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Kuriza, drawn by Deadlychestnut
クリーザ, Kurīza
Detailed Information:
Appearances: Monster

How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

I'm a Candy Man

A Space Christmas Story

Twelve Majestic Lies

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

The Big Ugly

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization

Really Big Scary Monsters

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon

Nicknames: The Pale Prince
Species: Arcosian
Gender: Male
Birthplace: The Royal Palace, Planet Frieza 001
Birthdate: Unknown
Date of Death: n/a
Birth Power Level: 350,000
Maximum Power Level: D- Tier (as of Age 767)
Personal Pronouns: わたし, ぼく
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Eye Color: Green
Rank: Prince of the Planet Trade Organization
Organizations: Frieza's Empire (Unknown - Age 762)
Kuriza's Empire (Age 762 - present)
Favorite Food: Space Crab ice cream
Favorite Vehicle: Planet Trade Organization saucer
Hobbies: Dancing, wine tasting and brewing
Family: Frieza (father)
King Cold (grandfather)
Arcterial (grand uncle)
Icer (grand uncle)
Cooler (uncle)
Nitro (uncle)
Haimaru (cousin)
Raimie (cousin)
Yuki (cousin)
Hail (first cousin once removed)
Polaria (first cousin once removed)
Avalan (first cousin once removed)
Glacial (first cousin once removed)
Frost (first cousin once removed)
Lingon (bodyguard)

Kuriza (クリーザ, Kurīza) is an Arcosian and the only child of Frieza. Following his father's death, he took over his region of the Planet Trade Organization, becoming one of the most powerful beings in Universe 7. While not possessing the spirit of a tyrant or a fighter like his father, he was educated in the ways of combat by his uncle Cooler and his grand uncle Icer following his father's death, which led to him becoming an elite warrior by the time of Dragon Ball Super. In Age 767, he created and captained the Katchiguri Force, which was based on his father's old Ginyu Force. Following the Pax Arcosia, he became the heir to his uncle Icer, who had become the emperor of the Planet Trade Organization.

He is featured as a major character in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization, and is the main villain of the first saga of Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon.



At the start of this story, Kuriza was having a hard time sleeping, so he left his room to play outside in the rain. He snuck past his guard Lingon and the other guards and had a grand old time jumping in puddles and playing in the mud. As he was doing that, Kuriza remembered a story his father had told him about Kuriza's older brother. Frieza told Kuriza that his older brother had been naughty and often stayed up all night and would play outside in the dark until the sun came up, ignoring Frieza's commands to go bed. One night, a monster came into his room, took him away, and ate him. It is heavily implied in Monster that this character never actually existed, and was made up by Frieza only to scare Kuriza into going to bed on time.

Later, as Kuriza continued to play in the rain, he saw his father having an argument with someone on his scouter. Soon, Frieza became enraged, threw his scouter, and transformed into his third form. This greatly scared Kuriza, causing the young boy to flee back to his room. There he told Lingon about the monster he had seen, and Lingon put the distraught boy to bed. Kuriza later dreamed of his father in his third form and called him a monster; at the same time, however, Kuriza knew that the same blood ran in his veins as did his father's.

How To Act Like a Professional Mercenary[]

In the first scene of this story, Frieza, Kuriza, Zarbon, Gichamu, and several low-level soldiers visited Planet Frieza 062 to install a new rejuvenation tank on Frieza's saucer. Kuriza and Zarbon were meant to oversee the operation. Frieza left a carton of space crab ice cream in the refrigerator for his son as a gift for helping, though he couldn't have any until the tank was installed.

A blue-and-purple-spotted egghead named Appule was the man tasked with installing it. Four space-badgers assisted him by carrying the device into Frieza's saucer. While Zarbon bitched at Appule over the proper placement of the tank, Kuriza snuck off the ship and explored the outpost of Planet Frieza 062.

