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"Walk away. You have no hope of winning this."
Lenomi, trying to intimidate Ledas

character image
レノミ, Renomi
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten:
Species: Jolea
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Isani, Atjoh
Birthdate: November 24, Age 713
Date of Death: July 17, Age 743
Birth Power Level: 4816
Maximum Power Level: 135,000
Personal Pronouns: わたし
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 116.2 lbs
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Yellow
Rank: Installation Commander
Organizations: Cooler's Empire (Age 713 - Age 728)
Planet Trade Organization Rebels (Age 728 - Age 743)
Favorite Food: Sugar bread
Favorite Vehicle: Space Pod
Hobbies: Singing, waterskiing
Family: Planet Trade Organization Rebels (member)

Lenomi (レノミ, Renomi) is a Jolea in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. She is featured in the second saga and is introduced in the chapter "A Mess Of Politics".



Lenomi is a Jolea. She is a humanoid bipedal being with dark green skin. She has short white hair and yellow eyes. She is about 6'3" tall, and is very skinny. She wears the standard combat harness (including the side and crotch guards) for all Cooler soldiers, despite being a rebel. Her armor's colors are blue and white with a black jumpsuit underneath. She does not wear a scouter.


Lenomi is a strong-willed, talkative Jolea. She is also quite intelligent, as seen when she dissuades Ledas from attacking her at first. She is somewhat arrogant about her abilities as well, and mocks Ledas' desire to kill her. She is very dedicated to the rebel cause. While the rest of her installation was under attack, Lenomi was continuing to look up future Planet Trade Organization soldiers to recruit. Even though she could feel Ledas getting closer to her, due to her species' innate ability to sense power level, she was either not worried about it or severely underestimating him. In battle, she is quite brutal, and no mercy for the young Saiyan warrior.


Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Lauto Saga[]

Lenomi was the commander of the vanadium mining installation that housed a secret force of rebels. She was the one who sent the small force to Planet Cooler 92 in order to exact revenge on Banas. She was later attacked by The Plantains and killed by Ledas in combat. While she was the strongest rebel hiding on the installation, Lieme guessed that Lenomi was not the leader of the entire rebel forces, due to her relatively small garrison.



  • All of Cooler's soldiers' names are based on fruits. In Lenomi's case, this is the "lemon".
  • Lenomi is the last main character introduced in the Lauto Saga.
  • Of my characters with translated katakana names, Lenomi's is the most visually appealing to me.
  • Lenomi's theme is Eleanor Rigby.

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