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Manga Lee'sa
Lee'sa, リーサ
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball Galaxy
Nicknames: General (Saiyan Warriors)
Honey (Mercury)
Species: 3/4Saiyan
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Sadala
Birthdate: Age 725
Date of Death: Age 782 (Alternate Timeline)
Birth Power Level: 250 (Tier 0)
Maximum Power Level: 210,000,000,000,000 (Tier 10)
Height: 5'10"
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Violet
  • Saiyan Imperium
  • Z-Fighters
  • Favorite Food: Everthing
    Hobbies: Painting
    Family: Mercury (Husband)
    Jac (Cousin)
    Bluu(Adopted Sister)
    Jay (Son)
    Virginia (Daughter)

    "You can have pride, you can be honorable... But having humility is a mark of a True Saiyan"

    Lee'sa is a female Saiyan and one of the protagonist of the Dragon Ball Galaxy fan-fiction series.


    Lee'sa is a 5'10" light skinned women with green spikey hair and violet eyes. As a Saiyan general, she would wear a green Saiyan armor with black spandex. The color of her scouter was red. As a Z-fighter, she would wear a blue shirt that is covered by armor and wear black trousers with grey boots. Like all the Saiyan, Lee'sa also had a tail. She later loses her tail while training with Queen Hanasia in their version of the gravity chamber. Her tail does grow back when she was under the control of Baby Garlic during the Tuffle Arc


    Like a Saiyan, she loves to fight and get stronger. However unlike most Saiyans, she is caring, kind, strong-willed and very intelligent, but has the tendency to be tomboyish especially with her son. Like her husband, she too has a strong sense of justice and will not hesitate to put her life on the line for those she loves.


    Like all Saiyans, Lee'sa loves to eat and fight. She has also developed a fondness in painting sceneries.


    Lee'sa has a fear of Butterflies. She hates it when Mercury teases her for this fear.



    • Ki manipulation and Sensory
    • Flight
    • Galick Beam Cannon
    • Furious Combination
    • Mega Blaster


    • Super Saiyan 4 - While under the Tuffle mind Control Baby Garlic uses massive amounts of Blutz wave which caused her to transform into this form.
    • Super Saiyan 5 - Still under mind control, Baby again use another boost in power to cause her to ascend to this form.

    Memorable QuotesEdit

    Human-Saiyan War ArcEdit

    "So, you must be Mercury?"
    Lee'sa to Mercury, face to face for the first time

    "I'm quite impress. Not only are you able to distract my forces, but you manage to fight through my elites. My view on Humans has change."
    Lee'sa to the Star Team

    "Well played... You win..."
    Lee'sa to Mercury, after surprise attack

    "Mercury, you do realize the power gap between us. This is a one-sided fight. There is no way you win, even with your Kaioken. I advise that you give up.
    "I can’t do that. Why surrender to a tyrant, if you know you’re going die anyways. Hanasia is no different from Cold."
    "(He’s right, Hanasia has no intention to end the war until the Human race is extinct. I have to do something.) Either way, I am looking forward to this fight. Just me, and you.
    Lee'sa and Mercury

    "I have ascendant. I have become a Super Saiyan!"
    Lee'sa to Mercury, After transforming into a Super Saiyan

    "Mercury... is the true warrior... He is the real Hero!"
    — Super Saiyan 2 Lee'sa to Legendary Super Saiyan Hanasia, after presuming Mercury is killed

    "What you did was incredible. You are a selfless, honorable and powerful, for a human. You know you have limits, but that dose not stop you. Despite those limits, you seem to always break them. I never met or fought anyone like you. Fighting alongside made me feel happy. I want to fight alongside you, forever. I love you."
    Lee'sa confesses her love to Mercury

    Tuffle ArcEdit

    "Impossible... The Tuffles were wiped out! I watched Planet Plant destruction by Hanasia!
    "Yes our home was destroyed, but our brilliant scientist had a backup plan; Me. I am Baby, last of the Tuffles, welcome to the family.
    Lee'sa and Baby Garlic, before Lee'sa was turned into a Tuffle

    "Its useless to resistance “My Love”. We tuffles are far more superior than humans and saiyans. Face it, you’re better off becoming a tuffle. I can arrange that, personally."
    — Super Saiyan 4 Tuffle-Lee'sa to Mercury

    "Mercury, If a something were to take control of me. Please eliminate me. I would rather sacrifice myself than let something use me to destroy you and our three children... No matter whatever happens, I know you will win. Always remember that I love you, and I am a honor to be your proud saiyan wife."
    Lee'sa to Mercury, Flashback

    "What’s wrong my love, getting tired? Don’t worry, it will all end soon for you. Once I kill you, I will go to earth and make our children suffer same fate. They will die a slow and painful death.
    "I will stop before you can do that!
    "Oh? You're going to kill your wife?
    "You don't know Lee'sa.
    — Super Saiyan 5 Tuffle-Lee'sa and Ultra Human Mercury, Mercury's Resolve

    "I’m a Tuffle... our children are Tuffles. All this time. I fought to free the Saiyan race, and yet I’m one of them. The same evil, conquering species!
    ...You may have tuffle blood, but you are a saiyan...
    Lee'sa and Mercury, at the hospital recovering

    Machine ArcEdit

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