He killed the guards at the gate when they asked him for identification. Inside, he found a cafeteria. The cooks gave him a platter free of charge that included some space seaweed and what looked like mangled bits of deep fish. He sat down and tried the food, though he did not like it much. A pair of soldiers were having a heated conversation at the table next to him. They were complaining about the governor of the planet taking his second sick leave in ten days. One soldier told the other than the governor had a lactation fetish and had gone to a Sobren whore. Sobren milk would make anyone who is not Sobren extremely sick if ingested, so it was no wonder why he had called in sick. The soldiers were in disbelief that such an unprofessional man ran Planet Frieza 062.

Kuriza wanted to continue listening, but at that moment, his scouter buzzed, alerting him to the fact that the Ginyu Force had arrived. Before leaving, he noticed a bowl of space lobster bisque on a nearby table. Since nobody was eating it, Kuriza took the bowl and guzzled it down in front of everyone, letting it run down his chin. He wanted them to think he was just awful. Afterwards, he threw the bowl at the wall, shattering it, and marched out.

Once out of sight of the soldiers, he flew with great urgency back to the ship, for that bisque had been extremely spicy. When he arrived back at the ship, Kuriza saw three space-badgers fleeing out the entrance. Zarbon shot energy balls at them, vaporizing the traitors. Then, the man confronted Kuriza. He asked the boy where he had been. The young Arcosian rebuked him for raising his voice. Zarbon did his best to hide his rage. He told Kuriza that the rejuvenation tank had been properly installed and that Appule would remain on the ship with them as its operator.

They went to the medical bay to inspect it. Everything seemed to be in order. The prince told Zarbon to report to his father on the successful installation. Zarbon exited, though he did not bow. Afterwards, Kuriza noticed the smooshed remains of a space-badger stuck underneath a corner of the tank. Appalled by Zarbon and Appule's lack of hygiene, the boy vaporized the remains, swearing to himself that he would tell his father about that.

In the second scene, Kuriza visited the kitchen on his father's ship. There, he found Prince Vegeta (KidVegeta)|Vegeta]] and Ledas. He was outraged to see his space crab ice cream on the floor, the carton empty. Almost everything else in the refrigerator had been eaten, the remnants discarded onto the floor. The janitor would have to clean that up. After Kuriza accused the Saiyans of eating his ice cream, Vegeta informed him that the Ginyu Force had actually done that. The Ginyu Force was, at present, meeting with Frieza, so Kuriza couldn't yell at them. Ledas complained about the lack of food.

Feeling embarrassed for yelling at them, Kuriza told the Saiyans that he would be retiring to his quarters. He ordered them to leave the ship and go conquer more planets for his father's empire. Vegeta gave him a look, but the Saiyans departed nonetheless. Then, Kuriza fantasized about how he would get revenge on the Ginyu Force for stealing his ice cream. He knew he would have to get them good if they were to learn from their mistake.

In the third scene, Frieza's ship stopped at Planet Frieza 079 to refuel. Kuriza had ordered the Ginyu Force to meet him there with a new tub of space crab ice cream. When they arrived and Frieza did not give them another mission, Kuriza saw an opportunity to finally exact his revenge upon them. First, he switched out Recoome's stock of his favorite candy bars (Chef Zarbon’s double chocolate fudge packer two-pack with the tip’s skin pulled back) with a box of Doctor Malaka’s quicktime energy bars for the uncontrollably morbidly obese. Upon finding out that his bars had been switched, Recoome begged Burter for money to buy some more Zarbon bars. Burter refused, so Recoome had to sulk back to his room. On the way, he ate nine Malaka bars in the span of a minute, saying to himself that they weren't that bad. Kuriza, who was hiding behind a vending machine, could hardly contain his laughter.

Next, Kuriza sent a message to Burter, telling him that Appule had beaten his record time of flying one mile. Burter flew down to the track and spent the rest of the day trying to beat Appule's false time. Kuriza had also messed with the timers, so they always told Burter that he was flying slower than Appule's time, no matter how fast he actually went. By nightfall, the Blue Hurricane was gassed and was forced to give up.

