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"I’ve been waiting for this for a long time."
Ledas, before reuniting with Vegeta after many years of estrangement


It sucks, but it's cool
リイダス, Rīdasu
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Dragon Ball: The Great War (cameo)

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten (First appearance)

How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Not So Far


Bean Daddy

A Quest for Booty

The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[1]

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest

The Monster and the Maiden

The Space Taco Bandit

Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem (cameo)

Nowhere to Go

Black as Blood

The Last Saiyan[1]

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Other World saga[1]

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast DLC

Nicknames: Monkey, Ape, Kid
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Royal City, Planet Vegeta
Birthdate: June 7, Age 733
Birth Power Level: 417
Maximum Power Level: B- Tier
Personal Pronouns: ぼく, わたくし, おれ, 麿まろ
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 77 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey
Rank: Super Elite, Soldier in the Planet Trade Organization
Organizations: Frieza's Empire (Age 733 - Age 737)
Cooler's Empire (specifically The Plantains) (Age 739 - Age 745)
Starchasers (Age 776 - present)
Favorite Food: Kiwis, shumai
Favorite Vehicle: Model-14 Gravity Training Unit
Hobbies: Training, spending time with friends, traveling
Family: Lascon (grandfather)
Layeeck (father)
Cyleria (mother)
Yuki (mate)
Chari (daughter)
Olivien (son)
Nir (son)
Lauto (ki brother)
The Benefactor (ki brother)
Mrs. Fanshi (caretaker)
Vegeta (best friend)
Ryori (friend/roommate)
Chaiva (FWB)
Cuber (fusee)
Okinaro (comrade)
Linessi (comrade)
Naemi (comrade)
Vizzer (comrade)
Voice Actor: Destructivedisk

Ledas (リイダス, Rīdasu) is a Saiyan and the protagonist in Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. He is featured in all six sagas and is introduced in the chapter "Lest I Forget..."

Ledas is featured in Ledas: A Saiyan's Story, a collection of stories ranging from novels and novellas to short stories and one-shots. Ledas is also a playable character in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast DLC.

Ledas is KidVegeta's primary roleplay character.



Ledas is a Saiyan. In the first saga, he is only four years old. Understandably, he is very short. He is about half a head shorter than Prince Vegeta, who is five, himself. Ledas' hair is tall (though not as much as Vegeta's), spiky and wild. It curves over, in two points, over his right ear. In the back, it also goes down, partially, to the base of his neck, and he has several strands sticking out, sideways, down there. Ledas is also decently skinny. His muscles and physique are still developing at this time, which helps explain his rapid power level growth. He has large, round eyes, which are a dark grey color, almost black, like his father's are. A notable feature of Ledas is his lack of using the customary Saiyan tail belt; instead he lets his tail hang free-form at nearly all times.

By the time Ledas is 12 years old, he looks only slightly different than he did as a younger Saiyan. His eyes are sharper, and his cheeks are thinner. As well, his bangs are less pronounced. Aside from that, he looks generally the same as he does in the first saga. Being only 4'5", he is quite short for his age. Ledas is also ambidextrous. He fires his attacks with either hand, not favoring his right or left, and in the Planet Earth Saga in school, Ledas writes with both hands.

In the Prince Vegeta Saga, Ledas wears the the standard armor of the Planet Trade Organization, with the skirt and crotch guard. The color of his armor is black with red shoulder pads. His under-clothes consist of a simple short-sleeved black jumpsuit. He wears white on black/red/grey fingerless gloves and white boots. His scouter is cyan. While training, Ledas never wears his full armor. Instead, he wears only his black training shorts and his gloves (occasionally his scouter too) during those sessions.

Ledas also possesses a ceremonial armor set, which is rarely used. It consists of a black/gold/silver lined under-suit with a gold and red rigid-set armor piece, including the side guards and crotch guard. This set includes black boots and gold and red wrist and ankle supports. Because this armor is non-stretch, it is a bit big on Ledas when he wears it. Of course, he is obligated to wear his scouter with this.

Starting in the Lauto Saga, Ledas is refitted with Cooler-standard armor (which does not carry a should pauldron over the right side). This armor set includes the chest piece and thigh guards; the colors are black with a green shoulder. During the saga, Ledas stops wearing a scouter due to learning how to sense ki. He also is given the left wrist guard of Guva late in the next saga and wears it at all times thereafter. The wrist guard is purple and ornate; it had a spike on the lower side that could be used to slam into people. However, Ledas still wears fingerless gloves with this armor set.

Upon arriving on Earth, Ledas abandons all of his armor. He is given normal Earth clothing from Mrs. Fanshi , which usually consists of a dark maroon hoodie and jeans. He wears a plain white undershirt and socks underneath. Other times, he wears black shorts, a white shirt, and a brown hoodie. At least on one occasion, Ledas is seen wearing a black hoodie and white shorts as well. Ledas usually wears socks constantly, because his toes often get cold (and wet). He wears these clothes for the rest of the series, and when fighting, Ledas only puts on his fingerless gloves and Guva's wrist guard, never going back to his full, old armor.


Ledas' primary aura is cyan. While he is charging up, the aura will get rather large, around twice as tall as his body, and will completely engulf Ledas. Additionally, flecks of white will intermingle with the cyan color of his aura while the boy is charging up energy. When he is not charging up energy, however, Ledas' aura looks like short, wild flames leaping off his body, and it is uniformly cyan. Plasma sparks can be see in this aura after Ledas unlocks his Super Saiyan 2 form. Of note is that Ledas usually keeps this aura even when in Super Saiyan forms, except when mentioned below.

Another aura that Ledas uses is a black one. This aura is not a conscious aura of his; it is only visible when he's near The Benefactor (after accidentally absorbing some of the alien's energy). While he is near The Benefactor, the energy that Ledas had absorbed wants to return to The Benefactor, and as such, it forces Ledas' energy colors to turn black, which is the color of The Benefactor's aura. While charging up, this aura looks like a collection of needles poking up in all directions. It is completely black except for a grey/white area just around Ledas' visage, allowing him to be viewed while charging up. When not charging up this aura, Ledas' body is covered in a shallow coat of black energy that moves about his body constantly like flowing water.

A third aura that Ledas uses is seen only in his Super Saiyan 3 form (which he reaches many years after the end of Dragon Ball Z in Other World). This aura is gold with flecks of white while he is charging it up, and it looks like a standard aura in that it covers his entire body and juts out from all sides with thin spikes of energy. When he is not charging up, the aura around his body is a lighter shade of yellow and hangs around his body like a mixture between a cloud and rain. This aura always has plasma sparks in it.


Ledas' personality when he is 4 years old is light, innocent, and carefree; as well, he can be quite brutal and unmerciful. From the time he is able to fly, Ledas is trained to fight and kill without mercy. He does not hold any value to life, except to those whom he is friends with. Unlike Prince Vegeta, Ledas can be very childish even in this; notably, he views his missions to clear planets and kill billions of aliens as just a game. Ledas also sees Vegeta as an older brother and role model. Ledas feeds off of Vegeta's arrogance and can be somewhat arrogant himself, especially about his rank as Super Elite. He is humbled more than a few times because of this, and his arrogance slowly gives way to more of a quiet confidence in himself. Ledas holds a grudge against his father for cutting off his tail, and he becomes distant and combative towards Layeeck for much of the first saga because of it. Additionally, Ledas does not like to show off. This comes from his father's own request for Ledas to conceal his power. Ledas has a hard time demonstrating his power for others afterwards, as he finds it both awkward and humiliating, even when he should feel perfectly confident in his own powers

Ledas' personality evolves when he arrives on Guva's outpost. Mentally, he is broken and becomes utterly withdrawn after he learns of the fate of his race. Having no friends and with practically everyone trying to kill him, Ledas is forced to become much stronger than he thought possible; this causes an incredible physical and mental strain on his body, almost beyond what he can handle. He uses Vegeta as a role model still and often asks himself what Vegeta would do in similar situations. This motivates Ledas quite a bit. In general, Ledas matures quite a bit during his time on Planet Cooler 92, especially since the inhabitants of the outpost do not treat him as someone who is special.

Also, during his stay with Guva's men, Ledas' begins to appreciate life more. He is disturbed by the poor treatment of the Planet's native species. He notes how they are little more than slaves, just like he is. When Ledas acquires some Saibamen, he becomes overjoyed and names them. Thereafter, he treats them like his pets, and they treat him like a master. They are the only friends that Ledas has until he gets to Earth, and they help alleviate some of his angst.

Ledas sees Payar kill a few natives, and he finally loses his patience. Ledas then ascends to Super Saiyan because he is fed up with people being abused by the Planet Trade Organization, including himself and the natives. This is a striking evolution of character, as only a few dozen chapters before, a much younger Ledas was having fun with decimating entire populations of aliens in the name of the Planet Trade Organization.

Upon reaching Earth, Ledas' personality becomes slightly more carefree again, as he is no longer under authoritarian rule. Ledas is too embarrassed to confront Vegeta at this time, as he sensed that Vegeta was much stronger than him. This was just another, final example that Ledas' mental state stayed just as young as his body did, in The Forgotten. On Earth, he kills several humans, though mostly because they are threats to him. Otherwise, he tends not to kill just for fun. He longs for attachment with other humans, as witnessed by him trying to make friends with several humans, including Ryori, Yajirobe, and Korin.

Ledas suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after the Stomping Grounds Saga, as evident by his waking hallucinations of his father and The Benefactor. While The Benefactor's visions may have been a result of Ledas absorbing energy from the alien, they ware certainly exacerbated by his shell-shocked mental state. He sometimes has angry outbursts thereafter because the visions he is seeing are affecting his daily life and his ability to focus.

Ledas will attempt to kill those who are his enemies. He does not have any mercy in him. He prefers to let his fists speak for him, and detests those who just endlessly taunt and blabber on about themselves. While he does hurl insults at his enemies, they are not very frequent, and usually only come after Ledas has landed a critical blow. When Ledas is truly in fury, he will speak slowly and quietly instead of screaming. When he screams and whatnot, he is usually scared or in pain.

Ledas is bisexual. His attraction ratio is 97.5% to males and 2.5% to females. Ledas is primarily attracted to Saiyans, or beings who look very similar (such as humans). He has also shown a high level of attraction to members of Frieza's race, primarily seen in his relationship with Yuki.

Ledas is a happy drunk. When he is inebriated, he will tell everyone around how much he loves them. Ledas enjoys adventure, and he can never sit still for very long. He likes to visit other planets, even after arriving on Earth. While he wants to be as strong as Vegeta, Ledas has no desire to become the strongest person in history; he just wants to be on par with his friend. However, he does want to be remembered for his actions in life, and he hopes that Saiyan culture will remember as one of their greatest warriors. Saiyan culture has dictated to Ledas how a Saiyan should act, and as such, he tries not to run from fights and remain courageous in battle; he is usually able to do this, but sometimes, if he is losing very badly, he will abandon his morals to save his life.

Ledas does not consider himself a hero or a good person, and he is fine with that. He does not take well to slights against his family's honor or reputation, either. He does not stand for being called a coward. Ledas believes firmly that a Saiyan's identity resides in their tail. He is shocked and angered when he learns that numerous Z Fighters who are Saiyans had their tails cut off and are proud about it.

