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Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles Episode 2 The end of the Saiyan race
Appears in
Dragonball: Raiden Chronicles
Date of birth
Age 737
Shino (Father)

Raiden (Lifelong best friend)

Shino (Mentor)
98 lbs.

Kuro is a Saiyan born on Planet Saiya, he's the son of Shino a member of Rokai's team. He's Raiden's best friend and teammate. Kuro and Raiden are the only known Saiyan survivors after Planet Saiya was destroyed by Emperor Shisaku.


Kuro is the son of Shino a member of Rokai's team, he met Raiden at a young age and the two became the best of friends. One day him and Raiden were sent to a far away planet but when they got there it had already been purged then they were confronted by some of Shisaku's grunts and they attacked the two boys but they easily defeated the soldiers. But then they were attacked Oraku one of Shisaku's generals, Kuro and Raiden fought as hard as they could but Oraku was too powerful but luckily Rokai appeared and defeated Oraku Rokai then told Kuro that was his father had been killed which devastated him then Rokai sent the two boys to Earth but Rokai and Planet Saiya were both destroyed.

Kuro and Raiden landed safely on Earth but they suffered greatly from their injuries and Kuro passed out. They were found and nursed back to health by a man named Shin who would take Kuro and Raiden on as his pupils. Shin decided to teach Kuro and Raiden The Omega Spirit, Raiden was the first to attempt the attack but he lost control and was caught the explosion. Raiden attempted the attack again and got it and Kuro was able to get it on his first try. When the day of the Tournament came Kuro won his first and second matches but whenhe fought Raiden in the semi finals it ended in a draw. One night he, Shin and Chun discovered to their horror Raiden transforming into a Great Ape in the end Kuro was able to destroy Raiden's tail with his Omega Spirit Wave causing him to turn back to normal.


Kuro is tall but slightly smaller then Raiden, he has spicky black hair. On Planet Saiya he wore white and yellow armour with white gloves and white boots. When he became Shin's student, he was given a red gi with a black undershirt, a black belt, black wristbands and black boots.


Kuro is smarter and wiser then Raiden but he still likes to joke around and like Raiden he is loyal to his friends and would not hesitate to sacrifice himself for them.


  • Flight - the ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki blast - the most common form of energy attack.
  • The Omega Spirit Wave - This is Kuro's signature technique. This attack is formed when he cups his hands, puts them to his side and thrusts his arms foward releasing a powerful blast.
  • Afterimage - the ability to move swiftly enough that an image of its user is left behind.