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Power Level List:

The List:[]

Power Levels
Saga Character Event Power Level Aftermath Saga


Training With Uub 150,000,000
Uub Training With Goku 70,000,000
Vegeta Training With The SA-Fighters 175,000,000
Trunks Training With The SA-Fighters 75,000,000
Goten Training With The SA-Fighters 74,500,000
Pan Training With The SA-Fighters 999,999
Gohan Training With The SA-Fighters 110,000,000
Kid Buu Before Absorbing Kibito Kai 160,000,000
Ultra Buu After The Absorbtion Of Kibito Kai 500,000,000
Ultra Buu After Baby and Yardat Absorbtion 700,000,000
Ultra Buu Kibito and Supreme Kai Escaping 650,000,000
Ultra Buu After the Absorbtion of the SA-Fighters and the Cold Family 12,000,000,000
Ultra Majin Buu After the Absorbtion of Uub 70,000,000,000
Goku First Transformation of SSJ4 60,000,000,000
Goku First Transformation of TSSJ4 67,500,000,000
Sadudukma Reborn 71,560,000,000
Goku Power Restored + Zenkai 69,500,000,000
Goku Post Soul Perisher Kamehameha 50
Sadudukma Special Beam Cannon 71,560,000,000
Saiyan Rivalry Saga
Broly In H.F.I.L. 100,000
LawlEcos In H.F.I.L. 500,000
Broly Out of H.F.I.L. 1,000,000

To Be Continued...


  • Based on Super Saiyan levels, this is what the multiplier should be:
    • False Super Saiyan: X25 (Overall, based on sanity), X50 (Strength of SSJ)
    • SSJ: X50
    • SSJ2: X100
    • SSJ3: X200
    • SSJ4: X400
    • TSSJ4: X450
    • SSJ5: X600
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  • This chart dosen't include speed.