Personal Pronouns[]

This section is only relevant to the Japanese translation of The Forgotten. In it, Ledas primarily uses four personal pronouns to describe himself, and each one shows off aspects of his personality. They are as follows:

  • ぼく - Boku is Ledas' primary personal pronoun. He uses when he is in the presence of friends, such as Vegeta, Ryori, and Yajirobe primarily. He uses this pronoun in every saga of The Forgotten.
  • わたくし - Ledas uses watakushi infrequently. As it is a very polite way to refer to oneself, he primarily uses it when in the presence of people who are superior to him in status, such as Frieza, King Vegeta, Guva, and Korin. Ledas uses this pronoun with Banas for the first few chapters they are together, but he quickly drops it for a less formal pronoun after he is integrated into The Plantains. Outside of addressing his superiors, Ledas also used this to refer to himself when he first met Vegeta. Like with his interactions with Banas, Ledas eventually stops using this personal pronoun in the presence of Vegeta, once the two of them start building a friendship.
  • おれ - Ledas rarely uses ore, although this is the most common personal pronoun used by male Saiyans. He only started using it after he became friends with Prince Vegeta, and after he was separated from the prince in the second saga of TF, he stopped using this personal pronoun except in circumstances where he tried to make himself look extra tough. After reuniting with Vegeta, Ledas did not return to using this personal pronoun.
  • おれ - Ledas starts using maro after hearing The Benefactor use this personal pronoun. Although it is an archaic personal pronoun, he still uses it somewhat frequently, using it as a personal pronoun in the presence of his closest friends and family, such as Ryori, Yuki, Chari, Olivien, and Vegeta.


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Dragon Ball: The Great War[]

Near the end of the last chapter of this story, during a montage scene, Cyleria and Layeeck were shown holding their newborn baby boy, Ledas.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Prince Vegeta Saga[]

Ledas was born into the Saiyan Super Elite in Age 733, making him 4 years old at the time of Planet Vegeta's destruction. His father was the Saiyan Layeeck, a trusted soldier and friend to King Vegeta. Ledas, due to his father's position and his own raw power, was given the chance to train with the Saiyan prince, Vegeta. At first, Vegeta did not want to train with someone so weak. But, through time, Vegeta grew more accepting of Ledas and by the end of Prince Vegeta Saga, the two were good friends. Eventually the two children started going on missions for Frieza, and they gained his favor because they were so powerful and good at clearing planets for him. It was during this time that they were introduced to one of Frieza's soldiers, The Benefactor.

On their last mission together, Ledas and Vegeta were split apart because Ledas' space pod malfunctioned. He was forced to stay on Planet Vegeta to get it repaired as Vegeta went to the planet they were supposed to clear for Frieza. During Ledas' wait, the Genocide of the Saiyans began. By the time his pod had been fixed, Frieza was preparing to destroy the planet. When Ledas took off, Frieza launched his planet-destroying attack at the Saiyan homeworld. The shock wave that followed the planet's explosion knocked Ledas unconscious and sent him off course. Of course, Prince Vegeta feared that his friend had died with the rest of the Saiyans because of this. Frieza had not realized he had almost killed Ledas when he destroyed the planet, as he had assumed the boy was off-planet on his mission. Frieza had been preparing to let them both live, since the two had impressed him so much. Even with Ledas' assumed death, Frieza allowed Vegeta to stay alive and gave him a position on his ship.

How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary[]

In the second scene of this story, Kuriza visited the kitchen on his father's ship. There, he found Vegeta and Ledas. He was appalled to see his space crab ice cream on the floor, the carton empty. Almost everything else in the refrigerator had been eaten, the remnants discarded onto the floor. The janitor would have to clean that up. After Kuriza accused the Saiyans of eating his ice cream, Vegeta informed him that the Ginyu Force had actually done that. The Ginyu Force was, at present, meeting with Frieza, so Kuriza couldn't yell at them. Ledas complained about the lack of food.

Feeling embarrassed for yelling at them, Kuriza told the Saiyans that he would be retiring to his quarters. He ordered them to leave the ship and go conquer more planets for his father's empire. Vegeta gave him a look, but the Saiyans departed nonetheless. In the fourth scene, after Kuriza confronted the Ginyu Force for stealing his space crab ice cream, they told him that they hadn't and that they thought the flavor was foul. He realized in that moment that Vegeta and Ledas had actually stolen it, and his rage bloomed to the point of almost making him faint.

Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten[]

Lauto Saga[]

Ledas was separated from Vegeta after their planet's destruction, and his path instead led away from te prince's. Ledas eventually crash-landed on Planet Cooler 92, which was a military outpost owned by Frieza's brother, Cooler. For many years, Ledas was slave on the planet, living under the command of Governor Guva. His power level rose drastically during this time, from the many physical strains and powerful opponents Ledas faced. Ledas also learned how to sense ki while staying on the planet.

Importantly, he was involved in several missions against Planet Trade Organization rebels. During those operations, Ledas came into possession of seven Saibamen, which he kept throughout the rest of his life. He became aware that though most of his race, including his parents, were dead, Vegeta was still alive. This motivated Ledas to try and break free of his slavery to Cooler's soldiers.

Eventually, Ledas was involved in a strange mission with the rest of Planet Cooler 92's elite forces. During the mission, he found the exiled Supreme Kai, Lauto, and accidentally absorbed a large ball of power - incidentally, this ball of energy contained much of Lauto's and The Benefactor's energy (see their own history pages to see why they were on that planet and their energies was being merged). After Ledas absorbed it, he stopped aging. He was twelve years old as of absorbing the energy. So, for the rest of Ledas' life, his physical appearance never changed from that day. Additionally, after absorbing the energy, Ledas was able to unlock a Semi-Super Saiyan form, which was a transformation which gave him green eyes and white hair. Because Ledas hadn't achieved an emotional release to unlock Super Saiyan 1 (though he had acquired a big enough power boost to do so), he wasn't able to use the regular Super Saiyan form at the time. He couldn't control the Semi-Super Saiyan form either. Whenever he was in the form, his body was filled with excruciating pain, and he often bled from his orifices.

After returning from the mission, Ledas and the others were questioned about what happened, but Ledas didn't reveal anything. The other soldiers had their suspicions about him, but none of these were provable. Several days later, Ledas' captain, Banas, snuck up to Ledas and knocked the boy out. He did this because he wanted to frame Ledas as a Planet Trade Organization rebel to get potential suspicion off of his own back. The saga ended with Banas taking Ledas to Cooler's Capitol Planet to stand trial.

Stomping Grounds Saga[]

Ledas was taken to the Stomping Grounds by Banas to stand trial for being a rebel. Obviously, Ledas was not a rebel, and this was just a charade to get suspicion off of Banas' own back. When Ledas was standing trial, he decided to make a run for it, escaping before Cooler himself could interrogate him. Ledas then searched The Stomping Grounds for a ship to escape on. While doing so, he ran into Captain Mullpy, Private Grif, and their army and briefly engaged all of them in battle. While Ledas prevailed, the time it took for him to destroy the group allowed for Cooler to find him. The tyrant then battled with Ledas (though, as he stated himself, he was barely powered up) and nearly killed the boy. Ledas only escaped by lowering his power level to almost zero, making it look like he had died. As Ledas then tried to crawl away and escape, Grif appeared again and put the boy into stasis. He then hurled a couple of energy blasts at Ledas. After thinking he had killed the boy, Grif left. He did not truly kill Ledas, and instead, the boy stayed in stasis for the rest of Grif's life. Grif died 21 years later during a training exercise. When he died, the stasis was ended and Ledas woke up.

Ledas tried to get off the planet again (and he was not aware of how long he had been in stasis, either), only to run into the full force of Cooler's elite legions. Facing off against 12,000 elite soldiers, Captain Konatsu, Captain Anango, Nepar, Sika, and Sarpack, Ledas eventually eliminated everyone on the planet, save for one. The last one was Cooler Supreme General, Digranite. At first, Ledas was unable to best him. Cooler, who was on a nearby planet telling his governor's about his brother's recent death on Earth, learned about Ledas killing everyone on the planet and became enraged. He prepared to destroy the planet, and he sent a governor, Guva, to go and rescue Digranite before he did so. When Guva reached the planet, he realized who the Saiyan was, and instead chose to help Ledas fight the General. With their combined strengths and Ledas' Semi-Super Saiyan form now working better, they were able to kill the General and escape the planet before Cooler destroyed it. As well, Guva hid Ledas in his ship, so Cooler never knew that Guva had rescued the Saiyan boy.

Guva then returned Ledas to Planet Cooler 92. He promised that he would tell Ledas where Vegeta was if the boy would kill Banas for him, as the two had become rather hostile in the past 21 years. Ledas agreed at once. Before he could challenge Banas, however, Ledas ascended to Super Saiyan 1. This was because he finally had his emotional release after watching some of the soldiers abusing some other slaves (and of course, Ledas was nothing but a slave himself). Vowing to not let himself be a slave to anyone ever again, Ledas achieved the legendary transformation. Right after, he quickly killed all of The Plantains and also appeared to have killed Banas (though, as is shown in Guva's own history, this was not actually the case). After doing this, Guva finally told Ledas that Vegeta was on Earth. The Saiyan boy then left for the planet as soon as he could.

Planet Earth Saga[]

After a few years of desperate searching, Ledas reached Planet Earth. As soon as he landed, he became acquainted with Mrs. Fanshi, who offered to adopt him. She then put him into school, where he met some other humans, such as Ryori, Shoekki, Miki, and Mr. Kyokatoshi. Ledas also stole a gravity training unit from Dr. Brief and fought Vegeta while concealing his identity. Ledas did not reveal who he was to Vegeta at the time because he had just stolen something from Vegeta's wife's father and because he felt embarrassed that his power level was so much lower than Vegeta's. He also fought Piccolo later after destroying a city of humans. Ledas only destroyed the city because, at the time, he was seeing hallucinations of Layeeck and The Benefactor, and the hallucinations were bothering him greatly.

Soon, the New Red Ribbon Army was called in to try and find the alien who had been ravaging the area. Ledas engaged in the first deleted scene with Miki just before they arrived. Once they did arrive though, the New Red Ribbon Army shot off blutz waves throughout the city to make Ledas transform into a Great Ape. This allowed them to find out Ledas' identity. Additionally, while Ledas was a Great Ape, he ran into Yajirobe. The two eventually became friends and Ledas was able to get some senzu beans because of it.

The New Red Ribbon Army's search for Ledas coincided with Majin Buu's rampage on Earth. When the soldiers were looking for Ledas, they came upon his gravity training unit, which could be used as a spaceship. Wanting to escape Majin Buu, they prepared to use the gravity unit to travel into space. Then, they kidnapped Ledas' good friend, Ryori, to lure Ledas to them. This worked, and they were able to find and tranquilize the Saiyan before he could kill them. The saga ended with the New Red Ribbon Army fleeing to the stars to escape Majin Buu, with Ledas and Ryori as their hostages. As to why they kept Ledas as their hostage instead of killing him is unknown, but it appeared that they wanted him alive so that they could prove to King Furry (after the Majin Buu ordeal had been sorted out) that they had captured the alien who had been terrorizing the countryside.

Reunion Saga[]

After Kid Buu was defeated, the New Red Ribbon Army was able to return to the planet. As soon as they landed, however, their leader, Cardinal, told his underlings to kill Ledas and Ryori. This did not go as planned, as Ledas was able to prevent his death through eating senzu beans. He then escaped, saved Ryori, and killed most of the soldiers in the army. However, before he could do anything else, Ledas felt Guva's power close by on Earth. He then flew to where Guva was to see what the governor wanted. In reality, Guva was on Earth to find Ledas for The Benefactor. The Benefactor had figured out that it was the very same boy he had met in the Prince Vegeta Saga who had stolen his energy in Lauto's Cave so many years ago. He used Guva as a decoy to draw Ledas out. Unfortunately for The Benefactor, his plan also drew the Z Fighters to the governor as well.

Guva was forced to fight several of the Z Fighters to stall for time until Ledas reached him. When Ledas did, The Benefactor promptly killed the governor and tried to fight Ledas himself. The Z Fighters did not allow this and tried to fight off The Benefactor. However, the good alien had been using an attack to drain their powers, and as such, not one of Goku's gan could stand up to him. Ledas was properly reunited with Vegeta at this time, but Vegeta did not believe Ledas was real. This angered Ledas greatly, and with The Benefactor being so near him (and thus manipulating the stolen energy within Ledas' body to make the boy more feral), Ledas attacked Vegeta in sheer frustration and desperation so as to make his friend remember him. Vegeta only did after Ledas healed him with his last senzu bean. Then, Ledas challenged The Benefactor himself, and after a moderately short battle, he lost and was knocked unconscious. Of course, this resulted in Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 transformation, and the prince was able to protect Ledas from The Benefactor by battling the monster, himself.

