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This page, List of Power Levels (The Forgotten), is property of KidVegeta.

Below is a list of power levels of all notable characters in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten.


  • Power levels listed are not always that character in fully powered form. The only times where that is the case, it will be noted in the description.
  • It is assumed here that, based on canon understanding of power levels, the Super Saiyan transformation multiplies a Saiyan's power level by 50x. Super Saiyan 2 is 100x and Super Saiyan 3 is 400x whatever the Saiyan's base strength is.
  • Saiyan Zenkai is a very inconsistent thing in the manga/anime. However, based on the consistency of it at least up to the Namek Sagas, the percentage that will be used in my story is 33% increase per Zenkai. Rarely, a more critical injury will have a slightly higher Zenkai, and minor injuries will not result in full Zenkais.
  • The average human has a power level of 5. That will be observed and respected in this story.
  • Power levels above 150,000,000 are not recorded. For power measurements above the 150,000,000 threshold, the Universal Tier List is used.
Saga Character Description of Event Power Level
Prince Vegeta Saga
Frieza Start Of Prince Vegeta Saga 530,000 (1st form)
King Vegeta Start Of Prince Vegeta Saga 12,000
Layeeck Start Of Prince Vegeta Saga 3400
Nappa Start Of Prince Vegeta Saga 3700
Ledas At Birth 417
Prince Vegeta At Birth 515
Ledas LIF; Unknown Powered Up State 1400
Layeeck's Team LIF; On The Mission; Average Power Level 2100
Ledas JS; Attacking Layeeck; Tail Removed 700
Layeeck JS; Defending Against Ledas 2800
Ledas JS; Fighting Saibamen 1700
Saibamen JS; Vs Ledas; Average Power Level 1200
Prince Vegeta JS; First Fight With Ledas 2000
Ledas JS; First Fight With Vegeta; Injured From Saibamen 1200
Saibamen JS; Vs Ledas And Vegeta; Average Power Level 1200
Prince Vegeta EV; Chapter 2100
Ledas EV; Chapter 1850
Prince Vegeta ALPNHA; Chapter Start; After Month-long Training 4900
Ledas ALPNHA; Chapter Start; After Month-long Training 4650
Six Saiyan Boys ALPNHA; Fighting Ledas 300/300/270/300/210/240
Prince Vegeta ALPNHA; Chapter Conclusion; Powered Up Fight 5200
Ledas ALPNHA; Chapter Conclusion; Powered Up Fight 5000
Layeeck ARYF; Fighting Ledas 3500
Ledas ARYF; Not Fighting 1500
Ledas ARYF; After Zenkai; Full Power 6250
Prince Vegeta ARYF; Full Power 5200
Five Alien Attackers ARYF; Fighting Ledas And Vegeta; Average Power Level 3000
Prince Vegeta ARYF; Zenkai, With Frieza 6700
Ledas ARYF; With Frieza 6550
The Benefactor LF; Supressed Power 814
Prince Vegeta WAAF; Full Power 7200
Ledas WAAF Full Power 7000
Ledas WAAF; Vs Lascon 7000
Lascon WAAF; Vs Ledas 2700
The Benefactor WAAF; At Vegeta's Ceremony 184
Zarbon WAAF; At Vegeta's Ceremony 21,000
Ledas TBDMAH; After Zenkai From Lascon And Week Of 7 Missions 12,200
Prince Vegeta TBDMAH; After Week Of 7 Missions 12,300
Saiyan Pod Commander NMM; Base Power 1800
Layeeck NMM; On Frieza's Ship; Full Power 3600
Ledas SIA; Killing The Pod Commander And Technicians 4000
Layeeck SIA; Vs The Benefactor 3470
The Benefactor SIA; Vs Layeeck 81,400
Zarbon SIA; Benefactor Execution 21,000
Prince Vegeta Maximum Power Level In The Saga 12,500
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 12,390
Lauto Saga
Payar Start Of Lauto Saga 225,000
Meloon Start Of Lauto Saga 224,000
Aprido Start Of Lauto Saga 5,000
Lieme Start Of Lauto Saga 232,000