Not long after, Kuriza replaced Jeice's shampoo bottle with blond hair dye. The Red Magma noticed in the morning, to his horror. He was intensely embarrassed, for it made it look like he was trying to copy Salza. The dye was permanent however. And if Jeice tried to re-dye his hair white again, the chemicals in the dye Kuriza had used would react with those and make all of his hair fall out.

A few hours later, Kuriza contacted Captain Ginyu from his father's secure scouter line (he had memorized the password one night after Frieza had drunkenly revealed it to him). The message he sent told Ginyu that he would need to come up with new Ginyu Force poses, for the current poses disgraced the Planet Trade Organization. If those poses were not created by nightfall, Frieza would execute the Ginyu Force. Afterwards, Kuriza swore to himself that he would punish them again for stealing his space crab ice cream, and this time he would do something to them that was far more foul than the previous pranks had been.

In the fourth scene, some hours later, Kuriza confronted the Ginyu Force in a kitchen near their dorms. He revealed that he had baked cookies for them. Jeice wanted to know when Kuriza had learned to bake; the prince told him that he had learned how to bake about four hours ago. Satisfied with his answer, they dug in. He told them to have some space milk, which was in the fridge, with their cookies, for that was the classy way to eat them. The Ginyus obliged his request. The cookies were laced with laxatives and the milk was actually Sobren milk.

Once they had eaten some of each, Kuriza's demeanor turned venomous. He demanded to know why they had stolen his space crab ice cream. They were confused, denying having eaten it. All of them seemed to have been grossed out by the flavor. Kuriza realized that Vegeta and Ledas had actually eaten the ice cream. At that moment, the Ginyus began vomiting. Soon, they ran off to the bathrooms, for they could feel that cookies weren't sitting well in their stomachs. They got vomit everywhere. Though he knew his father and Zarbon would be furious, Kuriza was glad he wouldn't have to clean any of that up.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume I[]

I'm a Candy Man[]

After Cui got his dance lessons from Master Peenjus in this story, he went into one of the closets hoping to use the glory hole in the back, but instead ran into Ginyu and Kuriza, who were practicing some dance moves in private. Kuriza was dressed up like a girl. Ginyu demanded that Cui leave at once. When he used Frieza's name as a swear, Kuriza slapped the captain for being so disrespectful. Kuriza then mentioned that his father liked to read him bedtime stories and that his lips were saltier than Ginyu's. Cui did not back down, however, pressing Captain Ginyu to hold the dance-off right then and there, as he was hungry for the chocolate.

Ginyu relented. He took Kuriza and Cui to the room at the center of Frieza's saucer where the chocolate Guldo was being kept. Then, he called in the rest of the Ginyu Force and explained to the six contestants that they would need to dance for him. He would award the chocolate Guldo to the best dancer. He demanded that one of his soldiers beat Cui, as it would be disgraceful for them to lose the chocolate to a non-member.

Kuriza watched the Ginyu Force perform while eating a bowl of space crabs. Guldo got five points; Recoome got three points; Jeice got two points (and after Captain Ginyu kicked him off the stage for being a disappointment, Kuriza cheered and spilled his bowl of crabs all over the place); Burter got one point. Ginyu gave him one point because he had been moving too fast to have his moves and style properly analyzed. When Burter said he was the fastest being in the universe, Kuriza screamed that he was a traitor, for his father Frieza was clearly faster than Burter. He ordered Ginyu to deal with him, and the captain wasted no time in knocking Burter unconscious with a blow to the head.

Cui got six points for his dance, which made him think he had won. However, it was at that moment that Kuriza revealed that he too was going to dance, as he had been receiving intense dance lessons from Ginyu for the past few weeks. Kuriza danced to what sounded like death metal (with lots of guttural screaming). He did the patented death metal hair swing, but as he was bald, he looked like he was convulsing more so than dancing. Once it was over, Ginyu awarded Kuriza ten points, making him the winner. The captain jumped up and took ahold of Kuriza's hands, spinning him around jubilantly for having become such a skilled dancer. He slipped on Recoome's body, sending Kuriza flying into the table where the chocolate Guldo rested, causing it to fall into his lap.