Ledas was also in two flashback scenes in this saga. The first was a scene which depicted Ledas and Prince Vegeta (as children) being taught how to control their Great Ape forms. Afterwards, they were able to go out and play in the snow, which was quite a rare occurrence on Planet Vegeta. The second scene showed Ledas and Vegeta discussing what kind of warriors they hoped they would be when they grew up and how they would be remembered by the galaxy.

Fulfillment Saga[]

At the start of the saga, Ledas woke up and saw The Benefactor and Vegeta still fighting. He went to help, but after Vegeta lost control of his Super Saiyan 3 form and had his power lowered enough to allow the alien to defeat him, The Benefactor was able to quickly knock out Ledas. At the same time, The Benefactor destroyed the car holding Yajirobe, Krillin, and senzu beans, as they were nearby too. Then, the alien started extracting the stolen energy from the boy's body. When The Benefactor re-absorbed the energy, he was severely wounded (as the energy had grown accustomed to Ledas' body), and this allowed Ledas to wake up, eat a senzu bean to heal himself, and fight the monster again. The two fought to a standstill, as The Benefactor was wounded and Ledas was stronger from a Zenkai after eating the senzu bean. Ledas blinded The Benefactor with two energy beams and The Benefactor hurt Ledas badly with his claws. Before they could do much else, however, Yajirobe appeared. When The Benefactor started calling him names, Yajirobe got mad and started throwing debris from his destroyed car at The Benefactor, which included the Korin's mind prison (which was seen in the two previous sagas on Korin Tower). The Benefactor was quickly sucked in. Yajirobe tried to help Ledas get out of the way of the prison's suction, but he couldn't stop the boy from being brought inside. As well, Yajirobe lost his katana to the mind prison.

Inside the mind prison, Ledas was confronted by a mysterious being clothed in sand and its pet Screechers. They attacked Ledas several times until the boy found The Benefactor inside the prison. As the two tried to restart their battle, the mysterious being separated them and tested them on their strengths and weaknesses. Afterwards, the being revealed itself to be Verlate. She offered to let them out if they would answer a riddle. Ledas immediately said he would do so, even though he didn't know what a riddle was. As he was trying to guess the answer to his riddle, Verlate snuck up behind him and did an energy signature switch, trying to switch places with the boy and damn him to the prison while she escaped. Needless to say, the plan did not work. Verlate was so depressed by that - and she realized that she could never get out of the mind prison, no matter what tricks she did - that she committed suicide. Before she left, she reminded Ledas and The Benefactor that with her gone, the two would have to fight over who would be bound to the mind prison.

As soon as Verlate died, Ledas and The Benefactor started fighting. Even with The Benefactor being weakened, blinded, and tired, Ledas was unable to best him. The Benefactor narrowly beat him. Instead of fleeing, though, The Benefactor was consumed by the bloodlust famous in his species and started tearing at Ledas' skin, torturing him and making him bleed. As he did this, Ledas saw Yajirobe's katana lying nearby. He grabbed it and sliced open The Benefactor's face. This hurt the alien greatly, but it also got him very angry. The Benefactor then ranted to Ledas about how he had killed the boy's grandfather, father, and had beaten all of his friends. He promised to kill all of the Z fighters and other Earthlings once he got out of the prison. Then, he called Ledas the son of a coward. This all pushed Ledas over the edge. He suddenly ascended to Super Saiyan 2 and beat the hell out of The Benefactor for a few moments before escaping the mind prison.

Once outside, Ledas returned to his life. He engaged in the second deleted scene with a nurse and Ryori. He forced Cardinal to buy Ryori a new house and pay for the boy's expenses as penance for what he had done to Ledas and Ryori. This house was just a few blocks from Capsule Corp. where Vegeta lived. Ledas continued training in his gravity training unit there, trying to get as strong as Vegeta. Soon after, he got a letter from Cardinal. The letter invited Ledas to a tournament to celebrate his (and the Z Fighters') role in defending the Earth from The Benefactor. Ledas went to the tournament and fought Trunks and Vegeta. He won his battle against Trunks, but lost the one against Vegeta. Seeing how Vegeta didn't care that Ledas was weaker than him, the boy and the prince were reunited, and their friendship was rekindled. After the tournament, Ryori, Ledas, and Vegeta returned to Capsule Corp. to feast and party.

Ledas then lived with Ryori and trained with Vegeta most of the time. He became quite close with Vegeta once again, and the two were training partners for the rest of Vegeta's life.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Ledas appears in one chapter of this story, in the third volume.

Volume III[]

During June of Age 766, as Ledas searched for Earth and Vegeta, he sensed the power level of Majin Sesami in a Planet Trade Organization controlled asteroid field occupied primarily to mine resources. There, he met Captain Ajira and the rest of the station's soldiers who were gathered around a crater oozing indigo steam. Wanting to test himself against the enormous power lurking beneath the surface, Ledas warmed himself up against the installation soldiers, toying with and killing them all. When he threw Ajira into the mist, Majin Sesami awoke briefly from hibernation, and in sleepy annoyance, shot off into space to search for a more quiet place to finish her rest. The asteroid destabilized at that point, shaking and slowly bursting apart, forcing the survivors to flee. Ledas ran back to his pod to chase after Sesami, but he soon lost her power signature in the deep void of space.

Not So Far[]

In Age 775, Korin, Yajirobe, and Ledas got together on Korin Tower to play poker. During the poker game, Korin told them a story about how several hundred years ago, he had lived in the court of a certain Emperor Chaoko, where he had met a beautiful prized cat called Lady Myobu, who was the Fifth Rank in the entire kingdom. He then recounted the slick ideas he had had to make her his girlfriend: taking a bath, buying himself a fancy purple collar, and trimming his claws. However, he had scared her when he had gone up to her to introduce himself (as the fine lady had slept with her eyes open, and he had woken her rudely). Thus, the emperor had banished Korin to Dog Island. Ledas was quite entertained by this story, though Yajirobe cared not for it, and grew increasingly impatient, as he had heard the tale several times before.

Korin continued his story nonetheless, telling them about how eventually Lady Myobu had been married to some tomcat who had been promoted to the Eighth Rank in the kingdom. While Korin lamented the cruelty of his fate, he revealed that the tomcat had been named Nir, a name which Ledas thought was way past cool. He then told them about how he had crashed Nir and Myobu's wedding, ruining it horribly by blowing up their cake with some firecrackers he had stolen from a mutt on Dog Island. Nir had run out of the building screaming, disgracing himself and ruining any chance of him marrying Lady Myobu (and losing his Eighth Rank). However, before Korin had been able to present himself to her, Emperor Chaoko had wheeled out a big fat black-and-white kitty named Ishmael and married her to him mere minutes later. It was a horribly sad tale.

Then, the wise kitty demanded Ledas tell them a story, or he would have to make them dinner. As the boy was not so brilliant a cook, he agreed. At first, Korin pressed him to tell them a love story as he had, but Ledas refused. Instead, he told them a story about his father taking him to the royal city zoo back on Planet Vegeta just after he had turned four years old. His father had found a girl his age to bring along for a playdate of sorts (Ledas swore he didn't remember her name). There, they had borne witness to a Sanu (an animal not unlike a saber-tooth cat) ripping off a trainer's arm as he had tried to feed it meat on a stick. Thus concluded Ledas' legendary story. Korin and Yajirobe were barely impressed.

However, it was then Yajirobe's turn to tell a story, and as he had gone all-in on that particular hand, he was at risk of busting before getting to tell his tale. The other two made him tell it before dealing the cards. Yajirobe told them a story about how, shortly after leaving the Iboinoshishi Samurai School, he had hunted a rather ill-tempered wild boar, cutting its head off and slow-roasting it over a fire. Then, Ledas busted Yajirobe with a pair of kings. While it was not shown if Korin or Ledas won the poker match, it would be safer to assume the former got the better of the latter.

Later, the three of them had a nice dinner of roasted wild boar to celebrate. After dinner, Yajirobe asked Ledas why he hadn't returned home yet, with the boy replying that the issue wasn't something the samurai would be interested in. He then offered to take Yajirobe to The Guac, the premier club in West City. Yajirobe declined the offer, telling the boy that he shouldn't go to such places, but Ledas, being an alien, cared not for Earthly morals.

Ledas gave Yajirobe a small piece of paper, on which he had written him a haiku as thanks for the dinner (showing that, despite his sloppy handwriting, he had learned, in some capacity, to write). The haiku read: the fading sun and/smoked meat clinging to the air/a night spent with friends. Then, Ledas flew back home.


One night while Master Roshi and Oolong were partying in The Guac, one of the foremost clubs in West City, Roshi ran into Ledas in the bathroom. The boy's furry tail reminded the old man of Goku all those years ago - back when he had been a real Saiyan. He asked Ledas if he was Goten, but the Super Elite simply replied by telling him that he was in fact twelve. Then, he ran back out to the dance floor, and Roshi never saw him again that night.

Bean Daddy[]

Ledas and Ryori attended Bulma's birthday party in August of Age 775. There, they socialized with Mr. Satan until Ledas noticed Yajirobe in attendance. He conversed with the samurai for a while before getting Yajirobe to admit that he was smitten by one of the female servers. Later, the two of them followed her home, with Ledas urging Yajirobe to say something to her. The samurai confronted her on the street, but his nervousness spooked her and caused her to fall over and crack open her skull, resulting in a swift death. The two fled the scene, with Yajirobe on Ledas' back (as he still had not learned how to fly). The boy offered to take him to a buffet in order to cheer him up, which Yajirobe gladly agreed to.

A Quest for Booty[]

In the fourth scene of chapter 2, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado arrived in West City on their hunt for the fourth Dragon Ball. They eventually landed at a house, which was where the Dragon Ball was supposedly located. Beelzebub kicked the door in, ordering his bodyguards to search the place for the ball. It wasn't long before Abo found it in a box sitting on a table in the living room. He showed it to Beelzebub. Abo's reward was a tub of chocolate ice cream from the refrigerator. When Kado tried to join in, Beelzebub slapped him and berated him for not finding the ball.

Just then, Ledas and Ryori, the boys who lived in the house, returned. Ledas was telling Ryori not to worry, for Bulma would make them a new Dragon Radar (presumably the radar they had used to procure the Dragon Ball Beelzebub stole had been broken). They noticed that the front door had been kicked in. Before Beelzebub and his bodyguards could hide, the boys ran inside and found them. Ledas spotted the demon holding the Dragon Ball and demanded to know what was going on. The prince merely ordered Abo and Kado to knock out the boys. The aliens were unsure if that was necessary. Ledas told Ryori to stay behind him so that he could take care the thieves himself. Ryori ran outside.

After he did so, Abo rushed at Ledas with a swinging fist. Ledas caught it easily and threw the alien into the television. The wall collapsed on top of Abo and he did not get up. Kado came at Ledas next, but he kicked the man through several walls, which caused part of the roof to immediately collapse. Ledas then confronted Beelzebub. The demon complained about how ineffective Abo and Kado had been before Ledas slapped him so hard, he flew into the refrigerator in the kitchen before collapsing to the floor. The Saiyan plucked the Dragon Ball from his grasp and told him that he and Ryori were collecting the balls to wish Ryori's brother back to life. He would not let anyone stop them from making their wish. He grasped Beelzebub by the neck, bringing him to eye level.

They exchanged several empty threats before Aka (Abo and Kado having sneakily fused into Aka) came up behind Ledas and slammed his head into the marble countertop. The boy dropped Beelzebub and fell over. Aka confronted him, boasting wildly. Dazed as he was, the Saiyan was unimpressed. He noticed Beelzebub crawling over to the Dragon Ball (which he had dropped after striking the countertop), teleported over to the demon, and stomped his fingers. Screaming, Beelzebub reached for a canister of pink spray paint near the sink. He sprayed Ledas' face with it, getting some of it in his hair, too. Ledas fell over, screaming, covering his eyes. Aka complained that he hadn't been allowed to defeat the boy. Beelzebub told him to shut up if he wanted to get his wish. Then, he went at Ledas again, emptying the entire canister in his face. However, by that time, he had recovered, so he merely punched the demon prince in the throat, and Beelzebub was knocked down.