Banas Start Of Lauto Saga 512,000
Guva Start Of Lauto Saga 512,600
Ledas LAL; Crash Landing On Planet Cooler 92 2,020
Planet Cooler 92 Soldier LAL; Average Power Level 1600
Ledas LAL; Fighting Some PC92 Soldiers 7,125
Cooler TCWL; Not Full Power 20,000,000
Guva TCWL; Flare Of Anger 518,500
Meloon WS; Fight With Ledas; Not Powered Up 54,000
Ledas WS; Fight With Meloon; After Quasi-zenkai 15,000
Banas WS; Fight With Alien Rebels 520,000
Planet Trade Organization Rebels WS; Full Power Level 15,000/15,000/17,000
The Benefactor DL; Waking Up 4882
The Benefactor DL; Attacking Zarbon Hallucinations 165,022
The Benefactor DL; Attacking Frieza Hallucination 314,230
Lauto DL; With The Benefactor 3,175,000
Ledas DL; Injured 2441
Planet Cooler 92 Native DL; First Time Shown; Average Power Level 3
Ledas TOED; Against Natives 16,000
Aprido TOED; Gladiator Fight 4900
Ledas BM; Several Months Later 40,000
Payar BM; Sparring Match 110,000
Lieme BM; Sparring Match 110,000
Meloon BM; Fight With Ledas; Putting Absolutely No Effort In 45,000
Ledas BM; Against Meloon 40,700
Lieme BM; Fight With Ledas 170,000
Ledas BM; Creating Power Ball 19,000
Ledas BM; Great Ape Form 400,000
Lieme BM; Injured 56,000
Payar BM; Injured 33,000
Banas BM; Full Power 590,000
Ledas NT; Montage Training Over A Significant Amount Of Time 25,000 (start) - 103,880 (end)
Lieme NT; Beginning To Fight 120,000
Ledas NT; Beginning To Fight 80,000
Lieme NT; Second Fight 160,000
Ledas NT; Understanding Of Ki Sensing 115,000
The Benefactor NT; Weary 227,000
Lauto NT; Ripping Out The Benefactor's Energy 4,200,000
Ledas YSL; Against Intruders 80,000
Payar YSL; Against Intruders 130,000
Banas YSL; Against Intruders 400,400
Planet Trade Organization Rebels YSL; Power Level 50,000/60,000
Planet Trade Organization Rebels YSL; Average Power Level 22,000
Payar YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels Full Power 275,000
Meloon YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels Full Power 272,000
Ledas YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels Full Power 120,000
Lieme YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels Full Power 280,000
Banas YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels Full Power 700,000
Guva YSL; Against Gunboat Rebels; Full Power 702,000
Planet Trade Organization Rebels TDIHSP; Average Power Level 1000-6000
Ledas TDIHSP; Fighting Rebels In The Tower 30,000
Ledas TDIHSP; Fighting On The Rig 130,000
Saibamen TDIHSP; Green Saibamen Average Power Level 1,200
Saibamen TDIHSP; Red Saibamen Average Power Level 3,000
Ledas AMOP; Fighting Lenomi; Full Power 140,000
Lenomi AMOP; Fighting Ledas; Full Power 135,000
Payar AMOP; Group Conversation 250,000
Meloon AMOP; Group Conversation 100,000
Lieme AMOP; Group Conversation 100,000
Banas AMOP; Group Conversation 300,000
Guva AMOP; Group Conversation 150,000
Guva AMOP; Holding Ledas 500,000
Ledas AMOP; Resisting Guva 125,000
Ledas MHOD; Seven Years From Start Of Saga 210,000
Lieme MHOD; Start 285,000
Payar MHOD; Start 278,000
Lauto MHOD; Power Level Spike 113,800
The Benefactor MHOD; As Lauto's Prisoner 1674
Lauto MHOD; Releasing Most Of His Energy To Align With The Benefactor's 1230
Ledas MHOD; Fighting Payar 210,000
Payar MHOD; Fighting Ledas 278,000
Ledas MHOD; Absorbing The Floating Ki Cloud; Semi Super Saiyan Form 735,000
Lauto GE; Leeching Energy From Ledas 16980
Ledas GE; Reverting To Base 172,430
Planet Cooler 92 Technician GE; Full Power Level 800