Cui, growing angrier by the second, accused Ginyu of being biased, which Ginyu did not deny, and called Kuriza's dancing awful. Kuriza was most offended by that, saying that he would tell his father what Cui had said and that Cui would likely die for being so insubordinate. Ginyu told him not to try anything, but Cui didn't listen. He ran at Kuriza, demanding the chocolate. Ginyu chased after him, but before Cui could reach Kuriza, the head of the chocolate Guldo disappeared. Everyone was flummoxed by what had happened; Kuriza was inconsolable. He and Ginyu left the room with the rest of the chocolate Guldo, unsure of what had happened.

A Space Christmas Story[]

At the start of this story, everyone on Frieza's ship went to Planet Frieza 079 to restock the saucer's vending machine with space funyuns. It was snowing, so many of them stayed inside, prompting Captain Ginyu to start a karaoke contest. Burter and Jeice sang love ballads to one another; Recoome recited the poem "Kush Baby rap"; Guldo performed a cover of "Revolution 9", which won him the contest. Vegeta could not stand their indulgent singing, so he left the room in a cold fury.

He met Kuriza in the hall. The Arcosian was wearing a crimson snuggie and sipping space cocoa from a cup. However, Vegeta was so caught up in his thoughts that he did not notice Kuriza. He bumped into him, causing the boy to spill his space cocoa. Kuriza demanded an apology, but Vegeta refused. They exchanged some words and empty threats, and Kuriza told him that Frieza would punish Vegeta if he did not stop being so rude. The Saiyan, growing annoyed at the smug prince, threw a blue ki ball at his face. The attack destroyed Kuriza's snuggie, which outraged him. He shouted at the Saiyan and then threw a carmine ki blast at him. The blast split into many smaller ki balls that homed in on Vegeta, making it impossible for him to block all of them.

He was severely wounded by the attack, with much of his armor being destroyed and his cape being torn to shreds. When he went to retaliate with a Galick Gun, however, Nappa appeared and said hello to the two. Vegeta still tried to attack, but Nappa just picked him up by the tail to stop him. Vegeta nonetheless shot a slew of indigo energy balls at Kuriza, which did not damage the Arcosian, but blew a hole in the wall, letting in the icy winds and snow. Nappa punched him in the gut for being disobedient and then dropped him, flying out through the hole. He told them to behave and that he was going to make Super Saiyan snow angels. He also told Vegeta that if he didn't stop being a bully to Kuriza, that Space Santa wouldn't get him a present that year. Then, Nappa left.

Vegeta did not know who Space Santa was. Kuriza called him a barbarian for not knowing that. The boy attacked him once more, but Kuriza merely slapped him aside with his tail, which sent Vegeta into a wall. He did not get up. Then, the Arcosian prince told him that Space Santa appeared once a year at space Christmas and that he would give all the good boys and girls whatever they wanted, but would give something else to those who were naughty. Kuriza did not reveal what the naughty ones would get, as he surmised that Vegeta would find that out first-hand soon enough. Kuriza left.

In the second scene, Kuriza met with his father. He told the tyrant what Vegeta had done. Frieza was none too pleased with the actions of the Saiyan and his son. He ordered Kuriza to accompany him to the rejuvenation tank room so that the boys could work out their problems. When they arrived there, however, Malaka told them that Vegeta had left and hour ago, despite the doctor warning him that he had not fully recovered from his beating the previous day. They noticed that Zarbon was in there, talking to Malaka, and Guldo was getting his third eye opened (he had gotten pink eye after rubbing it on the karaoke mic the previous day). Frieza ordered Zarbon to go find Vegeta so that they could leave Planet Frieza 079.

