These are all of the Sagas featured in the story "Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Tharos ". As the Sagas are listed, their chapters will be listed too. In all, there are 13 Sagas and 295 chapters for the story. The number of Chapters may change in the future if anything comes up.

Daikon SagaEdit

This saga focuses on the friendship and training of the two young Saiyans, Tharos and Daikon, up until Brizzard decides to put an end to the Saiyans and plots to destroy Planet Onio.

Chapter List

  1. Prologue
  2. A Royal Promise
  3. Basil's Intense Method (Pt. 1)
  4. Basil's Intense Method (Pt. 2)
  5. Survival of the Furriest!
  6. The Wave of Hordes!
  7. Only Saibamen?
  8. Daikon VS Tharos
  9. Basil and the Artificial Moon!
  10. Brizzard's Recommendation
  11. Message from a Tyrant
  12. Childs First Mission
  13. This is Child's Play!
  14. Planet Massacre
  15. Things Can't Get Worse... Right?
  16. Tharos, the Legend-in-Progress! (season finale)

Genocide SagaEdit

This saga covers the continued trainin of best friends, Tharos and Daikon, up until the destruction of Planet Onio by the hands of Brizzard.

Chapter List

  1. Six Months Later
  2. Basil's Remark
  3. Family Tag-Team Battle!
  4. The Challenge
  5. Tyrant's Plot
  6. Tharos Unleashed
  7. Over 9000!
  8. The Scheduled Date
  9. They Call Him, Sir Brizzard!
  10. King Onio VS the Monster
  12. The Countdown Begins
  13. Basil's Last Stand
  14. Maximum Power Supernova!
  15. Captured in Space (season finale)

Planet Brizzard 56 SagaEdit

This saga covers the escape of Tharos from his now destroyed planet and his landing on a distant planet. It also informs the readers on the emotion the young Saiyan has upon discovering that everyone that he had once loved is now dead.

Chapter List

  1. The Soulless Planet
  2. Tharos' Concussion
  4. The Test of Strength
  5. Gladiator VS Saiyan
  6. The Alien's Feelings
  7. Apro's Request
  8. The Rookies Strike!
  9. Zenkai Recoveries
  10. Apro's Explanation
  11. Revenge of the Saiyan Warrior
  12. Tharos' Monstrous Transformation
  13. Intense Training Session 1.2
  14. Tyrant's Mistake
  15. Sir Brizzard Approaches Once More!
  16. Tharos' Rookies VS Brizzard's Elite
  17. Welcome to Planet Slaughterhouse!
  18. Super Saiyan?!?
  19. One Last Thing! (season finale pt 1)
  20. Apro's Dying Request (season finale pt 2)
  21. The Journey and a Trailing Ally? (season finale pt 3)

Master Gildu SagaEdit

This saga covers Tharos' fleeing of Planet Brizzard 56 after Apro's sacrifice to put an end to the villainous Brizzard. The Saiyan then trains with an ancient super warrior, unaware of the fact that Brizzard and an unlikely ally actually survived the explosion of Planet Brizzard 56.

Chapter List

  1. Destruction of 56
  2. Tharos' Devastating Crash
  3. The Ancient Warrior
  4. Tharos' Challenge
  5. Gildu's Transformation
  6. The Battle Turns!
  7. An Anered State
  8. Tharos and the Mysterious Bean
  9. A Bite of Senzu!
  10. The Master's Student
  11. Hyperbolic Time Chamber Revealed!
  12. Brizzard's Upgraded Body
  13. The Monster Trapped Within Me
  14. Scouter No More!
  15. Destiny of the Saiyan Child
  16. Electro Kiai Cannon!
  17. The New Year
  18. Saiyan Surprises!
  19. Brizzard Lives!
  20. Tharos' Demand (season finale)

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber SagaEdit

This saga covers Tharos' training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after Brizzard is shown to be alive. This saga goes up until Brizzard calls forth his Death Recon.

Chapter List

  1. Into the Chamber!
  2. Tharos' Training
  3. 100 G!
  4. Transformation Tutorial!
  5. Saibamen Return
  6. Tharos and the Ascension!
  7. Journey into the Spirtual Mind
  8. Tharos, Power Increased!
  9. Master Gildu's Story
  10. Brizzard's New Plan (season finale)

Brizzard's Death Recon SagaEdit

This saga begins when Brizzard calls forth an army of five of his strongest forces and lasts up until Tharos' reunitement with his best friend, Daikon.

