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Lapis aka Android 17 is the creation of Dr. Gero and the twin brother of Lazuli

Post Buu's defeatEdit

Lapis became a park ranger and lived happily with his wife and children protecting animals from poachers, he felt an evil power coming but was busy protecting the animals

Dragon Ball GTEdit

BH Saga 2Edit

5 years later, Lapis still continued to be a park ranger, Prince Bartek didn't took control of his soul and thus, he didn't take part of battle againts the "GT" warriors

Super Androids sagaEdit

1 year after the BH Game 3, Lapis fused with Hell fighter 17 and became Super 17, along with his sister they ultimatly killed Goku and Lapis (in his fused state) returned to being a park ranger (his sister was killed by Bartek)

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