Then, Frieza and Kuriza returned to the throne room. Frieza asked his son what he wanted for space Christmas, suggesting a stuffed animal wintaar. But the boy wanted nothing more than another space snuggie and for Vegeta to be given a timeout. They passed Cui in the hallway, and he sucked up to Frieza. The emperor noted that he did not like Cui much. Kuriza agreed, thinking that Cui was very ugly.

When they arrived back in the throne room, they noticed that someone had drawn obscene pictures on Frieza's hover pod. The first was of Kuriza, wrapped up in his space snuggie, with a monstrous face and wild arms, with the phrase, ‘I smell laik a dirty ape!!’, written above it. Additionally, there was a picture of Frieza kissing Zarbon while Dodoria cheered them on. Kuriza swore it had been Vegeta. Frieza was absolutely furious. He ordered his son to leave. As Kuriza fled, he heard his father destroy the hover pod.

Kuriza found the Ginyu Force inside of the break room. However, Captain Ginyu had consumed an entire bottle of space eggnog and would not wake up. This displeased Kuriza. He told the others that because of Ginyu's self-indulgence, he would not be getting the captain a present for space Christmas. He ran into a man dressed as Space Santa in the hallway, but that was actually just Nappa. Then, he noticed Vegeta across the hall. The boy had just finished a training session with some Saibamen, whom he had decimated. Before he could say anything to the Saiyan, Zarbon appeared, had a short conversation with the boy, and then punched him in the chest, knocking him out. Zarbon slung Vegeta over his shoulder and returned to Frieza's ship.

Kuriza found a vending machine, but it was out of space cocoa, so he blew it up in frustration. That caused Orlen to run over, asking the prince what was the matter. Kuriza ordered the man to bring him space cocoa at once. He ran off to go fetch it. As the boy waited for Orlen to return, he thought about how much he missed his homeworld and how he was not able to tolerate such cold temperatures anymore because he had not been there in a while.

At that moment, his father contacted him on his scouter. He told his son to return to the ship, for they were leaving at once. Kuriza asked him if they would still celebrate space Christmas on the ship, but Frieza, losing patience, just told him to return. As Kuriza did, he walked past the room Vegeta had been working out in and noticed all of the dead Saibamen. A janitor came walking over and saw the mess. So distraught was he at the mess that he committed suicide in front of Kuriza. Thinking that another janitor would have to clean up that man's corpse in addition to the Saibamen made the Arcosian prince feel a little bit better.

At the start of the third scene, Captain Ajira alerted Frieza and the gang that something was wrong with the emperor's saucer. She sent technicians to see what was the matter. Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria remained on the landing pad while Kuriza, the Ginyu Force, Cui, Orlen, Appule, and Vegeta played in the snow (Vegeta mostly just watched the others embarrass themselves with their space Christmas spirits). Kuriza eventually pegged Vegeta with a snowball, which upset the young Saiyan. He prepared an energy blast in response, but Nappa was able to cool down his emotions. Vegeta marched off back to the ship, nonetheless. Everyone returned to the ship at around noon, and it took off shortly afterwards.

As Nappa strode down the hallway, he noticed that Kuriza had received a brand new hover pod for space Christmas. The boy seemed quite pleased with the gift. Then, he noticed a space snuggie on the seat, and he grew even more happy. At that moment, a soldier rushed into the boy's room, delivering him a fresh cup of hot space cocoa, which the boy seemed to appreciate. He spared the soldier, who seemed mightily pleased with being allowed to live. Nappa was confused, for he hadn't gotten Kuriza anything for space Christmas.

Twelve Majestic Lies[]

At the start of this story, Captain Ginyu, Burter, and Kuriza went to a Space Sonikku fast food restaurant. After Ginyu and Burter made their orders, it was time for Kuriza to make his. Yet, Kuriza was uninterested in anything but space funyuns in the vending machine, for the vending machine on his father's ship was out of them. He banged on the machine until its interface cracked. The cashier demanded that he pay for a new one. Ginyu reminded the cashier that they were the Ginyu Force and could do whatever they wanted.

