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Vital statistics
Homeworld: Unknown
Species: Saiyan
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 1BNG
Date of Death: Varies
Height: 5'7"
Hair Color: Black(allround fiery fur aka Wolfzaru; only in Full Demon Form)
Personal Weapons Systems
Chronological & Political Information

Given a Demon

When he turned 1 BNG, Genstu his brother, arrived at Kybestu's location and gave him the kinder side of his demon.

Childhood with a Demon

Growing up on a remote planet was hard, for the soul reason as many believed that when he was 1 years old, that a spirit gave him a demon. The demon's name is unknown. As he entered his teens, we was even more ridacluded by the adults.

Teen Hood

During his teenhood, most of the citizens of the remote planet didn't want anyting to do with him. They were afriad of getting him out-of-control and relesing the demon. Though that only happen once in his whole life time. Then he joined an underground tournment called Underground Rumble. He instantly became the champion of it.

The Murder

During one of his matches, he senced a powerful pl(power level) and he heard a scream. His friend was murdered. He ran to his location and a sudden urge erupted and he transformed into his demon form, which is his eyes turning blacker than normal, his nails grow sharper and he grows K-9 teeth. He destroyed the arena and underground stadium, killing everyone, than he traveled(in an excape pod)to Earth and is now an EX-Fighter.

Wolfzaru/Full Demon Form

When Kybestu transfors into a Wolfzaru or Full Demon Form, he has no control over his body nor actions. The demon's phisacal appearence:

  • Black Fire Fur
  • blood red eyes
  • Standing on all four(his legs and hands)
  • a flaming black fire tail
  • mouth like a wolf.
  • Claws like a wolf but sharper than tailins.

In this form, all Kybestu can do is fire Black Flames from his mouth at an enemy or he can claw at an enemy. And he can stand on his hin legs and fight normally.