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Kyorra Flash
Manga name Kyorra Flash
Debut Prince Vegeta Saga
Appears in Dragon Ball: The Great War
Dragon Ball Z: The Forgotten
Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Three Foolish Monkeys
Inventor Layeeck
Users Layeeck
Class Beam Wave
Color             / (Ledas' variant)            

Kyorra Flash (きょっらフラッシュ, Kyorra Furasshu) is the signature attack of Layeeck, and it later becomes a staple of his son's arsenal. It is fired like a regular beam wave, but takes some time to gather energy for. If it is fired too early and without proper concentration, the energy will disperse rapidly, often causing severe damaging to the user's body. To fire it, the user takes their hands and crosses them over one another in a triangle shape, with a small opening between the thumbs. In this small opening, the blast begins to form. There is no need to hold one's arms outstretched in a locked position while the blast is charging. However, before it is fired, the user must place both of their hands perpendicular to their body and maintain the triangle form before firing. When shooting the beam, the user cannot move, so they are vulnerable to an attack.

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