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The form of Shenron and Goku, This form appeared in the movie: The Immortals. There is one other way of destroying an immortal being: using the power of something eternal such as Shenron. Shenron places it's power into Goku which makes him transform into a Golden Dragon Hybrid (Similar to the Omega, Nova, etc.)

Goku gains 1 foot and transforms into an Omega Shenron-like figure with black spikes as hair (which turns gold in SSJ).

The Eternal Legendary Dragon Goku power level: 103,405,320,943 (103b)

Eternal Dragon Goku (SSJ) power level: 142,000,000,000 (142b)

anything with a power level over 100b (billion) can compete with immortals.

Only Eternal and Immortals have over 100b power level.


Goku (LD) vs. Sayvar 

Goku (LD) vs. Meita

Super Goku (LD) vs. Ragnar

Super Goku II (LD) vs. Ultimate Ragnar (All eternal flames lit)

Super Goku III (LD) vs. Ultimate Ragnar (full power)

Fusions: (Special Show)

Gogeta (LD) vs. Ragmevar

SSJ Gogeta (LD) vs. Raging Ragmevar