Banas GE; Fighting Guva Playfully 530,900
Guva GE; Subduing Banas 660,000
Ledas GE; Saying Hello To Banas 61,527
Banas GE; Kicking Ledas Unconscious 214,900
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 240,000
Stomping Grounds Saga
Stomping Grounds Soldier Average Power Level 4800
Stomping Grounds Councilor Average Power Level 1200
Ledas TSG; Resisting Banas 124,000
Banas TSG; Subduing Ledas 450,000
Digranite TGS; In The Council Chambers 1,100,000
Ledas TSG; Semi Super Saiyan Outburst 700,000
Cooler TSG; Arriving 3,000,000
Nepar HM; Seen From Afar 400,000
Ledas HM; Fighting The Soldiers 200,000
Mullpy's Soldiers HM; Average Power Level 2000
Mullpy HM; Vs Ledas 110,000
Ledas HM; Vs Mullpy 210,000
Grif HM; Full Power 400
Cooler HM; Holding Ledas 2,800,000
Lauto HM; Worn Out 2157
The Benefactor HM; Worn Out 2378
Lauto TKAG; Trying His Hardest 2461
The Benefactor TKAG; Adrenaline Boost From Seeing Blood 4804
Ledas TKAG; Semi Super Saiyan; Vs Cooler 700,000
Cooler TKAG; Vs Ledas 3,000,000
Ledas ABMIHE; Semi Super Saiyan; Full Power; Vs Cooler 850,000
Cooler ABMIHE; Creating Supernova 16,000,000
Ledas ABMIHE; Lowering Power Level After Zenkai From Fighting Cooler 2
The Benefactor ABMIHE; On Planet Cooler 54 8001
Grif ABMIHE; Attacking Ledas 126
Ledas ABMIHE; Raising His Power Level To Fight Grif 628
Grif ABMIHE; Putting Ledas In Stasis 139
Cooler ISD; Resting Power Level 4,000,000
Digranite ISD; Resting Power Level 500,000
Grif ISD; Training 409
Grif's Opponent ISD; Training 3200
Grif's Instructor ISD; Instructing 7800
Ledas ISD; Waking Up 628
Ledas ISD; Attacking The Guards 17,000
Konatsu ISD; Vs Ledas 100,000
Ledas ISD; Vs Konatsu; In Pain 100,000
Anango ISD; Helping Konatsu 120,000
Ledas Agoraphobia; Fighting 6000 Grunts 120,000
Anango Agoraphobia; Vs Ledas; Full Power 125,000
Ledas Agoraphobia; Vs Anango 150,000
Konatsu Agoraphobia; Vs Ledas; Full Power 180,000
Ledas Agoraphobia; Vs Konatsu And 6000 Grunts; Wounded 200,850
Nepar ET; Full Power 400,000
Ledas ET; Vs Nepar; Weary 197,320
Ledas ET; After First Fight With Nepar; Critically Wounded 780
Ledas ET; After Zenkai 433,400
Ledas ET; Weary From Creating A Power Ball; Partially Incapacitated By Headache 216,000
Ledas ET; Second Battle; Getting Damaged From Nepar 70,000
Nepar ET; Second Battle; Wounded 350,000
Ledas ET; Second Battle; Transforming Into Great Ape 700,000
Ledas FR; Climbing The Stairs; Weary From Previous Fight With Nepar 200,000
Sika FR; Full power 200,000
Sarpack FR; Full power 200,000
Ledas FR; Incapacitated By Sika And Sarpack 120,000
Digranite FR; Vs Ledas; No Chance To Power Up 600,000
Ledas FR; Vs Digranite; Rested, Full Power 500,000
Cooler TMHTG; Preparing To Destroy The Stomping Grounds 54,000,000
Guva TMHTG; Vs Digranite; Full Power 900,000
Digranite TMHTG; Full Power 1,500,000
Ledas TMHTG; Semi Super Saiyan; Full Power 1,750,000
Cooler TMHTG; With Guva 36,000,000
Guva TMHTG; With Cooler 600,000
Aprido TMHTG; Seeing Ledas 17,000
Aprido FA; Full Power 22,000
Ledas FA; Training; Semi Super Saiyan Trigger 500,000
Ledas FA; After Training; Falling Asleep 16,000
Planet Cooler 92 Native FA; Average Power Level Of Town Residents 4
Aprido FA; Hurt; Attacking Natives 10,000
Payar FA; Full Power 332,000
Meloon FA; Full Power 324,000
Lieme FA; Full Power 335,000
Guva FA; With Payar 500,000
Ledas FA; Attacking Aprido And Banas 250,000
Banas FA; Attacking Ledas 400,000
Lieme Ascendancy; Vs Ledas 310,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Vs Lieme; Drunk 250,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Vs Lieme; Focused 400,000
