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This article, List of Power Levels (DBAS), is the property of Zf6hellion.

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This article is currently under construction and is incomplete at the moment.

This page features an exhaustive list of all known power levels as they occur through out Dragon Ball AS. Much of the power levels, and the math behind them are modelled after KidVegeta's own model for Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten as well as Zf6hellion's own observations and judgments.

Racial Averages and Forms[]

Race Status Average Power Level
Hiyaseijin First Form 300,000
Second Form First Form x 2
Third Form Second Form x 3
Fourth Form Third Form x 25
Fifth Form Fourth Form x 4
Fumeiseijin Base 0.2
Namekian Mutant ⅕ of creator's power
Dragon Clan 650
Warrior-type 1000
Great Namek Base x 10
Super Namek Base x 1000
Saiyan Base 2000
Zenkai Base + 25%
Great Ape Base x 10
False/Semi Super Saiyan Base x 25
Base (SS capable) 1,000,000
Super Saiyan Base x 50
Super Saiyan 2 Base x 100
Super Saiyan 3 Base x 400
Sherutan Base 2000
Shin-jin Kai 3,500
Makaioshin 300,000,000
Kaioshin 530,000,000
Urikanseijin Pure Form 10