Afterwards, he confronted Aka, the fusion of Abo and Kado, noting that while the alien had become far stronger in his fused form, he was still no match for Ledas. The two began their duel. Ledas was able to comfortably dodge Aka, though the warrior demolished half of his house in the process. Outside, Ryori lamented the fact that Ledas allowed the house to take so much damage. Ledas didn't seem to mind, though. He noted that Aka's fighting style reminded him of Nappa's.

Finally, Ledas ended the fight by going Super Saiyan. He threatened to kill Aka if the alien ever tried to steal the Dragon Ball from him again. With his increased speed and power, he easily outpaced the fusion. Without being seen, he kicked Aka's legs out from under him, teleported in front of him, elbowed him downwards, and then hit him with a vicious uppercut that sent the poor purple fellow sailing through a wall. He came to a stop halfway through the tree on the front lawn, though he did not move and leaked blood. A pedestrian who had seen that raced off in his hovercar in horror only to hit a parked car three blocks down the road.

Ledas regressed to his base form and walked over to Beelzebub. He made sure the boy had heard what he had said to Aka. Beelzebub was flustered. He knew he couldn't give up on his quest. He decided to strike a deal with Ledas. He would gather all of the Dragon Balls, and in return for Ledas' ball, the boy could have his wish to revive Ryori's brother. He showed the Saiyan the three balls he had already collected. Ledas agreed to the partnership, stating that Beelzebub would make up for destroying his house if he found the remaining three Dragon Balls. Ryori butted in by noting that Ledas could have prevented Aka and Beelzebub from destroying the house, but Ledas shrugged him off, reminding his friend that he could have Cardinal give them a new, bigger house. Ryori seemed to like that, for he had wanted a new bathroom anyways.

Beelzebub asked if he could hold onto Ledas' Dragon Ball, but the other boy refused to give it up. He told the demon to return to Capsule Corp. when he had collected the other six balls so that Ledas could make the wish himself. Beelzebub couldn't argue any further, so he returned to Aka, who had by that point de-fused into Abo and Kado. He told them to follow him, and groggily, they took to the sky, pursuing the next Dragon Ball.

In the second scene of chapter 3, Bulma had just repaired the Dragon Radar Ledas and Ryori had been using when Jaco's space ship landed on her lawn. The alien told her that he was tracking a wanted space criminal who had come to Earth. At the mention of a space pirate, Ledas shot over to them (he must have been nearby) and demanded to fight the rogue warrior. Bulma gave him the Dragon Radar, while Jaco seemed not to believe that the boy could handle a space pirate.

Ledas sensed for the pirate and after a few moments of concentrating, pinpointed his location in the far north of the world. He asked Jaco what the guy did to make him chase him all the way to Earth. Jaco refused to answer that question. Ledas told him that he was far stronger than the power level he sensed in the north, so Jaco allowed the boy to become his sidekick in his mission to hunt down Paprikan. Ledas didn't like being reduced to such a role, but nevertheless joined Jaco on his mission. He grabbed the alien by the wrist and shot off into the sky, telling him that a fat old man with a sailor's cap had once told him that words are wind, so they should be too.

In the fourth scene, Paprikan awoke inside a cave. He was hanging from chains against a wall. There were many oil lamps around, giving the place some light. He reflected on some old memories and how he hadn't had any friends or comrades since he killed Bael all those years ago. He broke free from his bindings and ventured down the tunnel. He eventually came to a larger room where he found the four-star Dragon Ball lying on a table. He heard whispering and felt as if someone was watching him, but nobody appeared for a while.

Then, two beings entered from the far side of the chamber, talking to one another. One, a boy, mentioned that he could sense that someone was in that room. Paprikan hid behind a rock pillar. He noticed that one of the two was Jaco and correctly surmised that the Galactic Patrolman had come for him. With him was a boy with a monkey tail. Jaco found the Dragon Ball and gave it to the boy. Ledas was extremely surprised to find a Dragon Ball in that place. That pissed Paprikan off. The Dragon Ball was his - he was going to collect all seven and wish for immortality. Ledas started calling for Paprikan to show himself. The Makyan did not fear the boy, so he prepared to fight.

Just then, smoke seeped into the room. Paprikan noticed it and began to feel woozy. Suddenly, about sixty apes materialized from the smoke and attacked Ledas for taking their Dragon Ball. Jaco jumped up on the table and remarked that the beasts looked like his uncle Bessupo. The Saiyan, having taken to the air, easily dodged the apes' attempts at grabbing him. Seeing how nonchalantly Ledas was dodging the apes, Paprikan realized he would not be able to beat the kid in a fight.

Ledas threw the Dragon Ball back to Jaco, remarking that since he was a Super Elite, it would be best for him to hold onto it. The apes turned their attention to Jaco. Paprikan thought to himself that ever since Jaco had arrested thirty-seven members of his old crew for smuggling contraband space tacos into a space movie theater, he had never forgiven the bugger. Jaco, for all his worth, fought off the yetis valiantly, killing them by the dozens with his laser gun.

During the skirmish, Paprikan fled. Once Jaco killed off all of the yetis, he asked Ledas where the space pirate was. The boy couldn't sense him nearby, so he figured the Makyan had fled. Jaco vowed to track him down no matter what, as he desperately needed six months of vacation time (which was the prize for taking care of Paprikan).

Ledas took out the Dragon Radar and noticed that Beelzebub had collected four Dragon Balls. He was now headed to Ledas' location. The seventh Dragon Ball was far away, but was headed away from Ledas. He sensed that whoever possessed that ball was very powerful. The yeti corpses disintegrated into smoke and dispersed from the room. Ledas briefly thought about going after the seventh ball himself, but he did not trust Jaco with the two he possessed. Jaco got a message from Colonel Srednas, which put him in a foul mood. The two waited for Beelzebub to meet up with them.

In the sixth scene, Beelzebub, Abo, and Kado met up with Ledas and Jaco in the far north of the world. Jaco was frightened by Abo and Kado, but they reassured him that they were good guys now. Jaco thought that Beelzebub was a bounty hunter hired by Abo and Kado, but the demon prince corrected him on the matter (though he did like the idea of becoming a bounty hunter), stating that he was only collecting the Dragon Balls to bring his father back to life. Jaco was confused, for he thought Ledas was going to use the Dragon Balls himself. The Saiyan informed him that Shenron granted three wishes and he only needed to use one. Jaco asked if he could use the third wish, but Kado asserted that he and his brother owned the third wish.

Paprikan, who was lurking nearby, had heard what they had said. He was surprised to see Abo and Kado and briefly thought they were chasing him, but then remembered that they had been after Tarble the last he'd heard. He assumed that Ledas was Tarble and that he had gotten Jaco to help him fight Abo and Kado, while the brothers had hired Beelzebub to help them. Beelzebub took out Towa's scroll and noticed that the seventh Dragon Ball was headed to their location. He sensed that Kibito Kai was one of two people with the ball (the other being far stronger than the Kai).

The demon prince ordered Abo and Kado to fight off the purple man and his assistant and also asked for Ledas' help. The Saiyan refused to help unless Abo and Kado were defeated. He wanted to watch the fight, however. Beelzebub thought that was too risky. Ledas reminded him that he was the strongest fighter around. The demon complained that he wasn't going to stop Kibito Kai's champion, but Ledas promised to do so if Abo and Kado failed. Jaco wanted to stay where they were, but since Ledas and Beelzebub didn't trust Abo and Kado, the other two overruled him. Jaco was allowed to stay if he wanted, but Ledas mentioned there could be more of those smoke-monster yetis, which spooked Jaco badly, so he went with them.

As they flew after Abo and Kado, Ledas sensed that the pair had met up with Kibito Kai and Majin Buu already. Ledas remembered when Ryori had told him what had happened to his brother. He felt guilty, for it had been because of him that Cardinal had killed Shoekki. He would get that ball from Majin Buu no matter what.

In the first scene of chapter 4, after Aka and Majin Buu began to fight, Kibito Kai landed on a nearby island to watch them. At that moment, Beelzebub, Jaco, and Ledas appeared. Kibito Kai vaguely recognized Ledas, thinking he was one of Vegeta's friends. The Saiyan recognized him from Mr. Satan's parties, which flustered the god. He tried to remember Ledas' name, but could not. The boy asked him what he was doing there, and Kibito Kai told him that he and Buu were trying to stop Beelzebub from collecting the Dragon Balls to wish back his father. Ledas ignored him, telling Jaco and Beelzebub that once Aka beat Buu, they would make the wish on that very island.

Incredulously, Kibito Kai asked the Saiyan if he knew who Dabura was. He did not, and didn't seem to care about the consequences of reviving him. Kibito Kai said that Dabura had been King of the Demon Realm and had come to Earth with Buu and Babidi to kill everyone. Beelzebub contested that notion, stating that Babidi had taken him away from the Demon Realm against his will. Briefly, Kibito Kai considered that, but then thought better of it, as demons were not to be trusted. He told them that Dabura had been stronger than Cell, but none of them knew who Cell was. Ledas asked if the guy had been strong. Kibito Kai admitted that by their standards nowadays, he was not, but he did remind the god of Jaco's last girlfriend. Jaco didn't understand how Kibito Kai knew about Space Sheila.

To escape the awkwardness, the Kai flew into the air, getting closer to Buu and Aka's fight. After he left, Ledas, Beelzebub, and Jaco agreed that Kibito Kai was an idiot. Ledas alerted them to the fact that Aka was going to lose to Buu. Beelzebub asked him to step in. Before the Saiyan could answer, Paprikan appeared and headbutted Ledas, knocking him out.

In the fourth scene, Jaco woke Ledas up and told him that Abo and Kado had secured the Dragon Ball from Buu. Ledas was surprised to learn about that until Jaco revealed that they had outwitted the Majin, not defeated him in combat. Kado threw him the ball. The Saiyan took the four out of Beelzebub's bag and added the two he had as well, laying all seven out in a circle on the island. Ledas asked Jaco where Beelzebub was, but the Galactic Patrolman simply shrugged. He mentioned that they needed to make their wishes fast, as Kibito Kai was still around. Ledas gave Buu some old milk duds from his pocket to satiate him while they made their wishes.

Afterwards, he summoned Shenron, the Eternal Dragon. The skies darkened, lightning danced in the sky, and the giant serpentine dragon sprung forth from the balls. Abo stepped forward, and after making a nonsensical speech, wished for he and Kado to be transported to a luxury suite on Poonjab VII. Kado was so happy. Abo mentioned that it had been Ginyu who had told them about Poonjab VII many years ago. Seconds later, the pair vanished.

Jaco was disgusted by the wish, while Buu was shocked to see his friends go. He complained about having indigestion, and Ledas rebuked him for eating candy so quickly. Buu screamed that he wanted more candy. Ledas went Super Saiyan 2 and lunged at the Majin, punching him into the ocean. Then, Shenron began to speak. Kibito Kai noticed that happen, but was too far away to hear what the Eternal Dragon was saying. Suddenly, candy starting raining down from the skies. Shenron told Ledas that the second wish had been granted.

The boy silently cursed Buu for wasting another wish before wishing for Shoekki to be revived, fulfilling his promise to Ryori. The wish was granted. Ledas was confused as to why Shoekki didn't immediately appear. Shenron told him that Shoekki had been revived at the location of his death, in Seikishi City. Then, Shenron bid them farewell. The Dragon Balls rose into the air as stones and scattered. Jaco lamented the fact that he hadn't been able to wish for a new spaceship.

