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Leku is the middle-class Saiyan child who participates in Age 737's Saiyan Placement Trials. He is Arra's first opponent, and unlike Nipu he puts up a good fight before being defeated.

He is a minor character in Dragon Ball: Uprising. His name is a pun on the vegetable Leek.

Appearance Edit

Leku is a full-blooded Saiyan and so as a result he shows all the normal traits of a Saiyan his age. His black hair is flat at the top and kept in a small ponytail at the back. Like the rest of Saiyans participating in the Placement Trials, he still has his tail.

At the start if the Placement Trials Arc, he is wearing standard issue black and yellow Planet Trade Organization armor.

Personality Edit

Not much is shown of Leku's personality due to to his lack of dialogue, but from what little he's said it's clear that Leku is overconfident and enjoys trash talking his enemies as he fights them. Due to this overconfidence, he allows himself to be distracted in his fight with Arra, which in turn leads to his loss.

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