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Saga Character Description of Event Power Level
Tien: Origins
The Guardian of Forever Energy level Undefined
Kordar Fighting Yamcha (full power) 100,000
Yamcha Fighting Kordar 250,000
Bekk Soldiers Power Levels 10,000-30,000
Saiyan Soldiers Power Levels 10,000-30,000
Nuzeel Full Power Level 60,000
Qaph Power Level 55,000
Chaozu Fighting Saiyans (full power) 60,000
Jimac Full Power 60,000
Jimac Great Ape 600,000
Yamcha Attacking Jimac (full power) 350,000
Tien Attacking Jimac 1,000,000
Beeter Great Ape 1,000,000
Beeter Base 100,000
Beeter Super Saiyan 5,000,000
Tien Attacking Beeter (full power) 4,000,000
Yamcha Crippled 8
Tien As a baby 7
A Front
Krillin Uncharged Power Level 6,000
Android 18 Normal power level Unreadable
Furrybot Average Police FurryBot 400
Krillin First fight with Furrybot 12,000
FurryBot Fighting FurryBot 8,000
David Normal, human David 4
Yamcha Calm, uncharged 15,000
FurryBot Warrior Furrybot, desert 12,000
Krillin Enraged 350,000
Piccolo First Appearance 50,000,000
Krillin Fighting David 10,000
David Android form 375,000
Krillin Crippled, close to death 0.5
Krillin Dead 0