Chapter List

  1. Call Forth the Death Recon!
  2. Kanta Reveals Herself
  3. Galatcic Fast Food Stop!
  4. Five Hidden Fighters
  5. Muscle-Head Avo!
  6. Tharos' False Transformation
  7. One Down! Four to Go!
  8. Avenge the Fallen! Mallei's Up Next!
  9. Gildu's Full Power Wave
  10. Her Psychotic Abilities
  11. Death of the Legend!
  12. Kanta's Finisher
  13. Return of an Old Friend
  14. Apro's Rebirth! (Pt 1)
  15. Apro's Rebirth! (Pt 2) 
  16. Cyborg's Malfunction!
  17. Son of Jeice.... Jamber's Turn!
  18. Red Meteor Crasher!
  19. Like Father, Like Son... I Guess!
  20. The Final Fighter Revealed
  21. Tharos VS Daikon (Pt 1)
  22. Tharos VS Daikon (Pt 2)
  23. Daikon's Outburst, Tharos' Denial
  24. Confession of Brizzard
  25. The Prince's Revenge
  26. Two New Allies! The Journey Continues! (season finale)

Super Saiyan SagaEdit

This saga covers Tharos' and his allie's training upon leaving Master Gildu's Planet. Also, Brizzard's brother, Iced, makes an appearance and is shown to want to capture and kill Tharos in order to outdo his brother. This saga goes up to Tharos' ascension to Super Saiyan and the death of Iced.

Chapter List

  1. The Unknown Planet
  2. Kanta's Outstanding Techniques!
  3. Saiyan Catch-Ups
  4. Daikon VS Kanta
  5. Brotherly Conversations
  6. The Mysterious Arcosian
  7. Tharos VS Iced
  8. Iced's Terrible Third Transformation!
  9. Captive at Chilled Tower!
  10. Thou Execution Awaits
  11. Tharos and the Chamber of Torture
  12. Anger Risen
  13. Daikon's Plan... Kanta's Disapproval
  14. The Saiyan Way! A Heran's Disguise!
  15. Tharos and the Moment of Truth
  16. Super Saiyan at Last!
  17. Fiftyfold
  18. A SUPER Escape!
  19. Iced's Struggling Efforts (season finale pt 1)
  20. Melted Ice (season finale pt 2)
  21. Another Ice-Jinn Brother? (season finale pt 3)

Planet Namek SagaEdit

This Saga covers Tharos', Daikon's, and Kanta's escape from the deserted planet to Planet Namek. There, they meet Dijon, a Namekian with a HUGE secret. Goes up to the group's leaving to arrive on Planet Brizzard 1.

Chapter List

  1. Landing on Namek!
  2. Rage of the Super Saiyan
  3. Daikon's Explanation
  4. The Quest to Mastery
  5. Dijon, Friend or Foe?
  6. Super Saiyan VS Super Namekian
  7. Transcending the Super Saiyan Form!
  8. Dijon's Surrender
  9. A Namekian Joins the Group
  10. The Friend of my Foe
  11. Sub Zero's Villainous Alliance
  12. The Namekian and the Wanted Poster
  13. Dijon Makes his Move!
  14. Kanta VS Dijon
  15. Tharos in Return for One Million Zeni!
  16. Sub Zero's Plot
  17. Dijon Eavesdropping!
  18. The Lying Arcosian
  19. Awaken the Super Saiyan
  20. The Anger-Less Super Saiyan
  21. Sub Zero's Transformation
  22. Ascended and Ultra!
  23. The Mistake
  24. Dijon, the Forgiven
  25. Tharos' Elite Joins the Fight
  26. Special Beam Cannon!
  27. Daikon's Outburst
  28. The Garlick Cannon! Flakamo Explosion!
  29. Two Ice-Jinn Brothers Down! One Remains
  30. Quest to Number One! Dijon Joins the Elite (season finale)

Arcosian SagaEdit

This saga Tharos and his Elites' journey to Brizzard's homeplanet up to their departure to Earth and Daikon's ascension to Super Saiyan.

Chapter List

  1. Homeworld of Brizzard!
  2. Daikon's Semi-Super Saiyan State
  3. Captive Races
  4. Technique of the Metamorphians
  5. The Fusion Dance
  6. Meet Dairos... the Failed Fusion!
  7. Sir Brizzard Spotted!
  8. Tharos' Elite
  9. Daikon's Revenge
  10. Brizzard VS Tharos (Pt 1)
  11. Brizzard VS Tharos (Pt 2)
  12. Brizzard VS Tharos (Pt 3)
  13. Tyrant's Laughter, Rage of the Saiyan Prince!
  14. Anger Unleashed! Super Saiyan Daikon!
  15. Dijon's Suggestion
  16. Return of Dairos
  17. Fusion Downfall
  18. Two Super Saiyans
  19. Onward to Earth!  (season finale)

Planet Earth SagaEdit

This saga covers the Elite's journey to Planet Earth. Once there, they decide to live regular lives as Earthlings until Brizzard alerts them that he is sending an opponent to the planet. Goes up to Android Infinity's landing on Earth.