In the sixth scene, Ledas woke Beelzebub up. The demon complained, thinking it was Khulketti prodding him at first, and then hit Ledas with a ki blast in his sleep. Not expecting it, the Saiyan went flying into the ocean. Beelzebub woke up and sat up, looking around, when Ledas shot up from beneath the water and returned to the island. The Saiyan told the demon that the Dragon Balls had been used in Beelzebub's absence. He told Beelzebub that Abo and Kado had wished to be transported to the Pink Oyster Cult on Poonjab VII and that Buu had wished for some candy.

Beelzebub didn't even know who Buu was. In his rage, he stomped the island into the sea. Ledas also told him that he had used the third wish. Beelzebub said that the kid owed him big, but Ledas disagreed, stating that it had been Buu who had stolen the prince's wish, not him. His fury not subsiding, Beelzebub nonetheless asked Ledas to take him back to his bag because he was thirsty. Ledas was surprised to learn that Beelzebub couldn't find his way back on his own. They flew back to the other island.

In the seventh scene, Ledas and Beelzebub returned to the island where Jaco was. Jaco had stolen Beelzebub's last bottle of water and was drinking from it, which greatly offended the prince. He took the bottle back and wiped it off before taking a swig. He told the Galactic Patrolman that he had killed Paprikan and also berated the guy for being a nerd. Jaco was impressed and told him that he should become a bounty hunter. Both Ledas and Beelzebub liked the sound of that, although the demon knew he still had to rule the Demon Realm, so he could not put as much time into bounty hunting as Ledas.

Ledas, on the other hand, grew nostalgic at the thought, thinking that it would be like the old days with him and Vegeta. Beelzebub mentioned that since there was more to bounty hunting than beating up guys, he could run the administrative stuff, such as advertising their business, payment distribution, and acquiring bounties. The two seemed set on working together. Jaco mentioned that the Galactic Patrol didn't prohibit bounty hunting, provided the hunters didn't work in tandem with criminals.

Beelzebub thought their business should be called Demon Hunters Incorporated™, though Ledas was less enamored with that name. Jaco gave them each a transmitter that would relay information on active bounties from Galactic Patrol headquarters. Beelzebub didn't know how they would hunt in intergalactic space, since Ledas didn't know if he could breathe in space or not. Jaco offered to give them a ship, but Ledas was suspicious, as he had wanted to wish for a new ship from Shenron. The Saiyan and the demon agreed to meet up at Capsule Corp. in a week's time to begin their bounty hunting business. Afterwards, Ledas left, for he needed to go pick up Shoekki.

In the third scene of chapter 5, Beelzebub informed Towa that he had gathered the Dragon Balls, though two of the wishes had been used by idiots, and the third had been used by his business partner, so he hadn't been able to revive his father. At the end of that scene, Beelzebub thought to himself that if his aunt tried to usurp him, she would be the first target of his bounty hunting business.

In the fourth scene, Beelzebub used Towa's device to teleport to Ledas' house. He startled the Saiyan, who was in the kitchen making a mango smoothie. The prince drank some of the smoothie and when Ledas asked him how he teleported there, Beelzebub held up Towa's device, asking Ledas if he wanted the technical explanation. He did not. Beelzebub explained that he had returned to Earth because his aunt, Towa, had tried to take over the Demon Realm while Beelzebub had been gone. She had imprisoned his mother and executed many loyal demons. He had formally banished Towa after learning about that, and so now he needed Ledas' help to execute her before she returned and started a rebellion. Ledas agreed to help.

Beelzebub noticed that Ledas' house was different than last time. The boy mentioned that the previous house had been destroyed by someone. The demon decided to leave his teleportation device in the house, as if Towa didn't know where it was, she couldn't return to the Demon Realm. He asked the Saiyan if he could sense her. Ledas could. Beelzebub told him that he had sent his aunt to Earth several days ago, which shocked the other boy. He asked the demon how strong his aunt was, but Beelzebub didn't know because he couldn't sense energy, but given how strong his father was (Towa being Dabura's sister), he assumed she was extremely powerful as well. Ledas could tell, at least, that she was stronger than Beelzebub. Beelzebub begged Ledas to kill her and to pretend this was their first bounty. Ledas agreed, stating that he wanted to kill her quickly so that she couldn't destroy the Earth if she became desperate.

In the fifth scene, Towa was hiding out on an island far south of South Island, tinkering with a small device. She resolved to make a new teleportation device with materials on Earth, though she knew she had to keep her head down, lest the Z Fighters find her. She cursed her luck, for Beelzebub had returned to the Demon Realm at the worst possible time. She fantasized about returning and killing him when she sensed her nephew and another unknown ki signature (which was nowhere near her level). Realizing this could be her chance to reclaim her teleportation device, the demon flew off to confront them.

In the sixth scene, Ledas realized that Towa was coming for them, though she suppressed her ki. He fired ki blasts into the ocean until he found where she was hiding. Towa flew up to meet them. She grew confident, for she realized that Ledas could suppress hi kis as well. She promised to kill him if he tried to run. Beelzebub flew away from the two, allowing Ledas to begin the fight.

Ledas transformed into a Super Saiyan, which startled the demon. She was still unafraid until he told her that he wasn't done transforming. Towa immediately pointed her staff at Beelzebub, encasing him in a red ball of ki which floated over to her. She threatened to kill her nephew if Ledas tried to attack her. Beelzebub contacted Ledas through telepathy, but as soon as he did, Ledas freaked out. Towa realized what Beelzebub had attempted to do, but felt no less confident about her chances. Ledas was reminded of when Dewberry had taken Ryori hostage and how he had saved his friend from that goon. He decided to use a similar strategy to deal with Towa. She fired off an attack at the Saiyan. He teleport-dodged it, moving behind her as he transformed into a Super Saiyan 2. The boy's increased speed caught Towa by surprise. He punched her hard in the back, causing her to drop Beelzebub and her staff. Ledas caught the demon prince and broke him out of the ki bubble, then sprinted over to Towa, catching her by the ankle before she hit the water.

She demanded that he let her go, so he did. The boy followed that up with a savage combo of attacks that sent Towa flying all around, briefly knocking her unconscious at one point. When she tried to spit fire at him, Ledas hit her in the forehead with a controlled Feral attack that surged ki through his fist and out the back of her skull, killing her. He incinerated her corpse with a Kyorra Flash. Beelzebub flew over to him, very pleased. He knew that the two of them would soon become rich bounty hunters, given how strong Leda was.

The One with Several No Good Rotten Space Vermin[]

In the first scene of this story, Ledas visited Admiral Nectarian of the Planet Trade Organization in order to purchase Xii, formerly known as Planet Cooler 092, for his intergalactic bounty hunting business with Beelzebub. He payed the man ₩1,000,000,000 for the planet. He told Nectarian that he sensed some beings living on Xii. Nectarian speculated that they were space pirates, and if so, it had been written into the contract Ledas had signed to purchase Xii that it was up to him to deal with them. That made Ledas somewhat annoyed. He briefly considered killing Nectarian, but thought better of it, for in that case he would have to fight off the entire Telnauki Empire, whatever that was, and he didn't feel like doing that.

In the second scene, Ledas went to the surface of Xii, where he found the space pirates running a photo shoot for male models. Ledas asked them to leave, giving them five minutes to do so, but they refused. When he looked upon the shirtless models, he began to get an erection, so he immediately killed every one of them, first ascending to Super Saiyan, and then to Super Saiyan 2.

He relieved himself into the ocean, tempering his lust, and tried to sense for any Xili on the planet. He did not sense any nearby and assumed they had been rendered extinct somehow after he left the planet in Age 765. Ledas thought to himself that if they were weak, they deserved it, for Vegeta had instilled such arrogance in him at a young age. He found a Xan fruit floating in the water, though.

Beelzebub contacted him, telling him that the next bounty was staying on Jwe-Iko-Pok (formerly Planet Cooler 103) and that the price would be the same if he was captured dead or alive. Ledas resolved to kill him. With all the information conveyed to the Saiyan, Beelzebub ended their communication. He ingested the Xan fruit, which got him drunk, and began to sense some of the Xili living on the other side of the planet. He ran off to go find them, but ended up crashing into the ocean due to his drunkenness.

In the third scene, Ledas visited the mining town of Kwe’izu in Jwe-Iko-Pok (formerly Planet Cooler 103). When he landed, his ship's sensors told him that a sandstorm would be entering the town in three minutes thirty-forty seconds. He noticed a miner chasing a whore through the streets. He assumed Super Saiyan 2 and sped through town, making sure none of the pirates and miners saw him, eventually arriving at the bar Pehyka, the Kidder, who was his target, was in.

Inside, he snuck up to the rafters over where Pehyka and his men were sitting. He did his best not to cough from the Nil they were smoking. He thought to himself about how remaining in Super Saiyan 2 like this, while painful, would have long-term benefits to his stamina. One day, after he mastered this form, he wanted Vegeta to teach him how to achieve Super Saiyan 3. Then, he dropped and landed on Pehyka's neck, breaking it and killing him at the same moment. He killed every other person in that bar in the span of one second. He ate Pehyka's plate of food, scarfing up his rusoin infused grilled nele shirek. Afterwards, Ledas destroyed the bar with an energy attack and blew up the planet on his way out.

Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance[]

In chapter 2, Ledas traveled to the icy mining world known as Niflheim to relax for a short while before seeking a new bounty. He brought Verlate's mind prison with him to the world. After fighting off some unusually powerful bug-like creatures, Ledas sensed two powers in a nearby solar system, prompting him to excitedly fly off after them in his pod. He ended up forgetting the mind prison, though he did not realize it at the time.

Later in the chapter, Ledas arrived on Typhon, witnessing the early part of the fight between Cuber and Yuki amongst the group of Yuki's soldiers, though they were not aware of it at first.

In chapter 3, while watching Cuber and Yuki fight, one of Yuki's soldiers noticed that Ledas was amongst their group, alerting the rest of Naro's elites to his presence. Naro became enraged upon noticing Ledas, realizing after Kirka's comment that the boy was not a Mrovian, but a Saiyan like Cuber. Naro and his elites tried attacking Ledas again, so the boy put up an Adaptive Barrier and self-destructed it in order to destroy them (sans Kirka).

After that, he flew to Yuki's position, saving Cuber's life by attacking Yuki with a flurry of dark blue energy blasts, though he knew not who the other Saiyan was. In her fourth form, she was unable to do significant damage to Ledas, and was put on the defensive. She believed that Ledas was Cuber's son, although Ledas had no idea who Cuber was. After he revealed to her that he had killed her soldiers, Yuki became irate. However, Ledas was unconcerned, stating that she stood no chance against him in her current form and daring her to power up further if she could. Obliging him, Yuki powered up to her Fifth Form Super Saiyan 2 for the first time. She boasted that no one, not even Kirka, had witnessed this form before. The Saiyan became incredibly concerned, as he knew he no longer stood any chance against her.

Then they fought. Yuki easily bestrode Ledas, though he put up as much of a fight as he could given the circumstances. In her new form, she was much faster and more powerful than the Super Saiyan 2, able to easily overpower him and break his nose. After a short but intense fight, she forced the boy to retreat, lest he be killed.

In chapter 5, Yuki chased down Ledas, using a pair of Death Surges to try to take him out. Only a last-minute Adaptive Barrier saved the Saiyan from certain vaporization. Afterwards, as she could not find him, Yuki attempted a Death Ball, though she was stalled from destroying the planet with it by two waves of Homing Finger Beams and a salvo of Particle Beams, all of which she was able to easily deal with by flaring her aura. At the same time, these attacks alerted her to Ledas' position. She detonated her Death Ball in midair prematurely in order to snuff him out, which did significant damage to the surrounding area.

After taking damage from the Death Ball, the boy regressed to his base form. As Yuki approached him, he was able to go Super Saiyan 2 again briefly and flee. He used the broken cliff area as cover, for Yuki could not sense ki. Growing impatient, she blew apart the smoldering rocks with two more energy attacks, and pursued after him into the rubble.

Hiding amongst the rocks, Ledas once again reverted to his base form to conserve energy. Once more the empress blanketed the surface in ki attacks, forcing Ledas to retreat even further away, though he shot several Homing Finger Beams behind him at her in order to confuse her, though all that managed to do was make her angrier and reduce the entire area to a crater. The boy was able to escape her blast, but he crash-landed several miles away in the rubble of a collapsing mountain, taking significant damage from another rain of ki blasts.