Guva Ascendancy; With Banas 620,000
Banas Ascendancy; With Guva 600,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Vs Lieme; Focused 400,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Vs Payar; Blind Rage 450,000
Payar Ascendancy; Attacking Ledas 330,000
Payar's Three Soldiers Ascendancy; Full Power 2100
Ledas Ascendancy; Vs Payar; Blind Rage 250,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Seeing Hallucinations 100,000
Ledas Ascendancy; Super Saiyan Transformation 5,000,000
Payar Ascendancy; Wounded 220,000
Ledas TEATHS; Super Saiyan 21,750,000
Meloon TEATHS; Vs Ledas; Full Power 324,000
Lieme TEATHS; Vs Ledas; Full Power 335,000
Payar TEATHS; Vs Ledas; Injured 150,000
Banas TEATHS; Vs Ledas 870,000
Guva TEATHS; Vs Banas; Full Power 900,000
Banas TEATHS; Vs Guva; Full Power 900,000
Payar TEATHS, Critically Wounded 330
Payar TEATHS; Given To The Natives 10
Guva TEATHS; Damaged By Ledas 50,000
Banas TEATHS; Damaged By Ledas 50,000
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 600,000
Ledas Maximum Super Saiyan Power Level In The Saga 30,000,000
Planet Earth Saga
Planet Cooler 92 Soldier Average Power Level 1600
Planet Cooler 92 Native Average Power Level 3
Human Average Power Level 5
Ses ACR; Training 3012
Ame ACR; Training 3044
Poy ACR; Training 3279
Oppa ACR; Training 3166
Carawa ACR; Training 5124
Sonfla ACR; Not Training 988
Wilde ACR; Training 8009
Layeeck Hallucination ACR; Power Offput 10
The Benefactor Hallucination ACR; Power Offput 28
Ledas ACR; Super Saiyan; Barely Powered Up 25,000,000
Guva ACR; Fighting Banas 890,000
Banas ACR; Fighting Guva 890,000
Ledas TO; Concealed Power Level On Earth 2
Ledas TO; Brushing Off The Two Thugs 400
Mrs. Fanshi TO; Throughout 3
Mr. Kyokatoshi TO; Throughout 5
Ryori TO; Throughout 3
Ledas Hazing; Stealing The Girls' Clothes 3147
Piccolo Hazing; Feeling Ledas' Power 17,000
Prince Vegeta Hazing; Feeling Ledas' Power 180,000
Ledas Hazing; Getting Mad At Hallucinations 1200
Ledas CC; Getting Mad At Hallucinations 78,500
Shoekki CC; Throughout 6
Dr. Briefs CC; Throughout 3
Bulma MFV; Throughout 3
Prince Vegeta MFV; 10% Power 3,000,000
Ledas MFV; Not Very Powered Up 3,000,000
Ledas MFV; Super Saiyan 150,000,000
Prince Vegeta MFV; Super Saiyan 150,000,000
Police Chief Nagamo Mist; Throughout 7
Cardinal Mist; Throughout 5
Supreme General Silver Mist; Throughout 132
New Red Ribbon Army Soldier Mist; Average Power Level 7
Kindler Mist; Throughout 8
Dewberry Mist; Throughout 3
File Mist; Throughout 5
Ledas Mist; Super Saiyan 150,000,000
Prince Vegeta Mist; Super Saiyan 180,000,000
Prince Vegeta Mist, Lowered Guard 100,000,000
Miki Throughout 2
Ledas TMIM; Angry Release Against Town 250,000
Ledas TMIM; Vs Piccolo; Spur Of The Moment Super Saiyan; Not Full Power 50,000,000
Piccolo TMIM; Vs Ledas; Powering Up 42,000,000
Ledas LAA; Hit By The Special Beam Cannon 40,000,000
Ledas LAA; Finishing Off Piccolo 78,000,000
Ses LAA; Rampaging 3190
Ame LAA; Rampaging 3078
Poy LAA; Rampaging 3301
Oppa LAA; Rampaging 3212
Carawa LAA; Rampaging 5560
Sonfla LAA; Watching The Others Rampage 989
Wilde LAA; Attacking Oppa And Sonfla 10,600
Carawa LAA; Killing Poy 5190
Ledas LAA; Against Kyokatoshi 1700
Korin BW; Throughout 190
Yajirobe BW; Throughout 847
Captain Green BW; Throughout 34
Ledas BW; At The Ballet 3
Ledas BW; Great Ape Transformation 30
Guva CG; Start Of Fight 755,000
Banas CG; Start Of Fight 750,000
