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Less than Normal is a character-driven fan-fiction made by PabloDePablo. It features Gohan and several other characters in the years between the Cell Games and Goku's return, and how Gohan's lack of a father affects him.

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Copai SagaEdit

This saga covers Copai's arrival on Earth and friendship with Gohan, along with an alien known only as 'The Boss' and his ties to Copai.

Chapter List

1. Prologue

2. Clean-Up Deployed

3. Tough to the Core

4. Just a Scrape

5. ???

6. ???

7. ???

8. ???

9. ???

10. ???

11. A Crimson Wound (season finale, part 1)

12. Bested (season finale, part 2)


  • While only one saga is listed, there will be at least three, each lasting 12 chapters.
    • A special is also planned.
  • Much like how all pure-blooded Saiyans have puns on vegetables for names, all of the Latemiens (Copai's race) are named after metals.
  • Copai was inspired by Haruko from FLCL, and is put into the story in a similar way- coming from space for a vague reason and living with the main character.