Let's shake it! is an episode of DBAW. It features the first appearence of the Para Para Brothers.


Android 18 was standing on a road until the Para Para Brothers were standing behind her as she flies away. It was a normal day at Mount Paozu, Chi Chi was in the house washing dishes as Pan was outside while Gohan and Goten were training with Megan. Just then, Bon Para captures Chi Chi and Pan.
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Bon Para using the Para Para Boogie to trap Chi Chi and Pan.

They had introduce themselves as Bon Para, Don Para and Son Para as the Para Para Brothers and used telekinesis to pinned their feet to the ground. Chi Chi and Pan were dancing uncontrollably by the Para Brothers' technique,  "Para Para Boogie". Don Para went after Videl and places her in a dance trance. Son Para traps Android 18, Megan, Sharotto, Bulma, Gohan, Goten and Trunks into dancing. 

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