Guva CG; Full Powered Fight 990,000
Banas CG; Full Powered Fight 990,000
Ledas TAV; Getting Tranquilized 1
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 20,000,000
Ledas Maximum Super Saiyan Power Level In The Saga 1,000,000,000
Reunion Saga
Human Average Power Level 5
Guva LOADB; Angry Extermination 770,000
Planet Cooler 92 Natives LOADB; Average Power Level 3
Kindler LOADB; Throughout 8
Ledas LOADB; Tied Up 2
Ryori LOADB; Throughout 3
New Red Ribbon Army Soldier LOADB; Average Power Level 7
Supreme General Silver LOADB; Throughout 132
Captain Green LOADB; Throughout 34
Dewberry LOADB; Throughout 3
Cardinal LOADB; Throughout 5
Ledas LOADB; Trying To Attack Cardinal 8
Guva TGOA; With Dewberry 200,000
Ledas TGOA; Shot 0.7
Vegeta TGOA; Training 309,000
Guva TGOA; With Vegeta 750,000
Ledas Blink; Killing Kindler 10,000
Ledas Blink; Killing Dewberry And The Soldiers; Super Saiyan 500,000
Vegeta Blink; Training 965,000
Goku TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Goten TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Trunks TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Piccolo TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Krillin TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Android 18 TCMY; While Not Fighting Unreadable
Tien TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Chiaotzu TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Gohan TCMY; While Not Fighting 5
Yamcha TCMY; While Not Fighting 890
Korin TCMY; Throughout 190
Yajirobe TCMY; Throughout 847
Guva TCMY; Warmup With Yamcha 125,000
Yamcha TCMY; Warmup With Guva 212,000
Guva TCMY; Full Power 1,003,540
New Red Ribbon Army Sergeant TCMY; Calling Silver 0.02
Chiaotzu Blackwater; Full Power 33,000
Yamcha Blackwater; Full Power 346,000
Guva Blackwater; Facing The Two Z Fighters 700,000
Ledas Blackwater; Finding Guva 125,500
Tien Blackwater; Attacking Guva 1,200,000
Vegeta PIB; Ignoring Ledas 5
Human PIB; Average Power Level 5
Guva PIB; Vs Tien 537,000
Tien PIB; Vs Guva; Full Power 3,500,000
Guva PIB; Defeated 84
The Benefactor PIB; Introduction 0.3
Prince Vegeta SD; Flashback; Great Ape 68,000
Ledas SD; Flashback; Great Ape 66,000
Layeeck SD; Flashback; Training The Boys 3000
Lascon SD; Flashback; Training The Boys 2500
Prince Vegeta SD; Flashback; Base Form 6800
Ledas SD; Flashback; Base Form 6600
The Benefactor SD; Flashback; Watching Lascon 0.3
Lascon SD; Flashback; Fighting The Benefactor 2700
The Benefactor SD; Flashback; Fighting Lascon 28,000
Layeeck SD; Flashback; Burning Lascon's House 1320
Ledas SD; Flashback; Burning Lascon's House 1090
The Benefactor FP; Flashback; With Frieza 1670
Frieza FP; Flashback; With The Benefactor 500,000
Guva FP; Flashback; Attacking The Benefactor 220,547
The Benefactor FP; Flashback; Dominating Guva 1,500,000
Ledas FP; Going Super Saiyan 6,275,000
The Benefactor BOMB; Vs Tien 5,339,817
Tien BOMB; Vs The Benefactor 3,100,000
Ledas BOMB; Attacking Vegeta; Super Saiyan 6,133,000
Prince Vegeta BOMB; Defending Himself 3,078,000
Ledas BOMB; Vs Goku 6,133,000
Goku BOMB; Vs Ledas 5,760,450
Tien Visionary; Last Gasp 2,450,670
Chiaotzu Visionary; Trying To Help Tien; Wounded 22,000
The Benefactor Visionary; Destroying Tien and Chiaotzu 13,000,000
Gohan Visionary; Super Saiyan 2 200,000,000
Piccolo Visionary; Charged Up 100,000,000
The Benefactor Visionary; Vs Gohan And Piccolo 45,000,000
Gohan Visionary; Tired 30,000,000
Piccolo Visionary; Tired 15,000,000
Gotenks Visionary; Vs The Benefactor 40,000,000
