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31/32 Human 1/32 Saiyan
Hair Color
Eye Color
Vegeta Jr. and Silk Briefs
Super Saiyan
10(Pt.1) 15(Pt.2)

Lace is a descendant of Vegeta and Bulma Briefs.


Lace and Silk Briefs were raised by their father to be vicious and heartless. However, as Silk grew, she became much more crude and had a bratty attitude, fustrating Vegeta Jr. and amusing their mother. However, Vegeta Jr grew pleased with Lace's improvement, and told him it would not be long before he would become a Super Saiyan. He was right on target. A few days later, Lace and Silk were training when they were attacked. Silk was killed, and Lace became a Super Saiyan from the emotions running through him. He found the Dragon Balls with the help of his father and mother.


  • Big Bang Attack
  • Ki blasts'
  • Kamehameha
  • Great Ape Smash
  • Solar Flare


Lace is a thoughtful, merciful foe. He tends to seek out his enemies' weaknesses, while his sister attacks without waiting for his thinking. He does not like his sister's crude sense of humor, but usually ignores it. He is afraid of Silk in her moods, and disappears when she's on a rampage.


Lace has black hair and eyes. He is a muscular young man. Lace looks more like a Saiyan. He wears Prince Vegeta's old Saiyan armor, a blue body suit, and white boots and gloves. Basically, he looks like his father but with a tad longer hair.

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