Chapter List

  1. A Month's Journey
  2. Landing on Earth
  3. No Sign of Trouble
  4. New to the Neigborhood!
  5. The Gravity Machine!
  6. Scary Humans
  7. Orange Star High School
  8. Gym Class
  9. Night of the Blood Moon
  10. Just Like Old Times
  11. The Sparring Class
  12. Tharos Angered
  13. Death of the Instructor
  14. Orange Star High Closed!
  15. Runaway Elite
  16. Brizzard's Message
  17. The Threat Approaches! (season finale)

Android Infinity SagaEdit

This Saga covers Tharos and his Elite as they battle the villainous Android Infinity, a cyborg created by Brizzard from parts of the universe's strongest warriors. The Android hopes to destroy the Saiyans and take contol of Earth. This saga goes up to the Android's defeat and the landing of Brizzard on Earth and his demanding of stronger opponents.

Chapter List

  1. Tharos' Warm-Up
  1. Identities Revealed
  1. Android Arrival!
  1. Explanation of the Android
  1. The Battle for Earth Begins
  1. The Ascended Super Saiyans
  1. No Match for the Cyborg
  1. Brawn Over Brain
  1. Infinite Beating
  2. Dijon's Gigantic Form
  3. Welcome to Hell on Earth!
  4. Android's Awakening
  5. Full Power Mode Unlocked!
  6. Infinite Kiai Cannon Barrage
  7. Tharos Becomes Serious!
  8. Daikon Wounded
  9. Tharos Stands Alone
  10. Murderer of my Father?
  11. The Next Stage! Birth of a Super Saiyan 2!
  12. Android's Fear
  13. Destroy the Earth!
  14. Self Destruction Countdown
  15. Attempted Attacks
  16. A Bulked Up Android
  17. Five Minutes Remaining Until Earth's Destruction
  18. A Voice from Above!
  19. Father-Son Flakamo Flash!
  20. Death of the Droid
  21. Brizzard's Landing (season finale pt 1)
  22. A Month to Train (season finale pt 2)

Training SagaEdit

This saga begins after Brizzard tells the Elite to train since he wants to fight worthy opponents. He then gives them a month to train before he hunts them down.This saga goes up to Brizzard's relanding on Earth to begin the final battle.

Chapter List

  1. Kruz's Training Plan
  2. To the Tower of Korin
  3. Korin's Afterimage Technique
  4. Yaji's Katana
  5. More Senzu Beans
  6. Training Begins
  7. Elite Methods
  8. A Mini Tournament
  9. Super Saiyan VS Super Saiyan 2
  10. Pride of the Saiyan Prince
  11. Daikon Reaches the Next Level!
  12. Evenly Matched!
  13. No More Holding Back!
  14. Garlick Smash!
  15. Flash of a Super Saiyan 3!
  16. Two Weeks Later!
  17. Return of the Tyrant (season finale)

Final Battle SagaEdit

This saga covers the final battle between Brizzard's army and Tharos' Elite. This is the final saga of Dragon Ball Z: Legend of Tharos .

Chapter List

  1. Hell Breaks Loose
  2. Start of the Finale!
  3. Brizzard's Creation
  4. The General... Buunior
  5. Tharos' Speech
  6. Daikon's Blade
  7. Mystic Kanta VS Dadori
  8. The Ultimate Namekian!
  9. Brizzard's Power
  10. Super Saiyan 2 Daikon VS Brizzard
  11. Saiyan Pride
  12. The Full Powered Death Beam!
  13. Tag In! Tharos' Turn!
  14. Buunior's Ambitions
  15. Daikon VS Buunior and Tharos VS Brizzard
  16. The Chocolate Kamehameha
  17. Tharos Gains the Advantage
  18. 100% at Last!
  19. Daikon's Suggestion
  20. Super Saiyan Three Tharos!
  21. Powered Up to the Max!
  22. Flakamo Electro Explosion!
  23. Destruction by Pain!
  24. Thrashing the Army
  25. Might of the Super Saiyan 3!
  26. Desperate Attempts
  27. Yajuz's Death
  28. Daikon Enraged!
  29. Brizzard's Final Stage!
  30. Overconfident Saiyans
  31. Buu Brought to Bay! Daikon's Victory
  32. Ultimate Supernova!
  33. Back to Sender!
  34. Near Death Experience
  35. Brizzard's Ultimate Plan
  36. Buuzard Comes to Life
  37. Cold-Blooded Fusion
  38. Four Can Play that Game!
  39. The Fused Warrior!
  40. His Name? Tharikon!
  41. Clash of the Fusions
  42. Tharikon... the Next Super Saiyan 3!
  43. Buuzard's Fission
  44. The Electro Garlick Flakamo Flash!
  45. When All Else Fails
  46. Spirit of the Saiyans
  47. Super Saiyan God! The Supreme Spirit!
  48. Buu Killed! One to Go!
  49. Brizzard's Desperate Counterattack!
  50. The Spirit Bomb!
  51. The Super Spiritual God
  52. Peace to the Universe... for Now!
  53. Epilogue... Five Years Later! (season finale)