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Lightning Strike
Manga name Lightning Strike
Debut Stomping Grounds Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Inventor Ledas
Users Ledas
Class Ki Explosion
Color Colorless

Lighting Strike (電光の当て身, Denkō No Atemi) is an unusual ki blast. Its point of origin is not seen, and it cannot be tracked. It is used to destroy places and people without giving away the user's position. However, it is also very powerful - it does not lose anything from being invisible. Like other blasts, it has to be formed by Ledas' concentration, but in this case, it is never seen during that period, giving it the illusion of something much different. He can form it in any position (even laying down or upside down, as is seen in the story). To guide it, Ledas positions his right hand into a half fist and points at where the attack will go. Seconds later, it will cause the ground all around the area pointed to to be totally wiped out. Ledas was known to use miniature versions of this attack after getting to Earth. He used several dozen Lightning Strikes against Piccolo and also a few as a show of power in front of Dr. Briefs.

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