Goku Visionary; Super Saiyan 3; Start Of Fight 10,000,000,000
Goku Visionary; Super Saiyan 3; Quickly Losing Power 4,000,000,000
Krillin Testament; Injured 2
Goku Testament; Super Saiyan 3; Fighting The Benefactor; Power Still Decreasing 500,000,000
The Benefactor Testament; Fighting Goku 480,000,000
Goku Testament; Super Saiyan 3; Defeated 17,000
King Furry Testament; Throughout 4
King Furry's Guards Testament; Average Power Level 9
Ledas Testament; Vs Vegeta; Super Saiyan 1,013,450,000
Prince Vegeta Testament; Vs Ledas; Super Saiyan 980,000,560
Prince Vegeta Testament; Vs Ledas; Super Saiyan 2 1,960,001,120
The Benefactor Testament; Attacking Vegeta 1,800,000,000
Prince Vegeta Testament; Wounded 600,980
Ledas Testament; Hit With Poison 260,500
The Benefactor MM; Holding Ledas; Lowering His Guard 400,000,000
Ledas MM; Fighting Off The Benefactor; Super Saiyan 670,000,000
Ledas MM; Afflicted 170,000
Prince Vegeta MM; Wounded 340,500
Ledas MM; Partially Healed From Senzu; Vs The Benefactor; Super Saiyan 883,413,560
The Benefactor MM; Vs Ledas 1,500,000,000
Vegeta MM; Super Saiyan 3 12,000,000,000
The Benefactor MM; Fighting Vegeta 3,800,000,000
Prince Vegeta MM; Flashback 5200
Ledas MM; Flashback 5000
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 35,378,000
Ledas Maximum Super Saiyan Power Level In The Saga 1,768,900,000
Fulfillment Saga
Human Average Power Level 5
Android 18 APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Injured Unreadable
The Benefactor APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Vs Vegeta; Maximum Power 6,200,000,000
Vegeta APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Super Saiyan 3 10,000,000,000
Vegeta APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Super Saiyan 3; Losing Power 7,000,000,000
Police Chief Nagamo APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Throughout 6
Policemen APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Average Power Level 7
Cardinal APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Standard Power Level 5
Private Wisconsin APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Approaching Cardinal 6
Vegeta APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Reverting To Base Form; Losing More Power 12,836,000
Vegeta APCFSTPCTSLOTTPWIPH; Super Saiyan 1 1,200,000,000
Ryori RV; Awake 3
Private Wisconsin RV; Dying 2
Krillin RV; Finding Yajirobe 30,000
Yajirobe RV; Throughout 846
Vegeta RV; Knocked Unconscious 5
Ledas RV; Super Saiyan 700,000,000
Ledas RV; Knocked Unconscious 3
Ledas HN; Energy Being Ripped Away 2
Krillin HN; Maximum Remaining Power 33,000
The Benefactor HN; In Pain After Absorbing Some Of Ledas' Power 60,000,000
Ledas HN; Exhausted; Trying To Power Up 3,270,000
The Benefactor HN; In Even More Pain 5,000,000
Cardinal HN; Injured 2
Ryori HN; Attacking Cardinal 4
Nurse Yorokobi HN; Throughout 3
Ledas TDTN; Zenkai From Eating A Senzu Bean 47,052,740
Ledas TDTN; Super Saiyan 2,352,637,000
The Benefactor TDTN; Vs Ledas; Still Wounded 2,600,000,000
Ledas TDTN; Wounded; Base Form 22,000,000
Ledas TDTN; Wounded; Super Saiyan 2,000,000,000
The Benefactor TDTN; Blinded 1,900,000,000
The Benefactor TDTN; Full Power In His Weakened State 2,800,000,000
Cardinal YM; In The Hospital 1
Ledas YM; In The Desert; With His Father's Armor 600
Two Screechers YM; Pursuing Ledas 80,000 (each)
The Shrouded Being YM; Talking To Ledas 370,000
Screechers YM; Screechers In The Trees Watching Ledas And The Benefactor 3,000,000 (each)
