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Kyorra Cyclone
Manga name Kyorra Cyclone
Debut I Would Have Been Your Daddy
Appears in Dragon Ball: Cold Vengeance
Inventor Cubas
Users Cubas
Class Beam wave
Similar techniques Explosive Demon Wave
Elegant Blaster

Kyorra Cyclone (きょっら サイクロン, Kyorra Saikoron) is a combination of Ledas' Kyorra Flash and Cuber's Fusion Cyclone used by Cubas as one of his most powerful techniques.


Cubas stretches out his right hand with his left hand grabbing onto his right arm. His body ki output becomes more massive as he charges his attack, and then fires a massive energy wave out of his palm.


In his fight against Fifth Form Super Saiyan 2 Yuki, Cubas attempted to use this technique. While he was charging the attack, however, Yuki released a surprise Explosive Wave that blinded Cubas, forcing him to release his attack into the air so as to not destroy Typhon accidentally.