It was there that Kirka, Yuki's last remaining soldier, was hiding. In awe of her new power, the Ocaran thought to himself that she was even stronger than Icer now. When he attempted to get a better view of her, he noticed that Ledas was lying unconscious nearby. He picked up the boy by the tail, thinking to himself that he could avenge his previous mistake of letting Ledas get away by killing him then and there.

However, the Saiyan opened his eyes at that point and fired a tail blast at Kirka, blowing off his arm. Though Kirka shot a dark blue finger beam at him, Ledas simply stopped its movement with his telekinetic abilities, and tried to catch his breath. This disrespect enraged the imp, who attempted another attack. Before he could do anything, Ledas fired his own beam back at him, which shot a hole through his lower jaw. In his death throes, the loyal Ocaran did not fire his last attack at Ledas, but instead into the air, where it detonated, alerting Yuki as to where Ledas was hiding.

She was swiftly upon him, and it was all the Saiyan could do to prevent himself from dying as she attacked him. During the onslaught, Ledas sensed Cuber approaching their location, thinking that Cuber was fleeing himself, not realizing they were there. However, Cuber could sense energy and was specifically approaching them with the intent of using a Mrovian fusion device to merge bodies with Ledas, as that was now their only hope of defeating Yuki.

They continued fighting briefly until Cuber reached them, with Ledas using all of his available techniques against the half-Arcosian, though none of them were doing any damage to her. Knocking him to his knees, Yuki was just about to kill Ledas when Cuber appeared, making eye contact with the boy, and shooting a pair of blue eye beams at him. Surrounded by this energy, Ledas was instantly pulled towards Cuber (this greatly freaked out the boy) while Cuber was pulled towards him. They came together in an explosion of light, that, when it died down, revealed them in their new fused state: Cubas.

In chapter 7, following his victory over Yuki and the destruction of Typhon, Cubas was defused back into Ledas and Cuber by Joijyhov on Glaysia. Then he introduced himself to Chaiva, Baochoi, and the others, and demanded to meet with the Mrovian High Council about Yuki. He had grown quite fond of her during their fight, and he wanted to preserve her life if he could, for she was one of the few Saiyans left, and he was romantically interested in her (though, even when pressed by Chaiva, he did not admit that). Cuber, Chaiva, and Ledas were allowed to meet with the councilors soon after, with the boy bringing up using the Earth's Dragon Balls to wish back Admiral Saibron and the rest of the Mrovians killed at Typhon during the closed-door meeting. The council agreed to this.

Ledas in his Mrovian combat armor

Two days later, Ledas was given a set of black and red Mrovian combat armor and a Mrovian neural implant, and then he, along with Cuber, Chaiva, and Baochoi set off for Earth. Chaiva went with him, while Cuber and Baochoi went in the other ship, so that Chaiva could teach Ledas how to fly the Mrovian transport. On the journey to Earth, Ledas remembered that he had left the imprisoned Benefactor on Niflheim, forcing the ships to detour to that planet in somewhat of a panic. There, he blew up the world with a Razorhail attack, a technique he came up with after witnessing Yuki's Stellar Airburst against Cuber.

In chapter 9, the four Saiyans arrived on Earth, landing in West City in front of Capsule Corp. Ledas introduced Cuber, Chaiva, and Baochoi to Bulma, explaining to her that they needed her Dragon Radar to collect the Dragon Balls. As she was getting ready to eat dinner, however, the Saiyans could not refuse joining her for their non-Mrovian meal in a while (and the first ever for Baochoi). Feasting inside, they were met by Vegeta, who had just finished his evening training session. Ledas introduced Cuber and Chaiva to the prince, explaining why they were there and who they were. Vegeta recognized Cuber as being one of the Super Elites on Priyep's team. They told him that Nappa's son had turned on them, forcing them to kill him, a fact that Ledas didn't know either. Then, Vegeta challenged the pair to a duel. After dinner, the five Saiyans flew off several hundred miles away to a remote region in order to fight freely. Ledas and Baochoi watched the battle. Eventually Goku showed up and tested himself against Cuber and Chaiva, which Ledas watched as well.

In chapter 10, Ledas continued to watch the fight between Goku and Chaiva/Cuber. Once it was over, he flew back with them to Capsule Corp., where Bulma offered three Mrovian Saiyans to spend the night, as it had grown too late to go hunting for Dragon Balls. Ledas bid them farewell and flew home.

In chapter 11, Ledas was shown sparring with Chaiva and Vegeta inside Capsule Corp. while Cuber searched for the Dragon Balls. He used that time to get to know Chaiva's fighting proclivities.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

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West City Saga[]

The Great Sushi-Eating Contest[]

At the start of this story, Ledas returned to Earth from deep space and met with Beelzebub in an abandoned parking lot in West City. There, he presented the skulls of thirty-six low-level criminals that he had killed. Beelzebub paid him handsomely, and Ledas gave him some space candy corn. Then, he alerted Ledas to a new bounty that had been posted for Haimaru and Raimie, the twin children of Cooler. He agreed to take the bounty and promised more food for his friend when he returned.

On his way out, the boy walked past the sisters step-mother Theresa and sister-mother-in-training Theresa. They purred when he got close, reaching out their arms for him and begging him to come to them, but he merely ran past them. Sister-mother-in-training Theresa renamed herself Father Theresa when Ledas passed by, but that did not make him any more willing to let her touch him. Outside, a man with a lampshade on his head was complaining about the light going out for him.

The boy made his way through the overgrown garden outside of an abandoned mansion until he ran into the old Mexican tryhard. As he got close, the tryhard handed him a slip of paper with '1v1' written on it. Ledas refused, throwing the paper on the ground (where many more, some aged by time, lay) and walked off, leaving the man to curse and sweat where he stood. He met his cat Balerion soon after, pet him for a few moments, and gave him a senzu bean (having not had to use it on his last excursion to space).

He reached the street and made his way to Capsule Corp., noting how the breath of the pedestrians walking about was frosting. He thought the air smelled of impending snow. He noticed a woman painting a sumo wrestler standing on the edge of a fountain, and as he passed by, he used his super speed to knock the man into the water without being spotted. Further down the road, people had gathered around a car that was stopped at a green light. The driver had apparently shot himself in the head. Police were there, trying to get everyone to step away from the scene. Ledas thought he spotted a sheathed sword on the dead man's back.

He noticed a tall, long-nosed man in an oily amethyst-striped vest carrying a bag full of money, licking his lips and singing of AstroTurf, a blind man peeling a pineapple on the curb, and a small imp standing atop a stool, complaining about society and demanding to be made emperor of the world while his two lackeys held back the raucous crowd. The imp also said that King Furry should suck a fat one, which Ledas thought was unreasonable, as King Furry was undoubtedly a novice in such endeavors. He also saw an Asian woman tumble out of a hover bus and faceplant onto the pavement, from which she did not get up.

Ledas raced hovercars the rest of the way to Capsule Corp. There, he was greeted by the floating white robot, Frododobo R’but. He asked the robot if there were any signs or mentions of The Benefactor on the galactic radio chatter. The robot informed him that he had heard no such things. He also told Ledas that Tarble had come to visit again. Ledas had been off in space during Tarble's last appearance, so he was eager to meet the prince. He mentioned that he had seen Tarble once when the prince had been a baby and was surprised to learn that he was still alive. The boy ran off to go find him. As he did, he saw Dr. Brief in one of the side rooms playing with a pink robot, having it smash a lego city to bits.

When Ledas met Tarble, he was surprised at how short he was, and thought that the prince's voice reminded him of Lieme's voice. He, Tarble, and Vegeta were in the backyard of Capsule Corp. Ledas made Tarble try sushi, which the prince seemed to enjoy. Vegeta was rather annoyed as Ledas' flamboyant outfit of a fur cape of rose and tangerine as well as similarly-colored fur gloves and boots, not to mention his short black training pants and a fancy pair of fuchsia-rimmed sunglasses. Ledas told him that he had been gifted that outfit for saving Planet Ctaedi from space pirates. He refused to take it off. Tarble was confused as to why Ledas was a child, as he claimed to have met Tarble as a baby, but Ledas told him it was a long story and wasn't worth going into at that very second.

Ledas came up with the idea to have a sushi-eating contest between himself and Tarble, with Vegeta being the referee. Vegeta was none too pleased, but Ledas wouldn't take no for an answer. He ordered Dr. Brief's servants to fetch all of the sushi in Capsule Corp. for their contest. They soon returned with all of the sushi, placing it on tables for the Saiyans. Ledas threw Vegeta a whistle and instructed him on how to be a proper referee.

Then, the contest began. The two scarfed down as much sushi as they could as fast as they could. Many of the servants watched the contest, some rooting for Ledas, others rooting for Tarble, and one woman, who attempted to eat a five-pound burrito (and only managed to get about a pound in before vomiting all over those around her) held a sign showing her support for Matt Stonie. There was a little man with a mustache and sparkling suit wading through the crowd throwing confetti all around.

Eventually, Vegeta blew his whistle. Ledas was shocked to see that Tarble had finished his entire table of sushi. The boy had only managed to finish half of his. The crowd dispersed. Tarble was unsurprised with his victory, as he was an adult and thus had a bigger stomach. Ledas, stating that Vegeta must have the biggest stomach of them all (since Tarble was such a small man), wanted to see the prince duel against Kakarot in a sushi-eating contest. Ledas ran off to find Kakarot, Vegeta chasing him, while Tarble remained behind to eat the remainder of the boy's sushi.

Later that evening, Ledas and Tarble continued to eat sushi by a pier while drinking koicha-grade green tea. Tarble told Ledas that he could freely travel between Gure's homeworld and Earth, visiting Vegeta whenever he pleased, because Abo and Kado had been dealt with. He also revealed to Ledas that he wanted to return to Gure's homeworld soon, as Gure was getting homesick. Ledas did not like that talk. He wanted Tarble to come with him on the mission to hunt down Haimaru and Raimie, whom he mistakenly thought were Frieza's children.

The prince grew frightened at that, causing Ledas to rebuke him. He explained that he wasn't a warrior like Vegeta. The boy asked him to power up to his maximum so that he could see what he was dealing with. He calculated that Tarble's power level was between 3000 to 4000, which was how strong Ledas had been when he had been four years old. Even though Tarble was insanely weak, Ledas still invited him to come on the bounty hunting trip and wanted to introduce him to the rest of the Starchasers. He also chided Tarble for being such a coward and kicked him off the pier and into the water before running off.

That night, indulging in nostalgia, Ledas took a train out of the city. While he was on the second train platform, waiting for his next train, he was confronted by Vizzer. Vizzer told the boy that the Starchasers had located Haimaru and Raimie and were ready to set out whenever he wanted. He told the genetic specimen that they would be leaving in the morning and that a new member would be joining them for the trip. Vizzer flew off, promising to tell Linessi, Okinaro, and Naemi.

Then, a man appeared on the other side of the track. He began to talk to Ledas. Ledas made a few comments, trying to be polite and conversational, but in reality he was extremely awkward. Eventually, the man revealed that he was an active Echoing Effect from The Benefactor. The Benefactor taunted Ledas through that avatar (being, in reality, many light-years away) and told him that the Iyxan would be getting his energy back soon. The man dissolved away into nothingness after saying that. This greatly upset Ledas. The boy would not give into fear, however. He once more thought of Tarble, thinking to himself that that prince had to have some purpose in life. Maybe it could be what Ledas had planned for him in the upcoming mission. If not, the boy knew he had just eaten half-a-ton of sushi for no reason.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]

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Emperor Kuriza Saga[]

Ledas vs Kuriza.png

Dragon Ball Z: In Requiem[]

After Majin Buu escaped Hell 10 years after Goku killed him, the Z Fighters felt his power level spikes and gathered together in order to combat him. Because Majin Buu had absorbed Uub, his power level had become massive again, and he was able to easily take out the Z Fighters. Ledas was the grey-eyed fighter described in the story, and, being on Earth at the time, assisted his friends in the struggle. He,along with the Z Fighters, was beaten by Buu.