Ledas YM; Getting His Energy Back 45,000,000
The Shrouded Being YM; Pushing Ledas Away 100,000,000
The Benefactor YM; Preparing To Attack Ledas 2,160,000,000
Screecher YM; Attacking Ledas 100,000,000
Two Screechers YM; Attacking The Benefactor 100,000,000 (each)
140 Screechers YM; Shooting A Combined Attack At Ledas And The Benefactor 420,000,000
The Shrouded Being Mephistopheles; Taking The Benefactor Away 300,000,000
Screechers Mephistopheles; Attacking Ledas In The Blizzard 5,000,000 (each)
The Benefactor Mephistopheles; Vs Screecher And Tentacles; Lowered Power Level 250,000,000
Verlate's Tentacles Mephistopheles; Attacking The Benefactor 1,000,000 (each)
Screecher Mephistopheles; Attacking The Benefactor 5,000,000
Lurker Mephistopheles; Attacking The Benefactor 300,000,000
The Benefactor Mephistopheles; Vs Lurker 300,000,000
The Benefactor Mephistopheles; Vs Lurker; Full Power In Weariness 2,100,000,000
Ledas Mephistopheles; Power Lowered By The Shrouded Being; Subdued 20,000
The Benefactor Mephistopheles; Teleported To Ledas And The Shrouded Being; Weary; Power Lowered By The Shrouded Being 20,000
Ledas RMT; Throughout Chapter 3000
The Benefactor RMT; Throughout Chapter 3000
Verlate RMT; Throughout Chapter 400,000,000
Ledas TMK; Throughout Chapter 3128
The Benefactor TMK; Throughout Chapter 3128
Verlate TMK; Throughout Chapter 420,000,000
Verlate WTALSHASG; Dying 0.0037
Ledas WTALSHASG; Vs The Benefactor; Super Saiyan 2,352,637,000
The Benefactor WTALSHASG; Vs Ledas 2,400,000,000
Ledas WTALSHASG; Reverting To Base 10,000,000
The Benefactor WTALSHASG; Vs Ledas; Damaged From First Battle 1,700,000,000
Ledas WTALSHASG; Vs The Benefactor; Emotional; Super Saiyan 1,720,000,000
Ledas WTALSHASG; Vs The Benefactor; Super Saiyan 2 3,440,000,000
The Benefactor WTALSHASG; Defeated 26,014
Ledas WTALSHASG; Out Of The Mind Prison; Reverting To Base 7000
Korin SF; Throughout 190
Ledas SF; On Korin Tower 4301
Cardinal SF; In The Hospital 3
Ryori SF; In His Hospital Bed 1
Ledas HWNO; At The Aquarium 5
Ryori HWNO; At The Aquarium 3
Ledas HWNO; Training At 450G 47,000,000
Ledas HWNO; Training At 500G 3,800,000,000
Ses HWNO; Training 7290
Ame HWNO; Training 7296
Carawa HWNO; Training 10,933
Wilde HWNO; Training 15,667
Ledas HWNO; Training With Saibamen 30,000,000
Mailman HWNO; Delivering Mail To Vegeta 5
Vegeta HWNO; Training In Super Saiyan 3 12,000,000,000
Guard SL; Throughout Chapter 8
Guard 2 SL; Throughout Chapter 7
Guard 3 SL; Throughout Chapter 7
Trunks SL; Vs Ledas 900,000
Ledas SL; Vs Trunks 1,000,000
Tournament Announcer SL; Throughout 4
Trunks SL; Vs Ledas; Super Saiyan 42,000,000
Ledas SL; Vs Trunks; Raising Power Level 48,100,000
Cardinal SL; Throughout 3
Goku SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 5
Gohan SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 7
Goten SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 5
Trunks SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 5
Piccolo SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 15
Krillin SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 12
Android 18 SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta Unreadable
Tien SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 3
Chiaotzu SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 3
Yamcha SL; Watching Ledas Vs Vegeta 450
Vegeta SL; Vs Ledas 50,000,000
Ledas SL; Vs Vegeta 49,870,445
Ledas SL; Vs Vegeta; Super Saiyan 2 4,975,500,490
Vegeta SL; Vs Ledas; Super Saiyan 2 5,600,000,000