After Ginyu and Burter had a moment, the captain asked Kuriza to place his order, but the princeling passed. He commanded Burter to order for the others. Before the Blue Hurricane could, Kuriza berated him, stating that he was faster than Burter. That upset the blue man quite a bit. After Burter ordered for Jeice, some of the customers became rowdy, so Kuriza blew their heads off with finger beams. After the orders were placed, the cashier remarked that those orders would cost a lot of money, but Kuriza told her that they would not have to pay for anything. Ginyu concurred.

Then, Kuriza demanded that they get his father a big space salad. Ginyu thought that Frieza would rather have a space duck meal, but the boy refused to order anything but a big space salad for his papa. Burter ordered it for him. Kuriza then fell off of Ginyu's shoulder and smacked his chin on the ground. It did not seem to affect him, though. He walked over to the cashier and tried to order a space ship full of wine for King Cold. However, the restaurant did not serve wine. In that case, Kuriza ordered a kid's meal for his grandfather, for Cold was apparently trying to collect all of the Super Space Soniku toys.

Kuriza ordered some space tacos for himself, but the cashier told him they were all out, having sold the last to a pair of customers sitting in a booth on the far side of the restaurant. Kuriza rushed over to them and ordered them to give him their remaining tacos, but they refused, throwing them onto the ground so that Kuriza could eat off the dirty tiles if he so pleased. Kuriza responded by blowing up half of the restaurant, killing countless patrons and forcing the rest to flee. The Metamorans performed the fusion dance. Kuriza prepared a purple ball of energy to kill them. However, before his attack hit them, a woman appeared, told everyone that if someone else killed the Metamorans, she would not get paid, and then promptly executed the fusion. Kuriza was most pleased with that. She vanished into thin air before he could thank her.

Minutes later, Kuriza got into an argument with the cashier and then blew up the restaurant. Soon after, he and Burter arrived at Ginyu's location, holding steaming bags of food. They had even gotten some for Zarbon and Dodoria. Ginyu was going to let Kuriza drive until Burter reminded him that the kid had crashed the saucer into one of the moons of Planet Cooler 61. In that case, Ginyu decided to drive them back.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume II[]

Volume III[]

The Big Ugly[]

In this story, Kuriza and many of his soldiers went to Lipanto to attend the coronation of Icer. Yuki noted that her grand uncle, Icer, had humiliated her in front of all of the soldiers, which made her quite furious, as he had not done so to Kuriza, who had also risen in rebellion against Icer. Yuki later thought back to how Icer had defeated Kuriza, stunning the entire Planet Trade Organization with unimaginable strength that he had hidden from everyone for years. She knew that must have been a bitter defeat for Frieza's son.

When Kuriza sat down, he reminded Yuki that their grand uncle had ordered Yuki to return to her region at once, but the half-Arcosian brushed that off, not caring. They talked about their dead fathers, with Yuki being somewhat standoffish until her food arrived. The two continued to talk, with Kuriza expressing sympathy for Yuki being left out of Icer's line of succession. He mentioned that since Grandpa Cold, their fathers, and Cooler were all dead, the two of them needed to stick together to oppose Icer and his children. He explained that they had no hope of standing against Icer at present and that they would need to learn from him and train with him for many years to come before they could hope to surpass them. Yuki seemed doubtful of this strategy, viewing Kuriza as one of Icer's bootlickers.

Nevertheless, she promised to seek vengeance against the Mrovians once she grew strong enough, though she was vexed by the fact that she never knew exactly how strong her father had been and so did not know how strong she would need to become before invading the Mrovian Empire. Kuriza thought that they would need to train under Icer to get strong enough to seek revenge for their fathers' deaths. He said that once he cleared his territory of space pirates and planets in rebellion, Icer would begin training him, which would allow him to gain strength much faster and be beneficial for when the two of them decided to challenge Icer.