The Monster and the Maiden[]

In the first section of this story, Ledas prepared for bed. His mother, Cyleria, asked him what had happened to his face. He told her that Vegeta had punched him (after he had failed to block) and given him a black eye. She applied some ointment to his face and told him how impressive he was for even being able to spar with the prince at his age. She told him that she and his father were proud of him. Then, Cyleria asked her son which bedtime story he would like to listen to that night. He wanted to hear about the Legendary Super Saiyan, as Vegeta and him had been discussing that person earlier (they wanted to become Super Saiyans themselves).

Cyleria sat down on a chair with Ledas and began to recollect the story. In the second section, Cyleria told her son the story of a Legendary Super Saiyan. During the story, she explained that Tahros, the king of the Saiyans roughly two thousand years ago, had alienated many of his governors and military commanders, for he acted like a drunken, partying fool all the time. Slave species began rising up against the Saiyans as Tahros ran out of money. They took over many outer colonies. Tahros only responded to their threat, however, when the slave species began to unite, pooling their armies and ships together.

He appointed his nephew Yaro to be the Supreme Admiral to lead the defense of the Saiyan Empire. This proved a disastrous decision, as Yaro was not only unqualified, but not a particularly intelligent Saiyan. He was often out-maneuvered and tactically undressed by the slave species, leading to massive losses. Yaro lost the support of his soldiers. Tahros' half-brother Akres went behind Yaro's back and took control of 90% of the royal fleet. Instead of fighting off the slave species, he returned to the Saiyans' homeworld and confronted Tahros on the stairs leading up to his palace. There, he slew his half-brother and declared himself the new emperor of the Saiyan Empire. He also said that the Legendary Super Saiyan would come from his loins.

Yaro was then attacked by the slave species' fleets and his meager armada was obliterated, with every last warrior killed in the battle above Poraxes Minor. Then, the slave species' fleets entered into the Saiyan Empire's territory and liberated dozens of planets from its control. After the Saiyan Empire began to crumble following various defeats at the hands of a coalition of rebelling slave species, the Tigahl Empire, sensing weakness in their arch enemy's territory, decided to attack.

It was at that time that the Legendary Super Saiyan emerged. Ledas was shocked to learn that she had been a woman. Len lived on Planet Margous, which was under the command of Commander Radichus, who was loyal to King Tahros. Akres sent Daikoros, his best warrior, with a fleet to Margous to take back the planet from Radichus. What ensued was a massive fight with millions of Saiyans on each side attacking one another for control of the outpost. Before Cyleria could continue her story, she was interrupted by Layeeck returning home.

In the third scene, Layeeck entered his house and took off his armor after a long day of work. He told Cyleria that he had been late because of something to do with Frieza. He was surprised to see that Ledas had returned back to the planet so early. Cyleria told him that Lascon had spent the day with Ledas, although Layeeck already knew that. Cyleria admitted that she was telling Ledas the story of a Legendary Super Saiyan.

Layeeck scoffed, knowing that she was recounting the female Super Saiyan story. In his tribe, the story had gone that the last Legendary Super Saiyan had been a man who could only control his Super Saiyan form in Great Ape. He had ended up destroying the planet he was on, as well as his foes, because he had not been able to control his power. Cyleria did not believe that was true and told Layeeck to stop confusing their son about the issue. She reminded her mate that she came from Zhukin's tribe and that Zhukin was the only known descendant of the last Legendary Super Saiyan, so her tribe's tale had to be more accurate than Layeeck's.

He replied that if that were the case, then Paragus' son should be the Legendary Super Saiyan, and there was no way that was true, given how weak Paragus was in comparison to other elites. Cyleria wondered why Layeeck hated Paragus, but he told her that he did not hate the man, he was just stating facts. Then, the two parted ways, as Cyleria carried Ledas to his room, for he was close to falling asleep. The boy asked his mother to continue the story of Len. She told him that the next major point in the story was the battle of Torben Fields, which was a part of the story that Ledas had never heard before.

In the fourth scene, Cyleria recounted to Ledas how Len and her brother Cilano had tried to escape from Margous while Daikoros' fleet attacked. Daikoros' forces overwhelmed Radichus, forcing Len, Cilano, and the few survivors to flee out of the outpost and to Torben Fields, which was just outside the city. There, Daikoros and his men surrounded the last of Radichus' warriors. Daikoros personally dueled with Radichus and killed him. Afterwards, he asked if anyone would step forward to avenge their leader, but nobody did. So he ordered his men to butcher the survivors. They took out two-thirds of them. Then, Daikoros told them to take the remainder as prisoners.

Cyleria glossed over the fact that Daikoros' men raped many of the survivors. Nevertheless, one of the soldiers came and took Len away from her brother so that he could rape her. As he walked off with Len thrown over a shoulder, Cilano chased after him and punched him in the nose, making him fall to the ground. The man went to kill Cilano, but Admiral Daikoros stepped in and prevented it. When the soldier complained that his pick had been Len, Daikoros asked him to take another. He refused, so the admiral killed him. Then, he took Cilano and Len to be his own slaves.

Next, Cyleria told Ledas about when the Saiyan Empire and Tigahl Empire had clashed. Admiral Daikoros invaded the world of Lipanto, but God-Emperor Mingahl's forces pushed the Saiyans back, resulting in Daikoros' death, as well as most of the members of his fleet. The survivors were taken as prisoners, and the Saiyan Empire crumbled that day. Len and Cilano were taken as prisoners by the Tigahl Empire and brought back to Loru Qir, where they were to be used in beast-taming entertainment for the natives. One day, Cilano was pitted against a Uagoni Viper. He managed to kill it, but it bit him, depositing its parasitoid larvae in his flesh. The Tigahl warriors had to kill him eventually, before the larvae broke free from his skin.

]Ledas was falling asleep, so he missed some of what his mother was saying. Soon afterwards, though, Len transformed into a Legendary Super Saiyan from her grief. She destroyed the Tigahl Empire and left the planet. Ledas began to imagine himself flying and fighting with her. She went next to Idiro VI, the home of the Ever-Apes, Saiyans who would never leave their Great Ape Transformation, for it was always a full moon there.

Ledas drifted out of the story for a bit, coming back when his mother got to the part about the Corvos League geo-turfers using Len to rouse a hibernating beast for them. Ledas grew excited, for he had never heard this part of the story before. She had been able to wake it up with her immense power. The monster, known as the False Nyarin, was actually Main Jaduu, a false Majin who had been created by Bibidi millions of years prior. Len fought Jaduu, but was unable to beat him. He nearly killed her, leaving her for dead on the planet she had awakened him from. Jaduu began rampaging through the Saiyan Empire. Len did not confront him immediately, instead deciding to take some time to train and hone her abilities in her Legendary Super Saiyan form first.

Once her training was complete, she went to King Akres and tried to get his support to help her kill Jaduu. He agreed and sent an army to her location. When that army arrived, they attacked her. Either a full moon or a power ball was unleashed (Cyleria told Ledas that her mother had thought it was a full moon, but she thought that was too convenient, so thought that a power ball, or a similar technique, had probably been used), and all of Akres' soldiers turned into Great Apes. She too turned into a Great Ape, her fur turning golden as she transformed. Most of the apes, including Len, were not conscious during the fight.

Len only became conscious when Jaduu arrived on the planet she was waiting for him on. Sensing his power, she gained control over her Great Ape form. The surviving Great Ape Saiyans ran off. Len attacked Jaduu, but was unable to land a hit. In her Great Ape form, she was too slow, so she cut off her tail and attacked him again. When she did, she showed him her newly-achieved Legendary Super Saiyan form (she had merely been using Super Saiyan before). There were varying accounts of what this form looked like. Some thought that her golden hair became longer and spikier; some thought that her hair turned blood red. Cyleria, however, stated that she believed her mother's (and Zhukin's) story over the others in her tribe when it came to what Len's Legendary Super Saiyan form looked like - her hair was black, but her body was covered in crimson fur, as if she was still partially in Great Ape.

The two fought, and it was a bloody affair. Ledas was falling asleep while his mother described the fight, so he began to imagine, in his head, himself fighting against Jaduu. He used some of his own attacks, such as Kyorra Flash and Playful Galick, against the demon. He pretended he was in the crimson-furred form of Len while he battled the beast. He won just as he fell asleep. His mother had stated, just before he nodded off, that Len had incinerated Jaduu, killing him and saving the Saiyan race.

In the fifth scene, the next morning, Ledas was sitting out on the landing pad outside of his house in one of the aristocratic skyscrapers in the royal city on Planet Vegeta. It was very foggy out. His father asked him to inside to eat his breakfast of sanu meat and fruit. Inside, Layeeck asked his son if he was going out on a mission for Frieza that day, but the boy told him he was just going to train with Vegeta.

Layeeck ate some sanu meat and some fruit too before telling Ledas that his mother had been wrong about the Legendary Super Saiyan. The real story, which Lascon had told Layeeck, was that the Legendary Super Saiyan had been a man who had been unable to control his power. Ledas remarked that Prince Vegeta had said the same thing. He told the boy that the Legendary Super Saiyan had led a group of space pirates and had eventually come into contact with one of Frieza's ancestors. The two had fought, but when the Saiyan tried to overpower the Arcosian, his power had overwhelmed him, causing him to blow up the planet. Layeeck told his son that the Arcosian had not died in the explosion, for Frieza's kind could breathe in space. Then, he left for guard duty in the royal palace. Ledas waved goodbye.

In the sixth scene, the Starchasers came upon a statue of the Golden Wind on the streets of Loru Qir. Ledas grinned. He told his companions that his mother had known that woman and silently confirmed to himself that the story she had told him so many years ago about the female Legendary Super Saiyan had been true. Memories of his mother and father, of Len and Jaduu, returned to him, and he felt nostalgic and happy.

The Space Taco Bandit[]

In the first scene of this story, Olivien noted that he had chosen the moon Xharon for the location of his restaurant, The Pink Taco, as Xii's other moon, Xikal, housed the building for his father's bounty hunting group, the Starchasers. While on Xii, Oli remembered that his father had spent time on Xii as a slave, but it couldn't have been that bad to be a slave on a tropical paradise. When Olivien and Chari fought in The Pink Taco, Chari said that one of the reasons she was attacking her twin was because he hogged all of their father's attention. When Chari and Olivien prepared to fight, the boy thought of his family line: his father was one of the strongest Saiyans in existence, and the leader of the Starchasers; his grandfather had been King Vegeta's best friend and his Captain of the Guard, and he had distinguished himself in the Tuffle War; his grandfather had been a skilled warrior too, and had taught his father and Prince Vegeta how to control their Great Ape forms.

In the second scene, Chari noted that it had only been a month since their father had let Olivien open up The Pink Taco. The shop wasn't getting too much business, but it was getting enough to survive. After Watagash infected Chari, she thought of Oli and her father, and how unfair it was that she had to help out at The Pink Taco. She thought that her father liked Olivien more, since they trained together.

In the third scene, Ledas and Okinaro arrived at The Pink Taco. They saw Dhuka slumped over by the condiments corner, Chari passed out on the floor, and Olivien sitting up against a wall, eating a Xhaichi fruit. Ledas asked him what was going on, but the boy screamed to be left alone. He fired a mouth beam at them, which Okinaro caught and dissipated. He thought something was wrong with Oli. Ledas agreed. He spotted the lavender antenna sprouting from the boy's forehead. The Starchasers resolved to remove that.

