,000,000 each
Gohan Super Saiyan 2 749,925,000
Cell Reverting to Semi Perfect Form after Android 18 is spat out 393,500,000
Cell Surviving his own attack and fighting Gohan 775,000,000
Gohan Super Kamehameha 641,000,000
Cell After surviving the attack 134,000,000
Gohan Reverting back to normal form after powerful attack 500,000
Raditz Killing Cell as a Super Saiyan 540,000,000
Trunks Against 17, 18 and Cell 300,000,000
Dragon Ball United Saiyans 2 Gohan As a Super Saiyan and dropping his power down 409,000
Goten Super Saiyan 200,000,000
Raditz Losing to Salza 23,800,000
Salza Beating Raditz 25,000,000
Gohan Losing to Doore 20,000,000
Doore Beating Gohan 25,000,000
Nappa Beating Doore and Neiz 25,700,000
Nedatch Fighting Gunnar 7,000,000
Gunnar Fighting Nedatch 6,100,000
Goten Fighting Junior as a Super Saiyan 20,000,000
Junior Fighting Goten 15,000,000
Keaith Fighting Beige 10,000,000
Beige Fighting Keaith 7,000,000
Trunks Fighting Spice as a Super Saiyan 20,500,000
Spice Fighting Trunks 12,000,000
Vegeta Fighting Cooler 16,000,000
Goku Fighting Cooler 16,400,000
Cooler Fighting Goku and Vegeta 28,000,000
Cooler Final Transformation 600,000,000
Goku Super Saiyan 2 1,200,000,000
Goten Super Saiyan 25,000,000
Cooler After being damaged by Goku 24,900,000
Dragon Ball United Saiyans 3 Trunks Fighting the Soldiers 7,418,000