Yuki was shocked that he said that out loud, but when Kuriza called their grand uncle a cunt, she could not help but smirk. A pair of quite drunken governors, Orze and Kabuso, passed by at that moment and noticed her smiling. They made several derogatory comments about her appearance before walking off. Kuriza and Yuki turned off their scouters, followed them into the restroom, and brutally killed the two, leaving them as piles of gore in two separate stalls.

The History of the Decline and Fall of the Planet Trade Organization[]

Volume IV[]

Really Big Scary Monsters[]

In the first scene of this story, Kuriza took the Katchiguri Force to the local IHOR (Intergalactic House of Ramen) for lunch. He told them that Icer had commanded the boy to send the team to Planet Kuriza 073 because there had been many unexplained deaths there in recent times. Dhuak and Pukco were thumb wrestling, so Kracchus slapped the former in the back of the head to make them pay attention. Kuriza repeated himself for them and then spit out his ramen, as it had a foul taste to it. He called over a waiter.

Aranya sized up Dhuak and Pukco while that was going on, noting to herself that Pukco, having come from the Galactrix Arena (he had overthrown its previous rulers to become the new leader), would not be very trustworthy. She knew he might try to kill Dhuak on a combat assignment. Dhuak had served Lord Cooler in the past and had been notorious for his savagery.

There was no waiter to be found, so Kracchus offered to blow up the restaurant. Kuriza wouldn't allow it, as he wanted a refund. Aranya went into the kitchen to investigate. She found an eggheaded chef inside. He tried to run, but she pinned him to the ground. He shat himself. She asked for a refund for Kuriza's ramen. The chef refused, stating that it had been good ramen, so she snapped his neck. She returned to the register, noting that the Jolean who had been manning it was probably on a lunch break. She took out 22 space woolongs from the register and gave them to Kuriza.

The boy was sobbing in Kracchus' arms. He wanted to go to Space Sonikku to fill his belly. Aranya reminded him that they needed to leave for Planet Kuriza 073 at once. He apologized for forgetting and dismissed them. Aranya asked if there really was a monster at the outpost. Kuriza didn't know. The previous night, Governor Nippi had sent a report about it. All he knew was that something was killing all of the soldiers stationed on that world. Kuriza didn't care what it was. It had to be killed so that the outpost could once more begin producing food for the empire. They promised to find the culprit and kill it, whatever it was.

In the second scene, Aranya told the monster that Kuriza had sentenced it to death. Later, she recalled that since her fight against the Surgeon, she had faced very few foes, only sparring with Kuriza to keep her power level healthy.

In the third scene, before engaging the monster, Aranya reflected on each member of the Katchiguri Force. For herself, she noted that, following her defeat at the hands of the Surgeon, she had only fought Kuriza, and she suspected that the few times she had made him bleed had been due to Kuriza pitying her and throwing the matches. After the monster parried her Ahsan Ball, Aranya regained control of the attack using a technique Kuriza had taught her.

Later, after the Katchiguri Force defeated the monster, Kracchus asked Aranya to contact Kuriza with the good and bad news. A new garrison would need to be sent to the planet, as there had been no survivors. Aranya agreed to do so. She felt almost euphoric from the victory. Having regained her confidence, she contacted Kuriza over her scouter, thinking to herself that the Katchiguri Force would work well together, and she was sure she could lead them.

Dragon Ball: Heart of the Dragon[]


Non-combative Moves[]

Offensive Moves[]


Unknown mutant Arcosian ancestor
~Age 200 (†)
King Cold
Age 764 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 766 (†)
Age 764 (†)
Age 766 (†)
Age 764 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)
Age 767 (†)


  • Kuriza's eye color is green in KidVegeta's Universe, which is a nod to Deadlychestnut, who KidVegeta considers to be one of the few truly great Dragon Ball fan fiction writers out there.
  • Kuriza's scouter is red, like his father's.

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