They rushed the Saiyan. Olivien jumped up and transformed into a fifteen-foot-tall furry beast. Okinaro realized that Olivien was infected with a parasite. They would have to remove it quickly, lest the restaurant be destroyed. Ledas and Okinaro agreed to use their new technique to take down Oli. The boy released an explosive wave, trying to push them back, but Ledas cut through it with a one-handed Kyorra Flash. Okinaro distracted Oli with a Shanali Ball, which exploded, sending shrapnel at him. At the same time, Ledas came up from behind with a blue glove of ki. He hit Oli hard on the back of the head, then teleported to Olivien's face. He released a Kyorra Flash at Watagash's stem at the same time that Okinaro released a Karui Beam at it. The two attacks joined together, amplifying their power, and hit Oli hard.

The Saiyan boy fell, and Watagash pulled itself from its host, making for the door. Ledas ended its life with a purple energy sword through the eyes. Okinaro took Olivien, and Ledas picked up Chari. They resolved to return to their base on Xikal. Ledas was sad that there wasn't any food around, as he was very hungry, but such was life.

Nowhere to Go[]

In this story, Ledas met Aela and Tess. He ended up getting Aela pregnant, and she gave birth to Nir nine months later. Before that, however, the Dragons of the Dawn appeared, and after harassing Ledas for several days, transported him to the site where Jiugin had accidentally sent Aekyarian and Tyren. The story ended with the boy preparing to confront the brothers of Dabura.

Black as Blood[]

At the end of this story, when Aekyarian and Tyren were transported to Earth, they noticed six beings down on the shore below them. These characters were Ledas, Aela, and the four Makyan Dragons of the Dawn. This scene takes place immediately before the prologue of The Last Saiyan.

The Last Saiyan[]

In Age 931, Ledas was seen on an Imperial camera feed talking to an unseen figure about producing a son named Nir and potentially taking on Earth's totalitarian government (which, at the time, was being ruled by the dictatorish grandson of Emperor Pilaf). Though Ledas was not recognized as a citizen by the officers who watched the tape, they still classified him as a rebel and logged the name of his future son, "Nir", in their databases.

The Last Saiyan was a story primarily about Ledas' son, Nir, and it took place 10 years after the above incident. Ledas may or may not make a few appearances in the main story as well.

Dragon Ball: The Mrovian Series: Other World saga[]

Hundreds of years after the end of Cold Vengeance and The Last Saiyan, Ledas had died and was living in Other World with some of his old friends, including Vegeta. There, he was one of the fighters who aided the Supreme Kais in fighting off Amoon.

Fighting Forms[]

Due to being ambidextrous, Ledas can use his forms with either his left or right side dominant. He slightly favors his left, as the split is roughly 55% to 45%.

Form I: はず[]

Ledas' most used form is his Hazumi (Spring or Bounce Form in English) fighting technique. This method of fighting was developed by him on his own. The stance is somewhat simple. First, Ledas lowers his legs, and gets onto a low crouch. Then, he pulls both of his hands forward and above his head. He then leans forward. This form's main advantage is that it leaves Ledas quick on his feet, and gives him an open window to counter almost any attack against him. It should be noted that, while one hand generally is stretched further forward than the other, Ledas does not have a single hand that he usually does this with, as he is ambidextrous. He will switch dominance depending on his mood.

This form is also a casual form of Ledas'. Generally, he will use this against opponents who are much lower in strength than him, or against friends, in a friendly sort of way. The looseness of the form is the main reason for it being his casual form.

Aside from what has been previously mentioned, this form's attacking abilities are somewhat focused over Ledas' other forms. For one, the ki enhancements that Ledas uses do take away from his ability to use ki based attacks. Ledas coats himself in his aura, and uses that to literally soak himself in his ki. This makes it much more difficult to attempt energy based attacks. Instead, this form relies on physical attacks almost exclusively. The enhancements go so far as to heighten his abilities to wild sense, ki dash, think faster, and increase endurance. However, this form does not increase his base strength in any way over his normal maximum state. It simply focuses it and gives him greater endurance to fight longer.

Form II: 帝国ていこく[]

Ledas' Teikoku Form (Imperial Form in English) was his original fighting form in the first saga. This was taught to him by all of his Saiyan mentors, including his father, grandfather, and Nappa. This is the form taught to all Super Elites, including Prince Vegeta - though the Prince's form would evolve as time wore on. Unlike the forms of the lower-class Saiyans, and many of the Elites, this form relies equally on energy as well as physical attacks. Indeed, in the case with Vegeta, the form can become specialized enough to be more focused on energy release.

Ledas' stance is very restrained. He stands with a slight tilt, with his right shoulder slightly forward. His hands remain at his side, but are slightly bent backward in a defensive gesture. His legs are slightly buckled, and his shoulders are thrown back, to show off pride and confidence against his opponents. This form is generally used against tougher opponents. Its usual opening move is a wild sense leading to a teleportation and attempted bicycle kick against the opponent.

As previously mentioned, this form is about restraint and patience. Though Ledas was no master of either of those qualities, it was taught to him, from a very early age, that whilst fighting, one must be patient to win. The defensive nature of this form really gives the user no choice in that.

When fighting, this form is equally good in the air as it is on the ground. Mainly, one tries to attack in a fluid combination of kicks and punches that are predetermined. Using spontaneous moves can hinder this form, as if the user is not careful, and makes a wrong move, their defense will be laid barren, and they will be hurt badly.

In this form, air combat is mainly ki combat, and not a physical engagement. The main strategy is to pepper the enemy with small ki blasts in an attempt to make them either become enraged, abandon their strategy and attack, or return to the ground. If the first two actions happen, Ledas was taught to immediately create one of his powerful energy beams and shoot it at his opponent. If the third happens, they go back to the ground, wherein, after learning the opponent's fighting style before, Ledas can now easily and tactically dismantle his opponent through precision kicks and punches, not to mention any ki-based attacks he may desire to defeat them with.


Forms and Transformations[]

Being a Saiyan, Ledas has the ability to use multiple transformations. These forms are listed in the order in which they were first attained.

Great Ape Form[]

This form was Ledas' most powerful transformation, up until the climax of the Stomping Grounds Saga. In Great Ape form, Ledas' power level was immediately raised to 10x his base strength. Despite this great power, Ledas used his Great Ape form sparingly. The reasons for this were various; for one, it wasn't ever needed in the Prince Vegeta Saga, as he was powerful enough without it. In the Lauto Saga, Ledas did have to fall back on this form one time, in a fight against Meloon, Lieme, and Payar. While the form made Ledas superior to those warriors, Captain Banas was still able to beat Ledas; this was because of the slowness of the Great Ape form. Ledas also used his Great Ape form to fight against Nepar so that he could deal with the size difference between the two. Ledas abandoned this form thereafter and did not use it in combat ever again. It was seen one more time in the Planet Earth Saga, when Ledas was transformed into it by some humans shooting blutz waves into his body. Yajirobe eventually cut off Ledas' tail, and the Saiyan boy was never seen transforming into a Great Ape in the story again.

Semi Super Saiyan[]

This was a briefly shown form, and it was first witnessed on Lauto's planet. It was achieved after Ledas accidentally absorbed a cloud of ki that contained much of Lauto's and The Benefactor's power. In this form, Ledas' eyes turned the Super Saiyan-prevalent green and his hair was colored a stark white. Several reoccurring flashbacks caused Ledas to fall into this form during the Stomping Grounds Saga, however, the form was so painful that he was not able to function while in it. Later, he was able to gain some control over this form when his base power reached a high enough threshold. The multiplier of this form is a little more than 3.5x the user's base maximum.

Super Saiyan[]

A drawing of Super Saiyan Ledas by Malik666

This form was achieved by Ledas at the conclusion of the Stomping Grounds Saga. He broke down after seeing Payar hurt some of the planet's natives, noting that, like him, they were nothing but weak slaves. Seeking personal agency in his hopelessness, Ledas became very emotional and suddenly ascended to Super Saiyan.

Like all other Super Saiyans, Ledas' hair was turned golden and his eyes became green. More significantly though, this form boosted his strength up to 50x his base power level, easily allowing Ledas to take on all of the inhabitants of Planet Cooler 92. This form was used by Ledas often after that; particularly, it was seen in his fights against Vegeta, Piccolo, Dewberry, Trunks, and The Benefactor.

Super Saiyan 2[]

A drawing of Super Saiyan 2 Ledas by Malik666

Ledas' Super Saiyan 2 form was achieved by him in the Fulfillment Saga. When he and The Benefactor were in Verlate's mind prison, the two of them fought a lengthy battle which ultimately resulted in The Benefactor being victorious. After his victory, he started attacking Ledas again, as he was consumed by his bloodlust, allowing Ledas to wound him significantly with a sneak attack. Afterwards, in a raging rant, The Benefactor confessed that he had killed Ledas' grandfather, father, and had defeated all of the Z Fighters. He told Ledas that the good guy doesn't always win and that the boy should just give up. He called the boy the son of a coward and promised to kill all of his friends once he got out of the prison. After hearing all of this, Ledas became emotionally distraught and ascended to Super Saiyan 2.

Ledas used this form to fight The Benefactor in Verlate's mind prison and to spar with Vegeta in Cardinal's tournament in The Forgotten's finale. As Super Saiyan 2 yields a 100x increase to the user's base power level, this was Ledas' most powerful form in The Forgotten.

Super Saiyan 3[]

A drawing of Super Saiyan 3 Ledas by Malik666

Ledas achieved his Super Saiyan 3 form in Age 778 during the events of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon. While this was his strongest form at the time, the strain it put on his body, even with his tail, was extreme, and Ledas rarely used this transformation because of that. Ledas' Super Saiyan 3 form is therefore his least-used transformation.

Super Saiyan God[]

A picture of Ledas drawn, colored, and shaded by Hyper Zergling

As a consequence of Ledas learning about this form from Vegeta in the second saga of Heart of the Dragon, Ledas achieved this form not long after the God of Destruction Beerus Saga. He performed the ceremony with Cuber, Chaiva, his twin children, Olivien and Chari, and the various children of Cuber and Chaiva. Ledas, Cuber, and Chaiva all achieved this transformation at this time (taking time to rest and restore everyone between ceremonies). It then became the form that they tried to use the most, in order to get closer to Vegeta's and Goku's powers, which were still far ahead of all of theirs. Therefore, after Ledas achieved this form, he almost exclusively used it for his fights in the second and third sagas of Heart of the Dragon.

Super Saiyan Blue[]

Drawn by Salvomakoto

Ledas unlocks this form in Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon. As the above picture illustrates, Ledas used this form against Super Saiyan God Cuber and Super Saiyan God Chaiva to test the form's strength. This is currently Ledas' strongest transformation.




The Mrovian fusion between Ledas and another Saiyan, Cuber, this was Ledas' strongest overall form. Adding the power levels of Ledas and Cuber together and then multiplying that number by three will yield Cubas' base strength. He can then become ridiculously more powerful in various Super Saiyan forms. Cubas looked like a mixture of Ledas and Cuber, though he was an adult.

Cubas was only used in Cold Vengeance during the Saiyans' battle against Yuki. This was the only transformation that Ledas has never lost a battle in.


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  • Ledas' name follows the normal Saiyan pattern of being named after vegetables. His namesake is lettuce.
  • Ledas' tail is cut off a total of four times. It hurts real bad each time.
  • Ledas is the only character to appear in every saga of Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten. In addition, he appears in every single chapter, with the exception of the prologue.
  • Ledas never is the first person to appear in any saga of The Forgotten.
  • Ledas was a member of both Cooler's and Frieza's armies in the Planet Trade Organization.
  • Ledas also possesses extreme flexibility, which comes in handy (or not), all the time.
  • Ledas is featured in the Raging Blast: DLC. He has by far the most forms in the game; these include Base, Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, and the fusions Cubas and Legetas.
  • When Ledas wears lipstick, he looks just like a girl.
  • Ledas is the last character introduced in Dragon Ball: The Great War.
  • Ledas' appearance in The Last Saiyan is a homage to Wen from Cowboy Bebop.
  • The first official Dragon Ball character Ledas killed was Towa.
  • 35Baragon's Saiyan Chayon was inspired by Ledas.
  • Ledas' theme is Weight of Living, Pt. I.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Ledas is scheduled to appear in this story, but this story hasn't been written yet, so it is not a fact yet.

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