Ledas SL; End Of Fight 800
Vegeta SL; End Of Fight 1000
Bulma SL; Throughout 3
Dr. Briefs SL; Throughout 3
Ledas SL; Sparing In Montage 37,000,000
Vegeta SL; Sparing In Montage 39,000,000
Ses SL; Training 7301
Ame SL; Training 7306
Carawa SL; Training 10,947
Wilde SL; Training 15,936
Ledas SL; Last Shot 3,500,000
Ledas Maximum Power Level In The Saga 49,940,000
Ledas Maximum Super Saiyan 2 Power Level In The Saga 4,994,000,000
Outbreak: Paved In Blood
Master Loriphim IP; Killing The Prey 7300
Fellow Students IP; Killing The Prey 3800
Boy IP; At The Hunt 350
Boy's Mother IP; Throughout 906
Nico IP; Base Level 1000
Boy IP; Killing Nico 1410
Igear IP; Base Level 1000
Boy IP; Killing Igear 1470
Guard 1 IP; Base Level 8400
Guard 2 IP; Base Level 8500
Boy IP; Trying His Darndest Against The Guards 3700
Ayale IIB; Base Level 250
IIB; Master Loriphim Killing Ayale 7000
Boy IIB; Using His New Energy To Kill Loriphim 10,560
Pack Of Guards IIB; Combined, Max 68,000
Boy IIB; Frenzy Rising, Ki Blast Against The Guards 25,000
Boy IIB; Days Later, Frenzy Still Rising, Against the Full Armies 40,000
Frieza IIB; Throughout 501,357 (1st form)
Zarbon IIB; In Frieza's Sanctum 18,000
Zarbon's Rival IIB; In Frieza's Sanctum 14,000
Average Frieza Soldier IIB; Second Legion 1500
Boy IIB; 1 Month Of Continuous Frenzy Buildup, With Frieza, Not At Full Power 74,000
Boy Apocryphal; Killing The Second Legion, Full Power 127,000
Forever Alone
Judge Sertung FO; Trying The Legate 500,000,000
Verlate FO; On Trial 10,000,000
Damani Delegate FO; Watching The Trial; Average Power Level 174,000,000
Verlate FO; Out Of The Flash-forward, On The Kai's Planet; Max Power 420,000,000
Verlate FO; Speaking To The Kai 10,000,000
Chosen Kai FO; Confrontation 180,000
Chosen Kai's Pets FO; Confrontation 25,000 (each)
Chosen Kai FO; With Verlate's Power 4,567,000
Verlate FO; Power Drained 3,844,000
Verlate FO; Knocked Out 75,000
Chosen Kai ANTU; Confrontation With Forty-three 4,512,000
Chosen Kai ANTU; The Kaboom 4,608,000
Chosen Kai ANTU; Power Evaporating 2,142,500
Forty-three ANTU; Killing The Chosen Kai With Stolen Energy 2,135,628
Verlate ANTU; Broken Jaw, Tired 40,000
Savage ANTU; Being All Mean 529,800
Verlate ANTU; Shaking Off Savage 600,000
Damani Delegate ANTU; The One Who Yelled Out "Outrageous!" 174,000,000
Judge Sertung ANTU; Sealing The Legate, Using Full Power 675,000,000
Judge Sertung ANTU; Teaching The Kais How To Use Energy 30,000,000
Kai Trainees ANTU; Under Sertung's Watchful Eye 800,000
Korin RAPISNAC; In The Mind Prison 42
Verlate RAPISNAC; In The Mind Prison 380,000,000
Apology (Deleted Scene 1)
Ledas Start Of Scene 2
Miki Start Of Scene 2
Ledas As They Are Doing It 2
Miki As They Are Doing It 3
Miki End Of Scene 2
Ledas End Of Scene 2
Innocent Luck (Deleted Scene 2)
Ryori Throughout; Unconscious 1
Nurse Yorokobi Start Of Scene 3
Nurse Yorokobi As She Is Doing It 4
Ledas Start Of Scene 2
Ledas Opening The Locked Door 16
Ledas With Yorokobi, Kneeling 3
Nurse Yorokobi With Ledas 4
Ledas With Yorokobi, On The Bed 18
Nurse Yorokobi End Of Scene 3
Ledas End Of Scene 2
Bedtime (Deleted Scene 3)
Ryori Start Of Scene 2
Ledas Start Of Scene 2
Chaiva Start Of Scene 5
Ryori As They Are Doing It 4
Chaiva As They Are Doing It 18
Ledas As They Are Doing It 5
Ledas As They Are Doing It; Super Saiyan 250
Ledas As They Are Doing It 20
Ryori End Of Scene 2
Ledas End Of Scene 2
Chaiva End Of Scene 5

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