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is the main character of Dragon Ball: Survivor. A Tuffle who sought refuge from the war caused by the Saiyans, accidentally crashlanded on a planet which seemed harmless enough, but was, in truth, inhabited by vicious monsters who were even more savage than the Saiyans themselves.


Initially, Lecter had an optimistic and carefree personality, and was a pacifist. When the Saiyan-Tuffle war had begun, he became more easily frightened and was severely traumatized by the fight.

By the series' end, Lecter became more brooding, jaded, serious, and expressed a frustrated and angry demeanor.


Lecter possesses a vastly superior intellect, compared to other Tuffles, and he uses this to his advantage multiple times throughout the course of the story. He has some degree of skill in the field of battle, though, which increases as time goes on.


Lecter wears a brown jacket which gets dirtier and more bloodied as the story progresses. He also wears a metal armlet which was originally designed to protect himself against the Saiyans, but was later modified by Obes to help fend off Regedowns. He wears a green undershirt and black pants, both concealing a complex armor which is fashioned from Regedown bones.